Get Off Their Back: Lacey Von Erich

In this first installment of a new segment of The Shark Attack entitled “Get Off Their Back,”  I’m gonna talk about the divas/knockouts or at least one in particular.  I’m talking about former TNA Knockout and Beautiful People member Lacey Von Erich. I’m sick and tired of having to hear crap poured on this girl whether it’s by the fans or Mark Madden the Super Jackass, especially Madden due to his “prostitution” references about Lacey.

She debuted with TNA after WWE gave her a shot in their training grounds only to cut her loose. She left TNA last year and a lot of people like Madden have made a big deal about her and her little “Matches” or custom matches, however you want to put it on and Madden in his recent edition of rambling bile has to drool about her chest and complain about it being reduced.  To quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy; “Oh….My……God. Who The Hell Cares?”

I tackled into this about Lacey prior to writing this where I said how there is a couple things that work against her, despite how the crowd turns against her.

1) She’s a mom.  For any female wrestler, that’s gonna be difficult to work around for anyone.

2) She’s entering a business that despite whatever passion she has for it, it’s the same line of work that to a degree killed her father.   That’s a difficult thing for anybody to shake off, why should it be any different for her?

3) Nobody has seen a Von Erich in the ring in years, not since the death of her father Kerry Von Erich.  Try to imagine carrying that weight of being the first in the Von Erich family name that nobody has seen in almost 20+ years.

4) Clearly she has a very distinct, old school style of wrestling taught to her, probably from training with her uncle, the legendary Kevin Von Erich.  I mean the Von Erich Claw may be as sacred as the Sharpshooter is to the Hart family, but it doesn’t strike near the terror that it used to.

Seriously, as much as a lot of people go on about how only hot girls are hired to be Divas or Knockouts, truth is we use the same prejudice by thinking that a hot girl as a Diva or Knockout is a lost cause when it comes to wrestling skill.  Says who?  Just because they haven’t learned it doesn’t mean they’ll never learn it.   Look at Trish Stratus when she first came in. Nobody thought she’d ever be anything in the ring and she ended up being one of the reasons that the Divas division reached prominence at one point.  What we fail to accept is that learning skills like this in most cases takes time and unfortunately, much like the guys in charge of the wrestling companies, we’re impatient as hell.  As for her little internet matches, it’s not porno we’re talking about and maybe in some strange twist, maybe there’s less pressure on her than wrestling in a match where the crowd can’t stand you in the ring and chants “You Can’t Wrestle.”

As for Madden referring to her like she’s a prostitute, keep dreaming Fat Ass.  Until you see her take money from a guy and bangs him, or is seen on a edition of Real Sex or Red Shoe Diaries, you can’t call her a prostitute without sounding a like a horse’s ass for it. Personally I wish she was still in TNA because having her in TNA was a hell of a lot better than bringing in Angelina and J-Woww from Jersey Shore.   So once again, I say about Lacey Von Erich, GET OFF HER BACK!


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