WWE NXT: Redemption. Better Title Would Be “WWE NXT: We Apologize for This.”

Okay, since NXT debuted, everyone figured that at the very least, it couldn’t be any worse than the pseudo ECW that the WWE tried to throw in our faces and had the nerve to actually call “Extreme.” The first season wasn’t so bad as it did give us Daniel Bryan as well as the guys that would soon become the Nexus, or now the Corre, who can keep track anymore with what the WWE does?

Then next season, we got a look at a couple other guys, one of them was Kaval, better known to the world as Low Ki.  Then we had season 3 of NXT which was all divas. We had something like that once before. It was called the Diva Search and they stopped after they did three of them.  Then we had the fourth season of NXT. Any of you guys remember that one? Good cause neither do I.  Then we have the most recent aptly titled “NXT: Redemption.”

Look, you wanna have a season of NXT for the guys that came close but didn’t win, fine by me. The only problem is that the guys that you have in it right now, there’s a reason they didn’t win it in the first place. It’s because they weren’t that damn good in the first place. Titus O’Neil got eliminated the first week, primarily because the WWE doesn’t need anymore muscle-headed power houses.  And then there’s Darren Young. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t he part of Nexus at one point and then Superstars? Shouldn’t that put him out of the equation? And then you have Connor O’Brien, the guy that thinks having the face of a rat is a good thing.  Well it didn’t get him far in NXT when he was first on it, why should it do anything now?

NXT should have ended the second that it had to be moved from actual TV to the internet.  I would watch it on the WWE site but frankly, I can think of better ways to waste my time than watching an hour of ridiculous “challenges” and sub par matches.  I can watch Raw and Smackdown if I want to see poor quality matches. And if I want to kill brain cells, watch poor quality matches and burn money in my pocket, I’ll order their PPVs. Plus, now you have Tough Enough given a rebirth and with that show being back on, exactly what’s the point of NXT?

NXT has only had two good season and very few good things to come out of it. They fired Kaval after a month, fired Daniel Bryan at one point.  Funny how two guys that came out of NXT who don’t have one bad match in them, seemed to be the ones getting the short end of the stick.  This season of NXT comes off not so much like a second chance for the guys that didn’t win, but more like “this is the best we could come up with on such short notice, sorry.”  If there is another season of NXT, let’s hope they can pull something together that is better than this.  Otherwise, this can be one other bad show produced by the WWE over the last decade that they can pull the plug on and the rest of will call a mercy killing.


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