The WWE Draft came and went, But Very Little Has Changed.

So the point of the WWE Draft is to change things up, to “Shake Things Up” in the WWE and they’ve done it every year ever since this whole brand extension took place.  Everybody was stunned when it was announced that the draft was taking place this past Monday as opposed to a month or two from now.  Truth is if Edge didn’t call it a career, that is probably what would have happened.  But Edge did retire and it left the WWE and Vince himself in a panic of what to do, hence the draft this past Monday.

Most of the changes that took place were ones that a lot of people expected were gonna happen and some that were believed by many should happen and of course you had those that were a combination of the two.  There were some moves that needed to happen.  Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre being moved to different brands was one of them.  DiBiase has too much talent to have been buried the way that he has and if he stayed on Raw, he was just going to keep getting buried.  Moving him to Smackdown was the right call and maybe they can turn him face or maybe move him up in the mid-carder category. There could even be a rumble between him and Cody Rhodes. Who knows? But anything is better than what was going down for him on Raw.  McIntyre needed to be moved because this was a guy who was being billed and marketed as the “Chosen One” and since losing the IC title to Kofi Kingston, nothing happened with the guy. His rivalries with Kofi and Matt Hardy were the only significant thing to happen for him in a long time. I’m one of those that feel that there is something there with this guy and maybe with this change to the Raw brand, maybe it can be found.

Moving Sin Cara to Smackdown was the right call because that way you can build him up at that brand before moving him to Raw. I also liked moving Daniel Bryan to Smackdown because I think maybe you can build something around him on that brand. There’s not a bad match with that guy, not even in his ROH days, not that I’ve seen. From what I’ve seen with the guy, he’s called himself the best in the world and backs that up in the ring. In terms of the Divas, moving Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix back to Raw was a good move considering you have Kharma (AKA Awesome Kong) set to debut and nothing really happened for either of them on Smackdown, moreso Beth than with Kelly.  Also, how many times have Big Show and Khali been moved from brand to brand? Also what does this do with the tag titles? You have two halves of the champs on two different shows? WWE forget to rectify that little problem? That leads to the other problem of having Sheamus who currently holds the US Title is now on Smackdown. I’m all for moving Sheamus but why do they have both mid-card belts on one show? So now Raw only has the Divas title and the WWE Title?

I almost forgot about Mark Henry, Tamina, Tyler Reks, Chris Masters and The Uso Brothers being moved to different brands. But that’s okay because I think everybody else did five seconds after it was announced.

Then you have moving Randy Orton to Smackdown which again another move that needed to be made. Truth is what is left on Raw for Orton? He’s gonna beat Punk, and really this adds more challengers for the Viper.  Same can be said for Rey Mysterio who seems also to be bounced back and forth but again you have more challengers for Rey and more feuds because they need something for him after the Cody Rhodes feud comes to an end.  Then of course you have the John Cena move at the start AND at the end.  I swear I felt like I just watched a Monday Nitro screwjob with that one.  By that I mean where the champion loses the belt at the start and then at the end, somehow gets it back. That’s the kind of screwjob I’m talking about and that was what it felt like with the Cena move.  All that and they could have moved somebody else.  If they weren’t gonna move Cena in the first place, why bother with that crap? All you did was just tease the fans WWE.

Maybe the shuffled the deck with this draft, but it’s like playing an overhyped video game you counted down to for days even weeks.  You play it for hours on end, laughing excitedly and then just as quickly as you got your hands on it, you drop the controller saying “Bored Now.” I’d say I give it til the next PPV following “Barely-Extreme Rules” at most before the fans have that feeling to where this Draft is much like moving dog crap from the front yard to the backyard, it still stinks.   Thanks for nothing WWE.


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