The First Raw After Wrestlemania: Unimpressive, Weak, and just plain Stupid

So, after the train wreck that was Wrestlemania, in which WWE demonstrated an ability to hype up an event, they ended up proving to be nothing more than hype. Let the shark break down what exactly went wrong:

Mistake #1: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside once again. That however was not the problem.  The problem is that Michael Cole still comes out, in his wrestling gear, only to have Jack Swagger wrestle, loses by DQ, King is hurt, JR gets sprayed on by BBQ Sauce while Cole is more annoying and loud than he’s ever been. I bring up the point again that Finlay gets fired for one mistake such as having the Miz interrupt the National Anthem, yet Michael Cole makes an ass of himself on Twitter and TMZ and other media outlets go ballistic over it.  This was an incident that would have gotten anyone else in the WWE fired.  Yet, is Michael Cole fired? No.  Is he off of WWE TV? No.  Has the storyline between him and Jerry Lawler concluded and over? HELL FRICKING NO!!!!!!!  Instead, we’re left with Cole getting louder and more obnoxious by the second and the camera keeps putting itself on him like people actually want to see this jackass. I knew that the booking and stories from the WWE have been crappy but sweet merciful crap, are they that oblivious? Are they even trying anymore?

Mistake #2:  The “debut” of Sin Cara.  From what I saw with the vignettes, I was anticipating seeing what I thought would have been the best high flyer since Rey Mysterio in his prime.  What do we get? He does a run in on Sheamus following a match that should have taken place last night and didn’t and lays out Sheamus.  Whatever match they have Sin Cara in for his first match, better be a hell of a lot better than this.

Mistake #3: The Rock vs. John Cena will finally happen…At next year’s Wrestlemania.  Are you kidding me?  The WWE couldn’t even do a good job of hyping up what they had in a few months. What makes  them think that they can pull off hyping up a match of this magnitude for over a year?  What make them think that they can do this and actually keep the crowd interested in wanting to see it without the people groaning and saying “Just let the damn match happen already” or finally get to the match and nobody will care anymore? Then you have the Corre actually show up and attack Cena and The Rock. What for? They wanted to see if they can get their asses kicked quicker than by Kane, Big Show, Santino and Kofi last night?

So overall, was there a fallout to Wrestlemania, yes there was. But how much can you really expect from an event as overhyped, bland and pathetic as Wrestlemania was on Sunday? You had two good matches that actually lived up to their hype while the rest was a train wreck.  When Wrestlemania is said and done, that means a clean slate. You start things over and whatever happened at Mania, most of them anyway, are resolved and new things begin.  Instead all we got was the same tired crap that we’ve dealt with for the last few years.  It’s almost funny how they went from taking out the competition in WCW, now the WWE is taking themselves out.  Tonight’s Raw and last night’s Wrestlemania was proof enough of that.  If there is one thing tonight’s Raw did, it made me appreciate something that tonight was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen: The Remote Control.


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