A New Up and Comer: Alex Riley

I can’t remember the last time I was more excited about anybody on the WWE Roster in a long time.  I mean yes I did have a feeling when the WWE got Low Ki/Kaval and Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, but all I could think with them was wondering how the WWE would screw them up.  But now, not only am I seeing a guy who I’ve been very impressed with the last two weeks, but that I also want to see more.  That same guy that I’m talking about is Alex Riley.

Now I gotta be honest. When I first saw him in NXT, I didn’t think much of him.  He was cocky, arrogant, wore a high school letterman’s jacket and all in all it was something I’ve seen once before and was unimpressed by it.  Then  you had him go from NXT to being a tag-along for The Miz.  That all changed last week when the Miz gave the boot to A-Ri and Riley just snapped!!!!! Not only did he beat the living crap out of the Miz, but he left him laying in the ring.  And the crowd was absolutely LOVING IT!!!!!

Then last night, he came out to his own entrance music and titantron, both of which were outstanding and I’m anxiously awaiting for a download or something to be made available for his entrance music, which by the way I found out a little bit ago that it’s called “Say It To My Face” by Downstait.  He has Cole berating him and A-Ri tells the twerp to shut up and is about to smack him stupid until the Miz jumps him.  But this time instead of A-Ri leaving the Miz laying in the center of the ring, he sends The Miz running scared. And once again, the crowd was just eating it up and were simply electric over this guy.

It goes without saying that Capitol Punishment is gonna feature a match between Alex Riley and The Miz.  This happens, then I can’t stress this enough when I say that Alex Riley must and I repeat MUST WIN that match.  The Miz has established himself already and doesn’t have a whole lot to lose, but A-Ri on the other hand needs the win because he can’t afford to damage the momentum in any way.   To have a different outcome would jeopardize the whole thing.  The phrase “Strike While The Iron is Hot” comes to mind and right now, the momentum that Alex Riley has going for him is RED HOT.  The crowd is digging this guy, he’s got a great entrance, the fighting between him and the Miz feels and looks real.  The WWE is sitting on something that is money in itself and they need to capitalize on it.

Bottom line is that I look at A-Ri, and I see potential in this kid.  If it’s done right, he’ll end up being the next big thing.  The only question is will the WWE let it happen.



Is It Really Over?

According to Chairshot Reality’s own Justin LaBar during one of their segments, he feels that the Cole vs. Lawler storyline is not over. I wrote about this earlier in the week talking about how I believed that this angle was finally over. It seemed like it was but then Smackdown happened and started to see some of the traits that I disliked about Cole emerging once again following Booker T heckling him in the ring.  So even I’ll admit that right now, I’m starting to have my doubts.

I was ready to believe that this was over. I was ready to believe that maybe just maybe I could actually go back to watching Raw and Smackdown and maybe enjoying it again.  I see two scenarios and neither of them sound good or appealing in any way.  One is that they continue Lawler vs Cole which would be pointless to have because Lawler did what he wanted. He beat the guy and embarrassed him. There’s nothing more to prove and frankly, does anybody want to see these guys in the ring again? We’ve already seen Lawler in the ring for 4 consecutive PPVs, 3 of the matches against Cole who can’t wrestle for shit.  You keep up this angle and it’s gonna start to damage to the ratings.

The other scenario you have is Booker T vs Cole.  This would be a worse scenario because unlike Jerry Lawler, Booker T still has another match or two left in him. And considering Booker T’s skills, he’d waste the little twerp in 3 minutes tops. That’s not a match, it’s an execution and to have Booker job to Cole, would only damage Booker T’s reputation. It’d be almost more painful to watch than it was to see Booker T have to job to JBL when clearly Booker was the better wrestler.

Memo to Vince, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! Stop dicking us around with this godawful storyline.  You want to continue having that weasel of a human being as a heel? Fine, then just take him off the fucking announce table.  Seriously, does the WWE need somebody to hold their hand through this? Come up with something new and original already. Stop giving us matches we’ve seen before and acting like they’re new when we all know they’re not like Orton vs Sheamus or at one time Mysterio vs Del Rio and stop giving us storylines that have run their course, especially when they involve non wrestlers.  I’m tired of saying this crap, but start investing in the guys you already have on your roster that ARE wrestlers. Yes, wrestlers, that same dirty word that the WWE can’t stand to use anymore. Accept it, Vince. You run a wrestling company and your product is pro wrestling.   Just end the old storylines like this one and quit fucking with the WWE Universe and insulting our intelligence.

The Ultimate Warrior Calling Out Hogan

So wrestlezone posted a video featuring the Ultimate Warrior where he’s talking about a lot of things including the tributes and comments of people regarding the passing of the Macho Man. Then he goes on to call Hulk Hogan not only a piece of work, but that he has something that is gonna be the bullet to show the rest of the world what kind of person Hogan really is.

I don’t know what to make of this. Mostly because most of the time where Warrior calls his own stuff controversial, it comes off like somebody who is bitter about how the business handled him.  Now by no means am I sticking up for Hogan. I feel Hogan now represents the politics and everything that is wrong with the business today.  I also feel that HOgan is the one guy whose taken a backseat very seldom if at all during his days and that he barely did that for the Ultimate Warrior. However, it’s not like Warrior was a saint himself.  We all heard about how he almost walked out on Summerslam because WWF/E wanted to give the belt to Ravishing Rick Rude but Warrior threatened to walk out on the PPV if he dropped the belt.  This was also the thing that probably pissed off Rude to the point that he left to WCW and ended up becoming a world champion there, something he was ready for in WWF/E but a certain somebody, the Warrior, wasn’t gonna take a step back for him.

As for claiming that this bit that Warrior has is a bullet to the foundation he’s set in Hogan’s mind, are you kidding me? What could he possibly say that many of us aren’t already thinking of Hogan?  That he screwed up his marriage by fooling with his daughter’s friend? We already know that.  That if he was better father, his son wouldn’t have ended up in jail? We’re well aware of it.  That the guy wouldn’t let his back touch canvas?  We saw that too.  That the guy is trying to grab the spotlight one more time because it’s all he’s got but it’s not his spotlight to take anymore? I already pointed that out, thanks.

Look, I’ve got no love for Hogan because he’s ruining TNA, all the changes that have happened since he showed up have just made TNA worse, he talks trash and backtracks all of it like a scared little kid, and he holds guys back now in TNA just like he held guys back in WWF/E and took spotlight he didn’t earn in WCW from their true franchise guy in Sting. It’s just hard for me to take Warrior’s words with any merit due to the fact that when things didn’t go his way, he disappeared.  He disappeared and the wrestling fans more or less moved on without him.  As for him vs Hogan, I get it. They don’t like each other. Hogan took a back seat for him one time and that was at Wrestlemania 6. He never did it again and when he came to WCW after God only knows how long, the rematch ended up being a flop and Warrior was left looking like a fool.  It was rematch that none of us wanted to see and if we did, it would have been nice to get it a couple years ago.

I look at these two and just see two bickering old veterans.  The Die-Hards will be the only ones that care what they have to say and the only way whatever Warrior says would have some true impact is if it were something that would make Hogan walk away.  And the truth is that Hulk Hogan is the modern day equivalent of Randy the Ram from “The Wrestler.” Except instead of standing ovations out of respect, he’s got people that are pleading just go away. Let Warrior and Hogan duke it out for all I care. Guaranteed it won’t make so much as a ripple in the world of wrestling. It’ll probably have the same value as a Shark Boy match.

What I Miss in Wrestling: Eddie Guerrero

The first time I remember seeing Eddie Guerrero was in WCW when it still had some credibility.  I saw him feud with DDP over the US Title and had even seen him in a feud with Dean Malenko. When Eddie, Benoit, Malenko and Saturn left WCW and jumped ship to the WWE, I thought that WCW would never recover from that and they didn’t. Months later, WCW fell and it made you think that those four jumped ship just in time.  Cause WCW just let 4 of best wrestlers at that time who were on their roster, slip through their fingers.

Shortly after “The Radicals” made their debut in WWE, they split up and found their own gimmicks. Some were successful and some weren’t.  Eddie developed the “Latino Heat” gimmick and it was entertaining to a degree.  I think when he really started to pick up speed was when WWE tried to revitalize their tag team division and formed “Los Guerreros” with Eddie and Chavo as a team.  It did help pave the way for Eddie in the main event picture. Who could ever forget the entrance song where some of the words were “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal.” And I loved in an interview how Eddie said “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal. But at least we’re honest about it.” You had them do things like they were going to hit a guy with the championship belt or some foreign object and when the referee was about to catch them, they toss it to the other guy and act like they got hit and the ref disqualifies the other team. It was cheating but it was funny.

Then of course, there was the low rider.  Eddie and Chavo driving out with low rider, hydraulics and all and it was money in the bank.  Then after they split up Eddie and Chavo and had a short feud, we saw Eddie get a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE title. This was something that nobody thought would happen because of Vince McMahon’s raging hard-on for big guys.  I was at a Yankee Doodle’s watching the event and when the ref counted 3 and Eddie was the new champ, the whole place erupted.  Because it was a new face outside of Austin, Rock, Angle, or Triple H as the champion.   That year was a good year in wrestling because one of the closing shots of Wrestlemania that year was seeing Eddie and Benoit both holding up world titles.

One of the things with Wrestlemania 21 that stood out for me was seeing Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero, two guys who I had never seen live and I felt honored to have watched the two wrestle.  Eddie turned heel month or so later and then turned face again. He had one hell of a match against Batista and according to some sources, there was word he was gonna get another title reign, but plans were scrapped following the untimely death of Eddie.  The guy had charisma, ring skills and could be as quick as any other high flyer and the Guerrero name was just as well known in the world as the Harts and the Von Erichs once were.

Bottom line, I miss the low rider and the entrance music and hearing Eddie say one thing to a guy and then follow it up with “I Lied!!!!”   Although if Eddie hadn’t passed on, would we have seen Rey Mysterio win the belt at Mania?  Probably not, but it doesn’t take away that a lot of his fans, myself included, still look back and miss Eddie Guerrero.

Closure at Long Last.

It goes without saying that I hated Michael Cole’s character. There are some that have been more than vocal about it and yours truly has been one of them.  I thought his character took away from the product itself and instead of putting over the talent, he put over himself and it lead to a lot of talent getting buried instead of built up.  I also found his boasts of being called journalist when he was breaking every single rule of journalism was insulting to me as one who had majored in journalism.  Then, I finally saw a painful storyline that had been drug out for WAY too long, finally come to a close.

We all had our own vision of how this would come to a close. Many wanted to see Michael Cole taken off TV or take on some other kind of role.  I for one was somebody who wanted to see him carried out on a stretcher. Instead, what we get is something that many thought was impossible and would never happen.  That being him coming out and apologizing to everybody from Lawler to Matthews to the guys at ringside to the fans in the crowd and watching and saying that he wanted to go back to the way it used to be and that this was not about him and should never have been about him.   After months of crap from this guy, I was surprised and partially impressed at the professionalism.  He even took Lawler rubbing it in one last time with the same kind of class, accepting that he got what he deserved.

Now, before anything else, by no means and I mean NO MEANS am I taking back anything and everything that I said about Cole’s character.  It made watching Raw and Smackdown painful for me to watch.  I am one of the few that didn’t mind him when all he did was call the match.  He bland and boring but at least he did his job. When some jackass decided he needed a character, he stopped doing his job. He focused on the character more than his duties as an announcer.  I don’t need characters at the announce table, I just want guys to call the match because the only characters I want to see are whoever is in the ring.

While I’m not taking a single word back of what I said about Cole, I will give credit where credit is due in the act of professionalism and for the fact that this story is FINALLY over.  It may not have been the closure many of us would have liked, but it was closure nonetheless.  Because after he returned to the announce table, if he wasn’t calling anything, he was keeping quiet.  It was one of the rare times in the last couple months to a year when I was actually able to enjoy Raw without feeling like punching a hole through my TV.

To sum it up, the guy was put through some of the most brutal humiliation we could imagine, realized he put himself to a point where he was hated by EVERYBODY and was eating crow over how everything he had done in the course of a year had come back to bite him in the ass.   I’m happy with the fact that this story is over and that even WWE had to realize there was no possible way to stretch this out any further than they have.  It was good to know that they realized that after that finish and Cole getting that humiliation, that this story was over.

Personally, I’m just embracing and soaking in the fact that this story is closed and that I can maybe enjoy Raw and Smackdown again.

WWE All-Stars, I Got 3 Words For Ya: This Game….SUCKS!!!!!

I know that normally I talk wrestling on here but I also have a gripe with wrestling games these days. We all know Smackdown vs Raw has become what Madden is to the football video games.  Anytime that there’s been other games to compete against like from WCW or TNA, they end up failing miserably.  Don’t believe me? Look at WCW Thunder, WCW Nitro and WCW Mayhem and ask me that.

That leads me to WWE All-Stars. The title says it all as you have every single big name past and present in one game.  It seemed like they had a mix of a wrestling game and a fighting game as a lot of the moves in their execution were made to look over the top. I wish I could say that I liked this game. I wish I could say that but it’s just not true.

The graphics would’ve been okay if it weren’t for the fact that the way so many of the characters in the game looked so cartoonish.  There were moments where the guys’ heads looked bigger than their own body.  The move execution being over the top was cool at first with all the high elevation, colors and flips, but it gets to the point where it’s just plain stupid and to where you’re playing the game and just say “Enough already!”

The create-a-superstar is extremely limited without options such as customizable movesets or the ability to toggle the attires between ring and entrance.  Then the A.I. in the game is so difficult that it’s frustrating. I had the thing on easy and still had problems, partly because of the control scheme being nothing short of a button masher.  At least you know with the Smackdown games what controls do what in it.  This one it felt like no matter what buttons you hit, you just did the same moves over and over.

Any game that I’ve played outside of Smackdown I was disappointed with. Games like Legends of Wrestling, the ECW games, TNA Impact, Legends of Wrestlemania and now this game has to come out.  It just feels like in terms of making video games for the WWE, they just got lazy to where they know that nobody else is there to compete with them, so why bother.  Bottom line is that I give WWE All-Stars a rating of “S” as in “This fricking game…..SUCKS!!!!!”

Over The Limit: More like “Predictable Waste of Money and Time”

Another WWE PPV come and gone, though this one is more thankfully over than others. WWE only had 3 weeks to prepare this PPV, you had a lack luster card plus two matches that were added at the last second with little to no build up.   I’ve said on the PW Journal that I feel that this PPV could very well go down as having the shittiest buyrate of the WWE PPVs this year.  Now that the PPV is one and done, I still believe that.

1) R-Truth defeats Rey Mysterio:  This match only occurred because Morrison got hurt and Truth had to win because otherwise you damage his momentum as a heel or kill it altogether.  I’m still wondering what exactly the plan is for Rey Mysterio on Raw.  After tonight’s match, I still don’t know.  Only purpose in this match was to elevate Truth.

2) Ezekiel Jackson defeats Wade Barrett by DQ: I have yet to see much from either guy to buy into this one.  Barrett doesn’t have the swing he used to when the Nexus was first brought in and the Corre has been anything but impressive to me.  Jackson I see potential in but in terms of character and rivals, I’ve yet to see anything and find it hard to imagine one big guy in Barrett and two little guys would be able to overpower an even bigger guy in Big Zeke.

3) Brie Bella defeats Kelly Kelly: Personally I would accept Kelly as Divas Champ more than I would Brie Bella or either of the Bella Twins.  They’re two twin girls, I get it but just don’t tell me they can wrestle, at least at the moment.  I just find it insulting that they give the Bellas the belt when you have Kelly whose been there longer and getting better or when you have other Divas that can wrestle like Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim or Natalya.

4) Randy Orton defeats Christian: Did we really see any other outcome happening here? If the WWE wanted Christian as world champ, he would have never lost the belt to begin with.  They picked Randy Orton as their top gun on Smackdown and because of that, there’s no way he was walking out without the belt.  Problem is where do you go with either of them after this. Christian suffers a blow for holding the belt for such a short time and kinda has the whole “Not as good as Edge” thing upon him while Orton has no heels to fight against. Or at least nobody built up strong enough to deserve a title shot.

5) Big Show & Kane defeats CM Punk & Mason Ryan: The tag team titles barely mean anything so I see no point with the match.  Only reason Show and Kane have the belts is because the WWE can’t think of anything else to do with them.  As for Punk, he’s not getting a belt anytime soon with all the troubles going on with his contract negotiations and Mason Ryan has potential but it might be too soon.

6) Jerry Lawler defeats Michael Cole: FINALLY!!!!!! Now lets hope this is the end of it.  There’s no way Cole can shake off being humiliated like he was.  He was de-pantsed by Lawler, pinned by Lawler, moonsaulted by Eve Torres, nailed in the face with BBQ sauce by Jim Ross, put in the sharpshooter by Bret Hart, and had Lawler’s foot shoved right into his mouth.  Top that off with afterwards and Cole blubbering like a little bitch that he is, he can’t talk smack after that.  Hell he can barely hold his head high after that.  I can’t help wondering if THIS was his punishment for the TMZ incident.  Poorly executed punishment but punishment nonetheless. Cause when you look at it, nobody was blaming Lawler for this whole angle being done to death, the blame was all on Cole for being annoying and a shitty wrestler. And he suffers huge humiliation to boot.  Do the right thing WWE and let this mark the end of this storyline.

7) John Cena defeats the Miz: Well duh!!!!  What did you think was gonna happen? This was a typical lose/lose situation.  If Cena loses and says I quit, it damages his character greatly.  If the Miz loses and says I quit, it damages his credibility.  The false finish thing was a rip-off of when Mick Foley and The Rock did the “I Quit” match at Royal Rumble.  Just split up Alex Riley and the Miz already. Riley is supposed to be on Smackdown anyway.  Let’s see how the Miz can do ON HIS OWN!!!!!!

The silver lining in this PPV, I’m 45 bucks richer because I didn’t spend the money.  If I wanted to know that feeling, I’d flush 45 bucks down the toilet.