Hulk Hogan: From 24 in. Pythons to a Big Mouth

I already touched base on this in my last post, but this was a topic I felt needed more ground covered.  It was from watching Chairshot Reality and Justin LaBar said it best about Hogan’s remarks towards Edge and backtracking on it where he said “What is his problem?!!” I couldn’t have said any better and I found myself wondering the same thing about Hulk Hogan. What the hell is your problem, Hulk?

You rip on the guys that retire because of injury when the truth is they left the business while they still could.  Edge is retiring not because he wants to but because he has to.  Because he doesn’t want to wake up one day and the only way he can get around is on crutches or a wheelchair.  Stone Cold Steve Austin did the same thing and he’s doing just fine because you can rip on him all you want but the fact is that Stone Cold and Edge will still be able to move around on their own because they both got out while they could and in Edge’s case, got out while he was on top.  While you on the other hand, not that long ago had to have back surgery for the zillionth time now?

Oh, and I find it really funny that Hogan had to go as far as to use Andre, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Jeff Hardy as examples in his rant. Last I heard, Tully Blanchard turned out to be doing just fine with his life after wrestling and moved on, becoming a born again Christian despite his past drug issues in wrestling, and along with that, has his duties towards a prison ministry, preaching the Christian gospel to inmates and these days what he does involving wrestling is behind the scenes as head booker in the NWA: New Beginnings territory. Of course, the words “behind the scenes” are three words that Hulk Hogan will never understand because he needs the spotlight.

As far as Jeff Hardy goes, is he really going to use Hardy as an example?  Hardy may not have a career for a while or at least in TNA because despite his condition and the shape he was in when he showed up at the PPV a month or so ago, Hogan still shoved his ass out into the ring.  Arn Anderson also had to walk away because of injury and yet Hogan hasn’t ripped on him any.  And as far as Andre goes, last I checked, he stayed in the WWE until the day he died, literally. They had Andre in an injury angle involving Earthquake and was last seen at ringside for the Bushwhackers in a match against the Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) at Summerslam.  It looked like this was building up to some come back for Andre where we’d see him and Earthquake collide, but Andre died of a heart attack before it could ever happen.

Is that what Hogan believes defines true wrestlers? You stay in the business until it literally breaks or kills you? That the only way to be a true wrestler is if you’re physically broken by the time you reach your late 30’s but you still compete even if you can’t make it to the ring on your own?  Instead of saying that Hogan would have left the business 15 years ago if he listened to his doctors, maybe what he should have done was actually leave the business 15 years ago.  Here’s a newsflash for Hulk Hogan, Pro wrestling no matter what shape it’s in or how anyone looks at it right now, is still standing. It’s still alive and well, more or less despite its flaws, and it’s despite the fact that Hogan stayed, not because he stayed in it.  The business moved on without you, Hogan. Accept it and move on.  It’s how we got guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and others.  They were new breed of big names to come around after you.

I can guarantee that if Hogan never left the WWE, Bret Hart would have never won the World Title ever in the WWE.  Shawn Michaels never would have gotten past mid-carder status and neither would Triple H. In a way, Hulk Hogan is symbolic in wrestling, but its less about representing the business’ evolution and more about the fact that he represents the politics and what is wrong with the business.  There is always going to be politics in pro wrestling, no matter what way you look at it, but he represents the worst kind.  Why do you think we seldom saw anyone else with the world title in his era other than him?

You think we’d ever would have seen Hogan tap out to Bret Hart in the Sharpshooter? Unlikely.  Would we ever see Hogan put over John Cena? Don’t think so.  He thinks that because some guys like Edge or Stone Cold choose to retire when they can, it’s like they couldn’t hack it in the business?  Wrong again.  Especially when it comes to the WWF/WWE.  Cause we had plenty of different names that took the helm long after he left.  Bret Hart, Diesel (Kevin Nash), Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena, Edge, and on and on.  What do they have in common? They’re evidence that the WWE moved on without Hogan in the main event picture and did just fine and he can’t stand that.  Hogan can’t stand that when it comes to his legacy in the WWE, it’s no longer in the limelight. It is simply nothing more than a memory, it’s in the past.

Now, I retort what I said that I once respected Hulk Hogan. I respected his accomplishments and I grew up watching guys like him, Andre, Flair, Sting and others. But as the years go on and the more Hogan opens his mouth with things like what was mentioned above, it becomes more apparent that his ego has become bigger than his legacy and the respect of the fans that grew up watching him.  What is Hulk Hogan’s problem? It’s simply that pro wrestling moved on after him, and that the new breed when it comes time to walk, they’re making the choices he didn’t and it tears him up that the new breed simply knew better than him.  The bigger question for Hulk Hogan is which memory is more important to him? The one that displays his accomplishments and recognizes him as an icon and legend in the industry, or the legacy that he was the biggest reason the younger guys never got a chance and that he has become a symbol of the politics that often proves to be the darkest side of pro wrestling (or that he’s just the last Real American asshole of pro wrestling.)


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