The Rock vs John Cena will finally happen…….Next Year.

The second that The Rock made his return, all anyone has been able to talk about is when will The Rock and John Cena collide. Well, we got our answer on Monday and that’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s set up as the main event for next year’s Wrestlemania.  A whole year? Are you kidding me? The WWE honestly needs to hype this up for a whole year? I know that The Rock has not wrestled in seven years and that he has a lot of ring rust to shake off. But there is no way you can tell me that he needs a year to actually prep himself up for this match.

The WWE just produced the most overhyped, poorly booked Wrestlemania to come out in years.  I mean, did they seem so hellbent on next year’s Wrestlemania that they forgot completely about the fact that you had one go on this past weekend?  They couldn’t do good enough making sure the card they had would live up to the hype this year. What makes them think they can successfully hype up one match for a whole year and keep people interested without leaving them thinking “just have the damn match already” or not even care when it does actually happen?

And to make things even worse, what exactly do you do with those two in the meantime? Apart from getting the belt from The Miz, what else do you do with him?  And then there’s The Rock, you can’t have him just sit around and talk on the microphone and not have him wrestle at least a few matches to shake the rust off before having that match next year.

The WWE is starting to look like a little kid who needs you to hold their hand before crossing a street. Except in this case, it’s like they need somebody to hold their hand before they can actually produce something that is actually watchable.  Was this year’s Wrestlemania their way of showing that they had no game plan for after Mania was over? That they had no storylines or rivalries planned for when the event was over?  And taking out the word “wrestling” in their name, what are you going to call it then? Although, it’s not like  we’ve seen actual wrestling come out of these guys in the last couple years.

Look, I get that just maybe, they want this match to actually succeed and not be a total flop, but you can’t set a match to take place a year from now without having a strategy on how to make it work between now and then as well as a way to keep the fans interested.  This leaves this past Wrestlemania looking less like Wrestlemania and more of a builder PPV actually leading to the real thing. There in lies the problem is that there was so much build-up leading to Wrestlemania and with this match being announced for next year’s Mania, we’re left getting more and more build up all the while we’re left wondering where is the big pay-off? If they want to spend a year hyping up this match, not only do they need to make sure it will deliver when it finally comes, but they also need to make sure all the hype around this past Mania actually has a pay-off because right now, WWE looks like they are all talk with no shock.


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