Countdown to Wrestlemania, and Michael Cole’s Public Execution

Okay, by now, we’re all aware of what Michael Cole did on Twitter. We all know he actually used the word “f**got” to fellow WWE Announcer Josh Matthews and TMZ picked it up despite Cole deleting the Twitter post.. The fans and everybody else in the IWC are saying the same thing and I’m just gonna add more fuel to the fire here.  The second that the match between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler is over, Michael Cole needs to be gone.  I don’t think that taking him off of WWE TV is good enough.  Cole needs to be met with the same repercussions that any other broadcaster would get for this and considering the fact that he’s been doing his job for a long time and all of a sudden now he doesn’t know any better?  Cole needs to be fired after Mania.

The funniest thing in all this is that he doesn’t seem to get what’s going on here.  This is not an opinion but a simple fact that anybody else, whether in pro wrestling or in any professional sport, who had done what Cole did would be fired on the spot.  If Josh Matthews or Todd Grisham or even Matt Striker dropped a gay or racial slur, Vince would drop them without any hesitation.  I can promise you that anybody in the NBA did that, they’d be fired instantly. The only reasons that the WWE hasn’t done anything else to Michael Cole or should I say anything AT ALL, is because of the time and energy spent on building up that match between him and Lawler at Wrestlemania.  If he didn’t have that match, he’d be done for.  He even tried to take it down, but too little too late as TMZ went right after it like a pack of jackals to a piece of meat. You really think Vince McMahon wants a story like this reported by anybody in the mass media, much less TMZ? And I know some people would say that “it’s his twitter account, it’s not work related,” well that’s just bullshit right there.   His twitter account is linked with himself and his character on TV, it is work related.  What he did was careless, reckless and stupid and as much as he boasts on and on about being a journalist, than he should have known better and know where there’s a line drawn in the sand and not to cross it.

The other thing about this that is just funny and sad at the same time is that Cole doesn’t seem to realize how hated he is by the fans.  If you don’t believe me, look at the Wrestlemania Press Conference.  According to Wrestlezone, a fan who was at the conference said that Cole was just bombarded with chants of “Shut the F**k Up” as well as “What?” and booed like crazy to where he couldn’t even do his job at conducting the press conference. According to the source, Cole was getting visibly flustered and even feeling disrespected. He even went as far to say he’d wait before continuing, which was followed by him being gestured to hurry up.  He felt disrespected? You’ve gotta be kidding me. What did he expect? That by being a tremendous heel, fans would throw rose petals on the floor you walk on? Memo to Michael Cole: You’re a heel, you dumbass.  You’ve made yourself off to be the most smug, obnoxious, self-centered, borderline sexist, total asshole and you expect the fans to love you?  For a guy who has been doing interview and calling matches for the WWE for a long time now, he sure doesn’t seem to have much of a clue as to exactly “HOW” the business works.

Years ago when ECW was around and I mean the real ECW, there was the WCW Mole incident in which Todd Gordon left ECW but was suspected to have been fired by Paul Heyman. Bill Alfonso was also involved in that incident and Alfonso’s redemption was a match with Beulah MacGillicutty where Alfonso got the living crap kicked out of him.  According to Paul Heyman, Alfonso had lost about 1/3 of his blood in that match.  That match was considered by many to be redemption for Alfonso to where even Heyman himself believed that if Alfonso didn’t pull this match off, he’d be fired

Lets face facts with the match at Mania. There is no way Lawler is losing that match.  Cole was already going to lose the match.  Now, I would expect that Cole would have to be able to sell the biggest beating he could receive at the hands of Jerry Lawler and that if he does so much as miss one step in that match, than he might as well fill out his resignation because he will have just signed his own death certificate.

Now, I’ve heard people use slurs before and even in the original ECW, you had the heels in there use words like “F**got” and others, but there’s a difference between when a wrestler does it and when an broadcaster does it.  When you’re a broadcaster, you’re already considered in a much higher standard.  Wrestlers are meant to maintain their character in the ring.  They’re supposed to generate either cheers or boos from the crowd by what they do in a match or say on a microphone.  Broadcasters are public figures and are always known by their voice on the microphone.  That holds them to a higher standard and a different tolerance level, leaving them with very little room for error.

As a writer blog, I know where to draw the line and what to say or not say because I choose whether or not to say it.  I can say things like Eric Bischoff has only had one good idea in his whole life and rides the coattails of it to this day.  I could say that Mark Madden calls himself a “super genius” but is really riding on glory days that he never had because he was a crappy announcer to the point where even calling him a “Jerry Lawler wannabe” wouldn’t fit the bill.  I can say those things and I stand by them.  But I also recognize where the line is drawn and where it’s going too far because I hold myself accountable.  Not only does Michael Cole not seem to get the magnitude of both the situation he’s in and how hated he’s become due to his character, he doesn’t hold himself accountable because ever since the WWE started to put the spotlight on him and give him this push, he feels untouchable.

Well, we’ll see how untouchable he is when his match at Wrestlemania is over and he has no more leverage in his favor.  If WWE and Vince McMahon don’t want a backlash over this from specific communities, they need to do the right thing and get rid of this guy, whether it’s getting him off of TV or more preferably, to silence the self-proclaimed “voice of the WWE” by just firing Michael Cole.


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