I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This, but TNA did something Right

Let me be perfectly blunt when I say this.  I still am not digging the name change from TNA to simply “Impact Wrestling.”  And even though I read the spoilers prior, I was a fan of when Mick Foley was the “Commissioner” in the WWE.  He was entertaining and it made things with the WWE seem fun to watch.  I’m just hoping that TNA/Impact doesn’t make the same mistake they did the last time when they had Foley as an authority figure where it led to a heel turn that made sense to nobody.  In fact if anything, it left the rest of us all confused as to why they did it and to this day, I still don’t know.

I happened to enjoy the face-off between James Storm and Chris Harris. No words were said but just the vacant looks between the two was impressive. Despite that a singles career didn’t really work for either one following the split of America’s Most Wanted, the two did put on one hell of a match with their Texas Death Match.  The match they had at Lockdown before that would have been good if they didn’t have the dumb idea to have a blindfold match in a cage.  That to this day was the stupidest match I’ve seen TNA ever do or at least one of them. I forgot about the “electrified” cage match with the flickering lights.

I will admit that I was impressed that after all this time, Chyna still gets a good sized pop from the crowd and I wasn’t sure what to expect with her, but she actually looked good. Relax people, I just meant that she looked better than I thought she’d look after all this time away from the ring and lost in Reality TV.  Top that off with that it was nice to finally see an authority figure with a physical presence. It’s too bad that the WWE can’t seem to figure it out with  the whole Raw GM crap.  At least give TNA credit that they came up with somebody for it.  Plus, it’s nice to see that this whole Immortal storyline is actually going somewhere, even if it’s the dismantling and crumbling of the group. It’s better than having that stable act like they mean something when really they have no big names to them.

And as for Foley getting in Hogan’s face, daring Hogan to hit him and when Hogan told him he couldn’t change the name and Foley screamed to him “I just did!,” Foley might as well have flipped off Hogan right in that ring telling him “Up Yours.”  Sue me, it’s wishful thinking. It’s a longshot but I’m hoping that this all leads to something better for TNA than they’ve been giving the fans the last year or so.  Only problem is I’ve been wrong before, but yet I’m still hoping that this is not one of those times and that TNA or Impact or whatever they call themselves decides to start showing they’ve got a pair.


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