Larry Sweeney: Sweet N’ Sour, But Still Will Be Missed

Normally, I have some topic in wrestling to take a bite out of or to praise, but today is something that I have to write about that is a sad day in Pro Wrestling.  One of the darkest things about professional wrestlers is that there is a list of names of those that are taken away way too soon. Guys like Owen Hart, Louie Spicolli, Chris Candido, Kerry Von Erich, Chris Benoit (Set aside the circumstances behind his) and others. It’s with heavy heart that I have to add another name to that list: “Sweet N’ Sour” Larry Sweeney.

When I first started watching Ring Of Honor, it was when the WWE was burying itself and TNA was slowly spiraling down.  Then on HDNet, that was where The Shark was witness to Ring of Honor Wrestling for the very first time.  The first main event that I ever watched was featuring Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black.  It was also in that card that I witnessed a match featuring “That Young Knock-Out Kid” Chris Hero and his manager of Sweet N’ Sour Inc., Larry Sweeney.

Prior to this, I thought managers accompanying wrestlers was all but extinct.  It was towards the end that the WWE wouldn’t have anybody accompany their wrestlers to the ring unless it was one of the Divas.  It was in this match where not only I saw a manager accompany his wrestler to the ring, but displayed all the things that were signature with managers in wrestling. Simple tricks such as grabbing the other guy’s leg, kicking while the opponent is down outside of the ring, arguing with the referee or even something as simple as getting on the apron.  Sweeney did all that and delivered a character that was loud, obnoxious, and just plain arrogant.  But the way he did it was neither sweet nor was it sour, it was golden and it was broken down to an art the way he did it.

To say that looking back at the talent that he’s managed over the years is well worth mentioning would be putting it mildly. Sweeney has managed many well known names and great talents in his career.  Sweeney managed many names, some of course became part of his stable “Sweet N Sour Inc.,” names such as Chris Hero, Sara Del Ray, Matt Sydal, Brent Albright, Greg the Hammer Valentine,  Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards just to name a few of them.

Whether it be in ROH or in Chikara or any other promotion, you’ll find few that don’t recognize the name of Larry Sweeney.  It goes without saying that moves such as the ’68 Comeback Special or the 12 Large Elbow will not be the same again without the one that made those famous.  For those that knew him best in any promotion and especially Ring Of Honor, they not only lost a friend and co-worker, but one of their own, one of their family. Condolences to everyone who knew, loved, and respected the most the man known as “Sweet N Sour,” “The Super Agent,” but really known by any other name as Larry Sweeney.



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