A Glimmer of Hope: Raw’s Ratings Tanked

According to Pro Wrestling Insider, this past Monday’s edition of Raw sank in the ratings compared to the previous weeks.  Furthermore, not only did the show finish with a 3.1. raiting, but the show’s viewership dropped as the show went on as the 2nd hour dropped from a 3.19 in the first hour to a 3.09.  THANK GOD!!!!!!

The only way that the WWE is going to realize that the show’s quality is sinking is when people stop tuning in.  Also, you notice that when people stopped watching was in the 2nd hour which featured at the beginning the stupid Michael Cole segment? Where are the guys that are telling me that the Cole/Lawler segments are the highest rated of the show?  Where are those guys that are going to say that crap that Cole is the greatest heel or that he’s entertaining or that he’s the best heel since Bobby Heenan?  HA!!!!! Yeah, right!!!! Bobby Heenan whether as a manager or as an announcer, was anything but a ratings killer.  And what was the point of now giving Cole some kind of royal moniker?  It’s like they’re trying to mold him into the Jerry Lawler of old.  FAT FRICKING CHANCE OF THAT!!! You really think anybody will take that seriously? Nobody takes the idea of having him as the next “Mr McMahon” seriously either, so what makes you think this will actually work?

How much more proof does the WWE need? Enough is Enough! We don’t want to see this stupid story go on anymore.  And you continue to have him rain down on Eve Torres. What the hell does she have to do with anything with this godawful storyline?  And considering that Tough Enough was able to maintain it’s ratings just fine, it means that clearly, that show is doing something right and Raw is doing something wrong.  And yes, I’ve heard the rumors that they’re molding him into Vinny Mac 2.0, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. As a matter of fact, it’s a crappy idea.  At least when they made Vince become the Mr. McMahon character, they did it quietly.  The way they’re doing this, they’re doing it loud and having the guy do everything but fall on his stomach, hitting the ground saying “Look At Me. Pay Attention Me” along with screaming and crying at the top of his lungs like a spoiled child in a supermarket.  At least when the crowd hated the Mr McMahon character, we hated him because he was an asshole, not over the top, arrogant yes but summed up in one simple word as an asshole.

There is no such thing as a good heel when the build up feels more like they’re trying to hard to the point where it’s like the WWE is saying “Please look at this guy.”  But getting back on topic, until the ratings start to sink and sales start to drop, the WWE is gonna be convinced that there is nothing wrong with their product. That needs to change and it needs to change fast.  Cause there cannot be a repeat of a lackluster event like this past Wrestlemania.  So to everybody I’m saying this right here and now. It’s time for the WWE to stop sitting on their asses, being lazy, throwing whatever the hell they want at the fans as if to say “You’ll take what we give you and like it” because that’s all they’ve done for the last decade ever since buying out WCW.  They’ve stopped giving a damn because with the competition and no contenders at that level that WCW was at when it was actually a contender, they saw no reason to try anymore or give any kind of effort.

It’s obvious that they’re not panicked by TNA and as much as I like ROH, they’re not panicked by anybody without a TV deal.  The WWE got to the point where they feel like they’re untouchable.  The WWE needs a wake-up call and let’s hope with ratings and a performance like this, maybe they’ll start to get the picture.


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