For the latter part of the week, I’ve made posts about a certain somebody on Twitter that I was having a war of words with.  I even went as far as to use a specific word I won’t repeat on here but aimed at the specific individual.  However, one person took offense to the use of the word, regardless of who I was targeting with it.  That is not something the person offended is accountable for.

As a journalism major and a journalist with my blog and the PW Journal, I take what I write on here seriously.  I do my best to express whatever opinions I have towards pro wrestling with facts and do my best to leave room open for other wrestlings who choose to be vocal.  That being said, while I hold accountability to myself on my blog and what I write, I have lowered sense of that accountability outside of them and throw caution to the wind.

To the person that I was aiming the insult and slur at, I don’t apologize to that person for a damn thing.  I considered his jokes towards me and at my expense to be tasteless, unfunny and to the point where I was sick of making fame at my expense and my name.  So to him, I don’t apologize for anything. But to one specific person, a Mr Timothy Harshman, a former wrestling photographer, who did take offense to what I did say even if it was not directly at him, I offer my humblest apology to him and to anyone that was offended by what I said regardless of where it was directed at.  So to Mr Harshman, I once again humbly apologize to you sir and in no way was I aiming any disrespect towards you, so again to Timothy Harshman, I apologize.


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