Drew McIntyre: Are Others Seeing in Him What We’ve Yet to See?

According to sources, Bret Hart seems to see something in current Raw Superstar Drew McIntyre.  Hart reportedly took a shot at WWE Creative for putting the guy on Superstars, calling it a waste.  Top that off with for weeks ever since the Draft took place, he’s been talked about by people as him being somebody to make a face turn on Raw.  With all of this I can’t help but wonder if we’ve all overlooked something with this guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I admit I’m one of the guys that saw something in him.  I thought he actually made Matt Hardy relevant and somewhat credible during their rivalry and Intercontinental title reign.  I thought he had another decent feud with Kofi Kingston.  Since he lost the IC title though, we’ve seen him plummet along with a lot of other superstars over the course of a year.  I used to say that I bought him being pushed more than I bought Sheamus, mostly because I thought Sheamus was moved way too fast.  I’m more skeptical about pushes with certain guys ever since Bradshaw went from APA to JBL and was pushed right into the world title picture and held the belt for a whole year.  They did do the same thing with Sheamus where he won the world title right off the bat, surpassing the mid-card.  At least they let McIntyre start off with the Intercontinental Title first.

Then there’s his finisher, the Future Shock DDT.   I have only seen two variations of the Double-Arm DDT in my life besides his version.  One was made famous by Mick Foley as Cactus Jack.  I even saw Stevie Richards do one at one point.  Then you have McIntyre and the Future Shock.  I have to admit that I did get a kick out of one time where he turned the Masterlock of Chris Masters into the Future Shock.  I think mostly the reason I like the move and the variation of it is that it’s new. You don’t see too many original moves in wrestling anymore.  And you sure as hell don’t see them in the WWE, probably because they’re too scared that people will use that one dirty word that Vinny Mac hates to use: Wrestling.

There are few people who make judgments about somebody or something in wrestling and you don’t question. Most of them you end up thinking are out of their damn minds. Bret Hart is one of those guys that you don’t question. Say what you want about the guy or about how he got screwed in Montreal that one year, etc. But you can’t question that when it comes to actual “wrestling” and skill, he’d be a guy that would recognize it.  His family and The Dungeon were responsible for some really great technical wrestlers that we’ve seen over the years like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Lance Storm.  If Bret Hart sees something in McIntyre, than it’s the WWE’s fault that we’ve yet to see anything groundbreaking in him.  Than again, these are the guys that fired Low Ki (aka Kaval) and are burying Daniel Bryan and not letting him use his full ability.



  1. Drew McIntyre is awesome. I’ve been a fan of his ever since he was deemed The Chosen One. I’ve always saw his talet but a lot of others deny he has it. McIntyre’s improved so much since his debut in ring wise. He always shows so much agression and he’s one of the best at using the ring as a weapon. His facial expressions in the ring are very underrated, he’s always showing emotion in there and anyone could see that if the watch his matches becuase he always tries to tell a sorry in the ring. His promos arn’t bad either, he just never gets a chance.

    At 25 years old, I do think he’s get another chance becuase he’s only going to get better. But I think WWE is wasting his talent by not using him.

    I rather watch him than Alberto Del Rio any day.

    • I agree. Just because I said in the “Shark Lingo” article that he’s “The Chosen One…..to be Backstage” it doesn’t mean I think he ought to be. IF Bret Hart sees something in the guy, there’s gotta be something there. I just find it astounding how he’s fallen the way he has. And it’s not right either. He’s one of the many that have been buried that I feel shouldn’t be.

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