A New Hunt Begins for this Wolf

Last week in Ring of Honor, Roderick Strong was defeated and a new world champion was crowned in one Eddie Edwards.  This was a move that caught many fans present off guard, and judging by the reaction, they were more than satisfied with the result.

There are many attributes and superstars that leave me in favor of ROH Wrestling.  The tag team division delivers and has plenty of promise and teams in ready supply.  One tag team in particular that falls in the category is The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

Back to the topic at hand, this has been reportedly been a plan set in motion for a while, but has been kept extremely tight lipped and quiet.  I commend ROH for pulling this off mainly for the fact that the element of surprise and the ability to shock, awe and amaze has been an endangered species in wrestling for a long time, or at least if you compare it to the WWE or TNA.

When Roderick Strong won the world title in September from Tyler Black, there was long list of superstars who fans wondered if they’d be the one to de-throne Strong.  You had two returning superstars in Christopher Daniels and “The Notorious 187” Homicide. You also had one superstar, who many fans believe is a future world champion, and the other half of the American Wolves in Davey Richards.

Now with Edwards as the new champ, it leaves a similar list of guys who could take him on and attempt to take the championship from him.  While that is a fact, I happen to look at it as a long list of what could be epic title matches in ROH.  You have this weekend where Eddie Edwards will defend the belt for the first time against the same guy that defeated Edwards for the TV Title in Christopher Daniels.  Speaking of the TV title, you also have Davey Richards who Edwards wrestled in the finals of that tournament to win the TV title. This was also a match that many considered in the category for match of the year and that was just over the TV Title. Could you imagine what that match would be like if you had Richards and Edwards fight again, but this time over the World Title? You also have the former champ in Roderick Strong who would be looking at a rematch along with Homicide who is aching to get his hands on the belt he never got the chance to win back in his last stint in Ring of Honor.

This was a move that was not only properly planned, but also properly executed by Ring of Honor.  Predictability has become almost a constant in the WWE and TNA and we all know that when things become predictable, they also become stale and boring and instead inducing excitement by having a curve ball thrown every now and then, we’re left bored and ripped off.   That is why shocking the fans by letting Eddie Edwards win the belt was a great move by ROH Wrestling.  The only blemish is that now ROH has no TV deal as their deal with HDNet has come to an end.

Whatever the future for Ring of Honor might be, they seem to be facing head on without any concern whatsoever by having Eddie win the world title, as well as having a weekend with two PPVs in one weekend on the internet.  This will be one wrestling fan who will be ordering the events as opposed to Wrestlemania, solely for the reason of wanting to see actual pro wrestling occur.  Congratulations once again to the new World Champion of Ring of Honor.



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