16 of the Best Wrestlers in the last Decade: Part 2

4) Kurt Angle: Throw in all you want about the Jarrett/Angle drama and his other discretions outside of the ring.  You can’t deny that this guy does have a bad match in him.  Look at his matches against Joe, Wolfe, Benoit, Mysterio, HBK, list goes on.  WWE had a talented in-ring technician on their roster and they didn’t do anything with him because the top of the mountain in WWE was reserved for Triple H. Who knows? Maybe they just had it out for him simply for the fact that he actually showed in a match with John Cena how average at best Cena’s skills were in the ring.  That’s something else you can say about Angle is that he knows how to get a guy over, just makes you wonder how bad Cena’s skills were that even Kurt Angle couldn’t put him over.

3) Low Ki/Senshi/Kaval: This was a guy who was an innovator of the X-Division along with Amazing Red, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and others.  He was the first world champ in Ring of Honor.  He won season 2 of NXT and WWE cut him loose after a few months. I think it’s because they didn’t like that the guy could actually wrestle.  Not to mention he was also part of one of the most recognized stables in the history of TNA in Triple X with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper.  Not to mention ever since he left TNA, their X-Division has plummeted.  The guy is quick, has some pretty stiff kicks, makes a double-stomp look painful, and to this day I have no idea how in his ladder match with Lynn and Styles, his ladder fell and his foot caught the top rope, and he bounced himself back. I also have no clue how he took a cradle piledriver from the ladder by Jerry Lynn and still his walking. But that’s another story.

2) “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels: Daniels has to be one of those guys where you look at him, you look at his skill and his matches and you just think “For God’s sake give him the world title already.  He has yet to do that in either TNA or ROH, something that I think is long overdue.  Look at his matches with AJ, or his last match with Eddie Edwards or his matches with Joe. This guy can perform and does one of the best looking moonsaults I’ve seen in wrestling, hence the name BME (Best Moonsault Ever.) He also has held the X-Division title for six months and was part of one of the greatest tag matches I’ve seen in Triple X vs America’s Most Wanted in the six sides of steel.  This guy needs to be a world champion.

1) “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan: Going back to his ROH days, I remember hearing the crowd chant “Best in the World. Best in the World” when he came out.  He called himself the best in the world and he set out to prove that whenever he got in the ring.  Look at his matches with Nigel, with Tyler, the fatal fourway match between him, Jerry Lynn, Tyler Black and Austin Aries. I swear in that match I thought they killed each other.  There are few submission specialists in wrestling these days because a lot of the time, it’s like all but ROH are trying to steer away from the word wrestling. Luckily this is one guy who won’t and I hope never does. Just as I hope that one day, I’ll see this guy in the WWE show what he can really do and maybe once again hear the name “American Dragon” during his entrance.


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