The Nexus/The Corre: A Good Idea Gone Horribly Wrong

We all remember almost a year ago when the Nexus debuted.  They tore everybody as well as every single part of the ring and everything around it apart and left everybody in awe thinking “What the Hell Just Happened?” When this happened, I saw this as possibly the best idea the WWE has come up with simply because it was new.  It was something that nobody saw coming and it was bringing in new blood during a time where the WWE was trying to revitalize their roster after Batista quit, HBK hung it up, as well as Taker and Triple H were both banged up.

The Nexus angle did seem to bring what I felt was the most entertainment out of John Cena that I’ve seen in a long time.  It gave Cena an enemy, somebody that you could see he visibly hated and it gave him a chance to be the hero against a “common enemy.”  There are a lot of people that would compare the Nexus to the NWO and while there are similarities, they’re nowhere even close to that.  Let me The Shark here explain why that is the case.

The NWO beat everybody in their path from main eventers to the the mid-carders just like the Nexus, but the NWO also at one point held every single title that there was in WCW at the time, the Nexus only held the tag titles of a poor tag team division in the WWE.  When the NWO had the tag titles, held by the Outsiders, they were hit with every single team on the roster and beat all of them, holding the belts for several months to almost a year.  When the Nexus held the tag team titles, held by Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, they lost em within months to Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov.  Not even a great tag team, but they were the only tag team present at the time in WWE or at least the only one that the WWE hadn’t split up for no reason.  When Hulk Hogan got his first title shot since joining the NWO, he won the world title.  Wade Barrett had 3 shots, count em, 3 shots at the world title and he couldn’t get the job done.  The NWO dominated WCW and were seemingly unbeatable.  The Nexus had their first match as a whole at Summerslam and lost.

So, after a brief stint where John Cena worked for the Nexus, got fired, and beat up the Nexus to where he eventually was re-hired and dismantled Wade Barrett, WWE tries to revitalize the Nexus with a new leader.  Who may you ask did they pick? This Guy!   







That’s right, Boys and Girls. CM Punk kicks Wade Barrett out after the Straight Edge Society crashed and burned, following the release of Serena Deeb and Luke (we liked you better as Festus) Gallows.  So, following his exile, Wade Barrett forms “The Corre” with Gabriel, Slater and now Ezekiel Jackson.

The NWO if  you recall also split into two factions: The Black and White and the Wolfpac (Red and Black).  When that happened, the Black and White became irrelevant.  The Corre looks to be the stronger judging by who they’ve got, and now hold the Tag Team as well as Intercontinental titles.  But you can’t help but wonder if it’s too little, too late.

The Nexus always boasted on about being about some kind of bigger picture. Did anyone of us ever find out what it was or who was the mastermind that formed the Nexus to begin with? No we didn’t.  Did the Nexus stand and dominate the WWE for a year or so? No they’d didn’t.  Did they take over the WWE? No, they didn’t.  So in retrospect, we’ve seen guys like Taker, Edge, Cena, Jericho, etc. get beat up by the Nexus/Corre and that was all for nothing.  Is it me or does it look like all the talk from either faction has just been the same equivalent of just blowing smoke?

The Nexus was a good idea. It was a fresh idea that the WWE could have seriously banked on, but they didn’t. Because they didn’t know how to follow through with it.  They should have had the Nexus not only take people down, but start winning titles as well.  And not just worthless titles that nobody cares about, I mean all of them. They should have had the Nexus go after both brands, leaving nobody safe.

So if anything, the Nexus proved that the WWE can come up with a good idea once in a while. However, the Nexus as well as the Corre also remains as proof that the WWE can’t follow through on that same good idea to make it work, just look at the Corre’s match at Mania.  The NWO got to a point where it stood for “Not Working Out” and in the case of the Nexus/Corre, it’s more like NHC: Never Had a Chance.








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