Wrestling is Too Scared of Criticism, But It Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Need to Hear It

How many of you that watch sports have seen Fox Sports and ESPN? How many of you have seen shows such as Around The Horn, Pardon The Interruption, 1st and 10, or if you want to go old school The Best Damn Sports Show Period?  How many of you heard guys on the radio like Dan Patrick or Jim Rome?  Why am I asking all this? It’s because while all these sports have something like these shows, pro wrestling doesn’t and there may be a bit of a solution to wrestling’s problems if a show like those existed but focused on pro wrestling.  Before I continue on, I don’t want to hear “What about Live Wire or Spin Cycle?”  Neither of those count. We need something that is neutral and will attack the bad stuff from all forms of pro wrestling, not just centered around one specific company.

This sounds simple, but the problem is that the WWE is too scared shitless to have it happen.  Because they can’t stand  anything putting them in a bad light. At least with the talk on the internet, they feel like it can be ignored but it will be impossible to ignore the second it hits a major mass medium like TV.  You don’t believe me, look at the stink the WWE had over the movie “The Wrestler” and tell me that.  The main reason why something like this would be needed for wrestling is because then you’d have people talking about it, just like wrestling fans do on the internet.

All these guys that say bad things about the IWC and saying how we’re a bunch of fanboys, blah blah blah.  The fact is that at least people are talking about it.  If there is one thing that we’ve learned especially in the case of the WWE, it’s that they’re scared to death of criticism.  They’re scared of anybody from their viewing audience venting to them on a mass medium what they think of the product that they provide.  Like right now, they don’t want to hear how pissed off fans were about Christian losing the belt so quickly or hearing how their announce teams suck or that Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler has gone on for way too long or that the fans want Jim Ross back and so on.  There’s so many problems just in the WWE alone, that the WWE is too scared to have anybody throwing it back in their faces because that would mean that the WWE creative team would have to actually do something about it like actually working for the first time in over a decade. It’d be the first time that they’d have to give some kind of effort since the Monday Night Wars and they’re scared that it would just make life hard for them.  Truth is what is hard for anyone is this half-assed, lazy, mind numbing bullshit that the WWE produces lately.

It goes without saying that the WWE is scared to death of criticism.  TNA/Impact Wrestling has tried to use Twitter in order to face criticism head on.  Yeah it’s one way for them to handle it, but the only question is how much of it do they listen to?  Then again, does anyone know who the hell they listen to anymore because with the crap storylines and angles that go nowhere and the X-Division and Tag Division flatlining before our eyes, TNA sure as hell can’t be listening to the fans with that.  And maybe some fans asked for Hardcore Justice, but we also wanted a PPV that was properly booked. The only thing that was close to booked well were the last two matches on that PPV.  I mean why the hell would Balls Mahoney turn against Axl Rotten?

Some people are able to take criticism and use it to improve themselves, when they choose to hear it. How long before either of them bite the bullet and start taking criticism instead of people kissing their ass? Whose to say that Vince McMahon doesn’t deserve a hard slap of reality instead of a flunky kissing his ass? Although in Vinny Mac’s case, he could use more of a swift kick in the testicles with a steel-toed boot, just as Dixie Carter could use an educational course called “How to actually SUCCEED in wrestling 101.”


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