Wrestling Society X: Was there something there?








Okay, so it was a year to a few years ago that MTV tried to give their own variety of pro wrestling.  It was in a half hour show called Wrestling Society X.  To sum up what WSX was like, it was pretty much what you’d get if you took ECW and TNA’s X-Division and rolled it up into a half hour.  The show died after one season and there a lot of things that they did that were over the top to the point of complete ridiculousness (Piranha Death Match, Exploding Casket, Exploding Cage and even alleged electrocution).  But as crazy and over the top as a lot of it was and the half-hour time slot left it almost doomed to failure, there was something there.

That something that was there was the talent. Like it or not, WSX did have quite a few names in there. Guys like Matt Sydal, Jack Evans, The Human Tornado, Scorpio Sky, The Filth and the Fury ( M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross and Teddy Hart) Syxx-pac, Vampiro and others.   The first match that they had on their first show was what wheeled me in.  You had Sydal vs Evans.  Those that have seen both guys in either ROH or Japan, these guys almost put the high flying moves of Rey Mysterio to shame. It was also the first time I’ve ever seen a 630 splash in which Evans used to beat Sydal.

There was also some decent tag action like The Filth and the Fury and Team Dragon Gate.  Towards the end you also saw a tag team war on the rise between newly formed stable The Cartel vs Los Pochos Guapos (Aguilera and Kaos).  It was decent because you had Aguilera and Kaos get their first win beating the at one point undefeated Filth & The Fury, only to have their celebration short lived by the Cartel, who were just seeming to be unstoppable.

Then you have the world title, the only title belt in WSX. After a battle royal and a ladder match it came down to Syxx-Pac and Vamprio to duke it out over the belt.  I remembered watching that match and saw a few things. Saw skills from Vampiro that you probably could have only seen in Mexico because I sure as hell didn’t see it out of him when WCW had him.  The same can be said for Syxx-Pac.  It was like seeing the seasoned rugged side of X-Pac mixed with the speed and some martial arts ability of the Lightning Kid days. Vampiro won the match and it lead to a rivalry between Vamprio and Ricky Banderas (Judas Mesias of TNA fame) There was even after that match the teasing of having Sydal and Pac collide, one match that true wrestling fans were deprived of seeing, not to mention a rematch between the Human Tornado and Jack Evans after the first one ended in a draw.

Before this show came on, I had little to no reason for watching MTV.  While WSX was on, we had to deal with the realization that the ECW that WWE brought forth was a corpse shell of what the true ECW was and we also had TNA starting to decline.  This was a form of wrestling that if it was taken seriously, it could have been built into something because they clearly had all the talent they needed.  Too bad we’ll never know if anything could have been.  We go from that to MTV years later making Jersey Shore. Thank for nothing, MTV.



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