Preliminary Stupidity before Not-So-Extreme Rules

Can somebody please tell me when we decided to go back to the 1990’s kindergarten crap in the WWE?  I know that the WWE has been in some crappy shape lately in terms of quality, but for the love of God, what the hell were they thinking with tonight’s Raw?  Now, did I watch Raw tonight? No I read the spoilers, but I figured that if I wanted to simulate the feeling of watching Raw, I’d put my fist through the TV.  There are two kind of people I feel bad for right now:  Anyone else that DID watch Raw and those in attendance in London that had to endure it.

There were only a few things that went right with Raw.  The match with Morrison and R-Truth was kind of a double edged sword.   It served a purpose in letting R-Truth turn heel which as crazy as this sounds, I think it might actually work.  And yes, Morrison did get the spot in the triple threat match at the PPV, but the negative side is the fact that if Morrison was gonna get the spot in the first place, what was the point of him losing last week?   I thought they were denying him a title shot in a way to punish him for the whole Trish Stratus incident.

And of course you have the whole “knighting” of Michael Cole with the fake-ass queen and even forcing JR to kiss Cole’s whatever the hell he put on it foot.  There’s a benefit to not watching Raw tonight, I still have my lunch intact.  Why are they giving this guy so much air time and why are they so high on humiliating Jim Ross? Is it because he’s more of a sound mind on pro wrestling than any of them are?  And how is getting booed so loudly that you can’t do the promo a good thing? How much longer do they think this can go for?  Nobody wants to deal with this guy for another year.  He’s either his heel character or an announcer, pick one or the other because he stinks at both cause while he does the heel character, he fails as an announcer.  Announcers tell the story of what’s going on in the ring and put over the guys in the ring, not themselves.

Then of course you have the Draft taking place not in June but next week.  Can you smell the desperation from the WWE? Edge retired sooner than planned and it’s left the WWE in a tight spot.  Even after the draft, you still have the task of doing what should have been done sooner: Building up new heels and new faces, something that they’ve only done once successfully in recent years and it’s with the Miz.  I would say why don’t we see wrestling anymore with the WWE, and I am aware that they’re dropping the word “wrestling” from their name, but the big problem here is that long before that decision we haven’t seen wrestling in a long time from them.   Bottom line with this past Raw, it’s gone from “God Save the Queen” to “God Save the WWE Universe” because we’re suffering from a lack of wrestling and a lack of anything entertaining.


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