Message to a certain Indy Curtain Jerker who hates Criticism.

For the last couple months, Wrestlezone and Chair Shot Reality’s own Justin LaBar has had a bit of a war going on with a certain indy wrestler from PWO, a one Marion Fontaine.  It started with a simple promo in the ring that was more like a shoot towards LaBar and even lead to a physical altercation where LaBar was struck by one Mr Fontaine.  Now, here’s the only question I have with this and I’m sure a lot of others are thinking the same thing. WHO IN THE BLUEST OF BLUE HELLS IS MARION FONTAINE? And more importantly why should I care about this guy? I’m writing this article and I’m still questioning why I’m writing it.

I also find it funny that the guy takes a swing at a critic and thinks he’s a badass despite being named Marion.  Might as well call him “Maid Marion” because his little temper tantrum over criticism is making him sound and look like a little bitch.  If you’re scared of criticism, then find a different line of work because bottom line is a wrestler gets hit with criticism from the second he makes his entrance. What do you think the crowd cheering or booing is supposed to be?  It’s part of the territory and these days, if you put on a bad match, they’ll let you know it with chants like “You can’t wrestle,” “Boring,” “This match sucks,” or “This is bullshit.”

So here’s my own message to Maid Marion Fontaine, so are you just gonna take a swing at every guy from the net that slams you in a blog post?  Are you gonna get on a microphone and hassle my ass because I think you’re a scrawny, pale skinned, ripped off a mustache from Joey Ryan, indy style curtain jerker? I don’t watch PWO and know little to nothing about your matches or any title history if any exists, but the fact that you think that just because of this incident, you’ve hit the big times is cruel, sad and tragic. You act like you’re in the big spotlight when you forget you’re not headlining PPVs, on weekly TV or on magazine covers.  Seriously, what state are you hailing from? The State of Delusion?

This may not be a fight for me and it’s between one critic of wrestling and a prick who doesn’t like anything short of somebody kissing his ass, but I’ve heard about this to the point where I felt making a point about it is needed.  I can guarantee that if I was in the place of LaBar,  Maid Marion takes a swing at me and the chair I’d have been sitting on at the time would go right across his skull and then some.  I’d be the person that would believe that if you start a fight with me, you better know how to finish it.  What you do for a living Fontaine is in front of an audience where you’re given criticism for better or for worse. I know that at some point, I’m gonna write something that people may not like.  People are either gonna think I’m out of my mind, I don’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’m just an asshole.  But I accept that, I face it head on by doing what I do best on here, and that is to stand my ground, not sugarcoat anything or hold back.

If I want to say that I think Hulk Hogan’s promos sound more like the ramblings of either a senile old man or Ric Flair, or say that I think TNA is looking more and more like WCW in its dying days or that I think Vince McMahon is a delusional idiot who doesn’t know what works with his own product any more, I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna say those things just like I say now that while I don’t know if this is build-up to a match or some other storyline for PWO or whatever (probably not, but I’ve been wrong before), or that this is an outside of the ring deal and that the reaction that Maid Marion Fontaine has towards Justin LaBar’s criticisms is like looking at a little girl who is crying over a skinned knee. Just do your job by getting in and out of the ring at whatever the hell place PWO holds their events, take your criticisms like a man and stop being a little bitch about it. The sooner you do that, the sooner rest of the IWC can go back to not knowing a damn thing about you or knowing very little about you at all.


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