The Rated R Superstar Goes Out On Top

I’ve had a week to let it soak in that Adam Copeland, better known to the world as Edge, was calling it a career.  Edge is hanging it up due to injury and as much as I hate to see him call it a career, he’s going out the way that the Rated R Superstar deserves to, out on top as world champ.

Now there’s a lot of analogies and comparisons going on about the guy, in particular is when we’ll see him in the ring again and going as far as to compare it to Shawn Michaels who took a break due to a badly injured back and still returned as good as he ever was.  The difference here is that this is years after a neck injury that Edge suffered and has never fully recovered from it.  This is the same kind of injury that left Stone Cold Steve Austin to call it a career.  Neck injuries are just a little bit more severe than back injuries so as much as I would like to believe otherwise, I don’t see Edge wrestling again not just because of injury but also because there’s nothing left to prove.

He’s done it all in his career. He’s been a tag team champion for a total of 14 times with partners like Christian, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.  He’s also been a WWF/WWE United States Champion, held the Intercontinental title five times, the WWE Championship four times and the World Heavyweight Champion seven times.  To top all of that off, he’s also won Money in the Bank twice and was voted as Tag Team of the Year with Christian.  This is a guy who not only dreamed of being a champion in pro wrestling, he did that and more by about a hundred fold.

Top that off, you look at the ladder matches and the TLC matches and Money in the Bank.  Edge played an major role in making those matches what they are today.  It’s true that in the WWF/WWE, Razor Ramon and HBK made the ladder matches known in the company, but it was Edge & Christian along with the Hardy Boys that took the ladder match to a whole new level.    And just when you thought that they couldn’t go higher than that, you put those two teams and the Dudley Boyz in a ladder match at Wrestlemania 2000 and the three teams take it up another notch.  And then you have the TLC matches where all three teams always tried to take it up to another level and try to outdo themselves than they did in the previous match, never once failing at that or disappointing the fans in doing so.

The one way that Edge’s departure is gonna hurt the WWE is his ability to adapt.  This is a guy who went from a brooding, silent loner in a trench coat to vampire-like character in the Brood to a joker with Christian doing the five second pose all the way to the Rated R Superstar & Ultimate Opportunist.  Top that off with overcoming a bad neck injury, suffering an Achilles’ Tendon tear, not really injuries that you can overcome.  There’s also of course the whole Lita & Matt Hardy incident and fans bearing down on him with that kind of heat.  Some would call this his equivalent of the Kliq incident for Triple H, but like him, Edge overcame that one too.

Like a lot of other people, I’m not ruling out the chance of Edge going from being a wrestler to on-air personality as either a General Manager or as an announcer.  There is no reason to believe that he wouldn’t work as either one.  He’s got the personality and charisma to pull either one of them off, he’s always had it.  I’d like to see him as the Raw GM because the computer thing is not gonna last forever and it’s getting stale and old by the second.  The fans need a physical presence for an authority figure, not a laptop with emails.  As for announcer, even if Jim Ross comes back, we don’t know how much longer he’ll do it and rumor has spread about Jerry Lawler calling it a career.  Edge could easily make it work with whoever you put him with at the announce table.

WWE needs to work hard to start putting together more brand faces for the company because they’ve just lost Edge, they lost Batista, Taker probably has a year at most left, Triple H is more focused on backstage stuff and really, the only one that the WWE has managed to build into something more is The Miz, all the while forgetting that they need more than just one guy.  But getting back on the topic at hand,  all I can say is that on behalf of all wrestling fans, I can say this to the man known to us all as the Rated R Superstar Edge: Happy Retirement, you’ve earned it and you’re going out in a fashion that is only fitting for the Ultimate Opportunist.


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