Immortal? I think the name Bullsh*t would suit them better.

Let’s face facts here, Peeps.  When it comes to stables in wrestling, they’re a dying breed.  There were days where there were stables like the Four Horsemen, the NWO, DX, The Wolfpac, The Triple Threat, etc.  More recently in TNA, they created a new stable in Fortune, then they created Immortal and the two stables became one and then thanks to not even being sure that they had everybody for a Main Event Mafia reunion, Immortal and Fortune split up.  At least when Immortal was a combination of both groups, they had some credibility.  Now, you look at Immortal, set aside Hogan’s ramblings and Bischoff who can’t a promo to save his life, who the hell does Immortal have?

Look at who they have now, especially since Victory Road.  You have Matt Hardy, Rob Terry, Gunner, Murphy and Abyss.  They had Jeff Jarrett but he’s kinda tapered off to do his own thing against Kurt Angle.  They had Jeff Hardy, but do I really need to go into that one? Abyss only has credit because of the fact he’s been there in TNA for a long time. You also have Ric Flair but what good is he other than rambling like a senile old man on a microphone, throwing off his street clothes, and bleeding like a stuffed pig? Not to mention always with Wrestling God this and Wrestling God that.  It didn’t work with John Bradshaw Layfield and it sure as hell doesn’t work for Ric Flair. Supposedly Ric Flair got injured or they’re doing an injury angle with him on TNA following Lockdown. Whether it’s legit or not, either way, as long as it keeps him off of TNA TV.  Seriously, this guy has done everything but piss and bury his legacy.  He’s held the world title several times, He was the focal point of WCW for a long time.  He was good at being a heel when one was needed, but enough already. There’s nothing left to prove. Call it a career already, Flair. You’re worse than Hogan is, hell you’re just like him minus the million back surgeries and you walk better than he does these days.

The whole Jeff Hardy incident was the worst thing to happen for this stable because now they don’t have a poster boy for that group anymore and with how bad TNA booking is, they can’t even make up their minds on who they want to take Hardy’s spot.  They teased at RVD and even Ken Anderson, neither of which is happening.  And anyone that thinks Sting will do it, BULLSHIT!  WCW made the mistake of having Sting turn heel years ago during WCW’s downward spiral and TNA already tried it with the Main Event Mafia. What do they have in common? Neither of them worked!  Forget about turning Sting heel because that was just as impossible as making a heel out of Ricky Steamboat.  Some guys are just made to be either just a face or just a heel. Sting is one of those guys who just can’t be anything other than a face, deal with it.

So what does Immortal do after Jeff Hardy, they bring in his brother and Rob Terry and teased about Hernandez but that never happened.   And apart from a brief run with the Global/TV Title, what exactly has Rob Terry done?  Then you have Gunner & Murphy, two guys who were at one point TNA security and are now all of a sudden wrestling gear.  What part of this should impress me? And giving Gunner the TV Title was supposed to give credibility to that belt? Yeah right just like giving David Flair the US Title on a silver platter in WCW when he barely wrestled a match was a good idea.

Everybody thought that everything was settled down after Fortune turned face and went against Immortal.  The positives in this is that you made heroes of the TNA originals in Kazarian, Beer Money and of course AJ Styles.  Watching Impact tonight, I can’t remember the last time I heard such an ovation for AJ Styles.   I’m not against it either. I like AJ better as a face because frankly when he’s a face, he proves in the matches he’s in more than ever why he is called “Phenomenal.” As for Beer Money, yeah maybe Roode and Storm work better as heels but with the whole Immortal thing, what else can you do with them? With regards to Christopher Daniels working both TNA and ROH, I’m just seeing where it goes from here.

Hulk Hogan’s promo tonight was lackluster even for him.  He’s pissed about the “Network” which is yet another plan of TNA’s that they don’t seem to know how to follow through on it.  At some point they’re supposed to have a physical presence and they don’t even know who they’ll have for it.  Paul Heyman sure as hell is not gonna do it and Mick Foley seems to be leaving.  So TNA’s only real option is Dixie Carter, and I’m not so sure how well that will work. There’s the off chance of Eric Bischoff but if that happens, does Hogan go face or Bischoff?  I’d be interested in the other mainly because it’s never happened.  Bischoff has always been a bit a of scumbag in his character but at some point it gets old. It gets to the point where you’ve heard it all before and seen it before.  A little something new out of that guy wouldn’t really be a bad thing. At least it’d be something fresh that TNA could do that’s not blatantly trying to copy the WWE.

At a glance, it’s shaping up to look like Immortal may come to a halt at Bound for Glory at the latest, but the big question is with how that stable is starting to fade and lose momentum, can they make it that long?  Unless they make some kind of change, I don’t see them getting past Slammiversary.  Bottom line is how can Immortal brag about being so all powerful when they don’t have all the belt except for a barely credible TV title and can’t make any decisions because of “The Network?”  It just looks like the same thing that comes out of Hogan’s mouth in promos:  Nothing but hot air or in a simpler way of putting it, Bullshit, just like what Immortal has been reduced to.


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