The Downward Spiral of Pro Wrestling (Spoiler Warning)

According to Murphy’s Law, they say  that anything that can go wrong will. Well I’m going to make a new one titled Shark’s Law in which the second things are startling to look up in wrestling, more times than not they will go down just as quickly. In the case of the WWE and TNA this week, such things are happening.  So in the case of Shark’s Law, it’s mainly towards the WWE and TNA as of late.

First the WWE.  I was happy when Christian won the World Heavyweight Title. I thought maybe this was a sign that things were going to start to turn around. I thought that maybe, they finally were putting some faith into Captain Charisma. WRONG!!!!!! They couldn’t even give him one stinking month as world champ. They couldn’t even give him one goddamn week.  Two fricking days is all they gave him only to have him drop the belt to Randy Orton.  Before I go any further, I have no problem with Randy Orton. I’ve got the utmost respect and admiration for the guy. I’m entertained by him and I think that now that he’s found his ground as “The Viper” it works and he’s found what he’s been needing.  But how long has Christian been overlooked? How long has he been compared to Edge and saying that he’s not as good as Edge is or was? Yet he’s held the world title in TNA quite a few times and added some credibility to the WWE/ECW title.  In fact he added some of the only credibility that damn belt had.  WWE may have planned on having Randy Orton be the base of Smackdown and I have no problem with that, but my problem lies in the fact that with this move, they’ve made Christian’s win of the world title at the PPV look like nothing short of a tease.

Onto TNA, now somebody correct me if I’m wrong in hearing this, but in terms of the whole “Network” angle that TNA is working, wasn’t Mick Foley against the idea of using him for that role? Didn’t he think the idea was laughable and wasn’t even considering re-signing with TNA? The last time that Mick Foley had a role where he was an authority figure in TNA, it made sense to absolutely nobody and he became a heel which came off as kind of annoying . He even had his character win the TNA title and said he would only defend it ONCE a year.  Yeah fat chance of that happening. Any wrestler with a title only defending it once a year has about as much chance as a “World Elite” reunion in TNA.  Then they had my idol, Tommy Dreamer, turn heel and join Immortal. As much as I love Dreamer, this move doesn’t Immortal look stronger.  So now you have Abyss, Jeff Jarrett (Currently busy with Angle), Bully Ray, Rob Terry, Gunner, Murphy (not even sure about the last 3), Matt Hardy and Tommy Dreamer. I’m sorry but if you’re trying to build a dominant stable, that doesn’t spell intimidation.  You got about as much intimidation in that stable as a match against Hornswoggle.

Then you have not only “Wildcat” Chris Harris return in what some would probably look at within TNA management as “Well, look whose come crawling back,” make his return to TNA. I’m conflicted on this because while I find it intriguing that we see two tag teams in Beer Money vs Chris Harris & Matt Hardy because once again we’re seeing two halves of America’s Most Wanted collide once again.  Actually, let’s disregard that because that’s the one move TNA is actually doing right and though it’s a long shot, I’m hoping at the possibility at maybe a reunion of America’s Most Wanted. If you’re having this war with Immortal, wouldn’t you want to have one of the originators of the Tag Team division in AMW? Just a thought but at the same time, won’t happen because then you’re left with the task of trying to split up Beer Money, something TNA probably would screw up on if given the chance.

Back to what I was talking about with Mick Foley, he’s also changed the name of TNA to “Impact Wrestling.”  So here’s my problem with that specific name for TNA or excuse me IMPACT WRESTLING,  what the hell kind of Impact does this make? What exactly has TNA done to even label their brand as Impact. Naming a show with that is one thing and naming your entire wrestling brand is another.  TNA has not done anything with an impact in the wrestling business since they swiped Kurt Angle from the WWE.   And don’t tell me they got Hulk Hogan and have him now in their company. At this point and at his age, what company hasn’t had Hulk Hogan that’s still around these days? What’s Hulk Hogan done besides put the spotlight on him, try to be a new Vince McMahon but instead makes himself look and sound like a senile old man, and take away the six sided ring? Oh I forgot one more, made a championship belt that looked like something out of a cracker-jack box and let a stoned Jeff Hardy actually go out still despite being late for the PPV and clearly not in any condition to do anything.  Yeah, Hogan’s made an Impact alright, one that would make Vince McMahon offer $50 bucks at most to buy TNA.

I almost forgot about how Chyna after all these years is returning to wrestle for TNA.  Then again, I’m still trying to forget that one.  I don’t know whether to weep for TNA or look away in disgust.  I mean she hasn’t wrestled in what? Almost a decade? At this rate all I can say is no wonder Jim Cornette left TNA to go to ROH.  If I were in his position, I wouldn’t want my name associated with crap like TNA is producing either. What’s next for TNA? Are they gonna have Mike Tenay wrestle Taz? God I hope not.  It’s bad enough we have Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler wrestling in 2 consecutive PPVs and soon it’ll be 3.  But I wanna believe that if roles were reversed, TNA would have ended damn angle by now. But I’ve been wrong before.



  1. WWE started dyin pretty much after the WCW/ECW invasion ended and Vince McMahon fucked over a majority of the WCW and ECW wrestlers when their contracts ended. If he used his head WWE could of had WWE Raw, WCW Nitro and ECW SmackDown as their 3 brands then developed the WWE Network back then 10 years ago but Vince let his guard down and only thought of the moment coz he bought out and destroyed his competition. Also goin PG doesnt help the WWE either! Once Undertaker officially retires you watch WWE and its WWE Network go down hill rapidly and TNA will take advantage of that and rise up in ratings whilst stealing WWE Talent. Fare enough TNA is a joke right now but theyre showin sings of improvement while WWE are continously showin signs of failure and have been for a long time now. Now Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Edge, The Rock and a few others are gone and Undertaker and Triple H are due to retire what has WWE got to look forward to? With the likes of Matt Morgan, Mr Anderson, James Storm, Abyss and a few others TNA has a promising future.

  2. Here’s my vision: If i created my own wrestling organization i would keep the fans interested by creatin a stable of serial killers that interfear with big matches tryin to destroy the company and take over and also create a stable of unholy half breed demons that have the same goal as the serial killers then they form a massive stable bigger than the nWo after a short feud with eachother then take over every title and make everyone too scared to come to work except for a seperate stable of ‘soopa heroes’ who can eventually be the companys saviours. It could be a ‘soopa heroes’ vs ‘soopa villains’ type thing with a real dark twisted eerie type feelin to it which eventually in the very long run the heroes will win and save the company in a winner takes all type tornado all on all elimination match. The last man can be a villain who rips his shirt off and reveals the next night he was secretly workin for the heroes and hands the company back. Then i could create all new personas for everyone.

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