Tip for Hulk Hogan: GO AWAY!!!!! And Do It Without Running Your Mouth

There was once a time where I loved Hulk Hogan. I respected his accomplishments and what he has done for the business of pro wrestling.  It’s funny how it’s taken only a few years for that to be diminished so quickly.  We’ve seen it in every sport there is where there is a guy who just won’t hang it up and call it a career.  That is what Hulk Hogan has become.  He’s become the Evander Holyfield, Troy Aikman and Brett Favre all rolled into one.  The only difference between Brett Favre and Hulk Hogan, at least Favre finally figured out it was over.

I get that he put the WWE when it was the WWF on the map and is a household name in pro wrestling, but at some point you have to know that it’s done with.  The saddest thing about it is that he can’t seem to accept that the business has moved on without him.  That’s the only reason he went to TNA is so he can still be relevant in wrestling, but the truth his that week in and week out, he looks less like Hulk Hogan and more like an old man going on and on about the glory days and believes they’re still happening.

And you have two times where Hogan since coming to TNA has run his mouth and said something completely stupid.  A couple weeks ago, TNA had to edit out a comment he made on Impact where he used a Tsunami reference in which he had to apologize on Twitter for it.  Memo to Hogan: “I have family in Japan affected by that Tsunami, you decrepit senile asshole!!!!!!!” And then you have his most recent comments on Twitter regarding the retirement of Edge in which he said the following:

@jays712 if any of the guys like me,Flair,Hardy,Andre,AA,Blanchard,orndoff,Henning would have listened to doctors we would have quit15yrsago

@jays712 but I don’t know Edges working environment because they are a media company not a wrestling company. HH wrestlers work hurt!

And of course he ends up backtracking on that one by praising Edge and giving him props, too bad nobody buys that he actually means it. Did he seem to forget he worked a program with Edge where at one point they were actually tag team champs? Way to stab Edge in the back, Hogan.

It’s funny how really he’s such a household name for wrestling and is so well known, and yet the truth is that no matter how you put it, during the last couple years he has demonstrated that he really is nothing short of being pro wrestling’s biggest oldest asshole.  Everybody has talked about in the past how the older guys won’t put the younger guys over.  Take a good look at Hulk Hogan, he’s the biggest reason that none of the younger talent ever got over in pro wrestling.   He never held any mid-carder belt in singles, he always had to have the world title no matter where he was at.  Never held a U.S. Title, TV Title, or the Intercontinental Title.  He refused to do anything unless he was at the top, unless he had the spotlight on him.

And before anyone talks about WCW and what he did for that, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten it. I also haven’t forgotten that it took him 7 years to bring that company to the ground, largely in part because they had plenty of young talent that could have become stars but were never given the chance because of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff and  Vince Russo.  And what do we have years later? History repeating itself as now all four are in TNA.   Deja Vu, anyone?

There were some people that thought that when Hulk Hogan was coming to TNA, it would be the turnaround that TNA needed to become an actual rival for the WWE.  It’s been 2-3 years since Hogan’s arrival and TNA has only gotten worse. Let’s do a track list of what has been so wrong with TNA as of late.

1) THEY TOOK AWAY THE SIX SIDED RING: Look I know a lot of people don’t care about the ring and thought it was too much of a gimmick.  Maybe it was, but it worked in terms of having TNA stand on it’s own as a different brand of wrestling.  Now it just looks like everything else or I correct myself, it looks like WCW. Don’t believe me? Look at that stupid ramp and walkway they had for a while after getting rid of the Six Sided Ring.  And now the set they have now, looks like some collection of table scraps they picked up from the old WCW Thunder set.

2) PUSH THE MONSTER ABYSS DOWN OUR THROATS:  He’s big, he’s a monster, he dishes out punishment and can take a lot of punishment. I get it.  But seriously, one point they push him to be a Hulk Hogan hybrid, now he’s a psychotic wrecking machine, but either case he has to be involved in so many angles it’s not even funny.  And how many times did we have to see him in a match for the world title?

3) THE JEFF HARDY INCIDENT:  Those that saw it know what I’m talking about.  Hardy was pushing to be the top heel and it ended up being a gamble where they came up with Snake Eyes. We still don’t even know if we’re ever gonna see Jeff Hardy in TNA ever again.

4) MAIN EVENT MAFIA FAILURE: They were trying so hard to have a Main Event Mafia rebirth, only to have Booker T and Kevin Nash take a better deal than TNA was offering.  So it left them with having to push Fortune into a face turn that they clearly were not ready for and leaving us with an Immortal vs. Fortune angle that’s gasping for breath because it’s just been buried in failure to where nobody cares.

5) BAD BOOKING: There are so many guys that are right for TNA and that were at the top at one point that are now getting buried. Samoa Joe is one of them and the longer it goes on, the more Joe the world title looks like a distant memory.  Then you have heel turns that make no sense to anybody, like with The Pope D’Angelo Dinero. At one point Pope was for the crowd, then he was siding with Nash and Sting, then he was fighting Immortal or more specifically Abyss, now he’s a heel fighting with Joe.  Then they’re teasing splits or do splits of every tag team in their roster. Teams like 3-D, Generation Me/Young Bucks, Ink Inc and looked like they were even teasing one with the Motor City Machine Guns before Alex Shelley got hurt.

There was one point where I followed Hogan on Twitter and I said that he and Bischoff have mutilated, deformed and even raped TNA of everything that it had that could have worked and that was still good about it.  I later found out I was blocked by his account.  Does that mean I take back what I said? Not on your life.  I meant what I said that Hogan has ruined TNA and is only molding it to fit his own ego.  And I mean it now when I say that Hulk Hogan is killing TNA and in some degree, he’s doing it faster than it took him to kill WCW.   At this rate, Vince will probably buy out TNA for five bucks, at most.  Hulk Hogan may have been about the business once, but now, he’s only about him and him alone.  TNA is only one last attempt for this guy to hog the spotlight one more time.  When it fails or can’t give him the spotlight that he wants anymore, he’ll flee like a rat deserting a sinking ship, just like with WCW.


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