The Rise and Downward Spiral of Jeff Hardy

Okay peeps.  I’ve had a lot of time to think about the Jeff Hardy situation in TNA and have had plenty of time to let it soak in.  The general feeling amongst everybody from Mark Madden to everybody else is that Jeff Hardy needs to be fired.  As much as I hate to admit and I mean I REALLY hate to admit it, but I think Mark Madden is right.   TNA needs to cut Jeff Hardy loose and do it as soon as possible.

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Hardy has gotten himself into trouble and either showed up late or no-showed on TNA. Let’s not forget his last run in TNA prior to now and I believe his last appearance in his first run with TNA was where it was an undercard match involving him, Lance Hoyt and the Naturals. That match was scrapped because Hardy never showed up.

The bottom line is TNA took a gamble on Jeff Hardy. They got him after he left WWE, they let him settle in for about a year and then bump him up with a world title reign and heel turn and was served as a significant part of the Immortal storyline. They even made a custom title belt for Hardy.  They even sign his brother and Shannon Moore.

As much as I want to rip into Hardy for being irresponsible, careless and the fact that he hasn’t changed and for all we know he may never change, TNA has some responsibility of their own here in this matter.  Some people may not like that Sting won the belt in the first place or what he did at Victory Road, but I honestly give Sting all the credit in the world.   And no comparing this to the Montreal incident because this was a different matter than just saving face and doing it for the sake of money.  Sting could see for himself that Hardy was in no condition for that match and a veteran like Sting could only be disgusted with it and I don’t blame him.  When Sting actually said to the fans chanting “This is Bullshit” that “I Agree” you know that there’s a problem and if TNA knew how to conduct themselves and act responsible, they wouldn’t have let Jeff Hardy go out there, regardless of if he was advertised or not.

I used to believe that TNA actually took care of their own, but after they actually let Jeff Hardy go out there despite his condition, I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. There are plenty of people who may disagree that TNA took care of them in any shape or form.  Just ask Daffney or Konnan or Homicide.  If there is anybody that would be cutting loose and saying TNA does anything but take care of their roster, it’s K-Dawg himself.  The guy was barely able to walk and TNA didn’t do a damn thing for him.  Then you have Daffney who ended up getting a concussion and TNA did nothing for her on that one.

I do agree that the only viable solution is to fire Jeff Hardy. TNA did then just as they have done now, have given too many chances to Hardy and screwing with his money is the only thing that his drugged up/boozed up mind may actually understand.   He’s still got his court dates and who knows how that is gonna turn out and right now, the only one that doesn’t seem to get the magnitude of his actions is Jeff Hardy himself.  A wake-up call for Jeff Hardy is long overdue and if TNA wanted to actually start working like a business for once, they’d do what they know is right and fire Hardy.  If you want to give him an ultimatum first and let him get help, get cleaned up, and then test him first, that could work but only if in the event that he fails that test, then he gets the boot out the door.

WWE may have their problems, but can anybody really say that if Hardy pulled this kinda crap in WWE that Vince wouldn’t fire his ass right on the spot?  WWE may have problems, but at least they know how to act like a business and Vince for better or worse knows how to act like a boss.  Both being a boss and knowing anything about running a wrestling business should be signs that when it comes to pro wrestling, Dixie Carter doesn’t know how to run things like she should and if TNA continues in the shape they’re in, we can bet that TNA will go under just as WCW did.

Bottom line is when it comes down to it, it’s better to see a pink slip with Jeff Hardy’s name on it than an obituary that would add him to the long list of wrestlers that die young.


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