A Tribute to the Macho Madness: R.I.P. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Today, the pro wrestling world suffered one of its biggest losses in years.  The master of the Macho Madness himself and the man that made the words “Oh Yeah” sound so damn badass, in the “Macho Man” Randy Savage has passed away following a heart attack he suffered while driving that lead to a fatal car crash.

As I write this, I know what a lot of writers feel when they write stories about situations like this. I wrote an article a while back in tribute to the passing of Larry Sweeney and I’ve gotta tell you, it feels like a heavier and heavier weight anytime where you write it.  This is one that definitely hits me harder because this is one of the guys who I first saw when I began to watch wrestling.  I remembered going with my dad to the video rental store every weekend and picked up two PPVs on tape. One was the Royal Rumble where Big John Studd won the whole thing and the other was Summerslam ’88 which featured The Mega Bucks (Andre the Giant & Ted DiBiase) vs The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage) with Jesse Ventura as the referee.  The first Wrestlemania I ever watched was Wrestlemania 5 which was advertised as “The Mega Powers Explode.”

My favorite Wrestlemania looking back would have to be Wrestlemania 4 where a tournament was held to determine the new WWF Champion.  The second you saw both Andre and Hogan eliminated in the tournament, you knew that you were going to get something new for the champion and in the finals, we had Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage to collide to see who would be the new WWF Champion.  It was a hell of a moment in seeing Savage deliver one of the biggest elbow drops ever and holding up Miss Elizabeth on his shoulder and Hogan congratulating him.  It was something to see Hogan taking a backseat from the world title picture for once.  Speaking of Savage and Miss Elizabeth, who could forget about those two.

These two were the cutest couple, the “it” couple, and every other label that you could think of, Savage and Elizabeth were it.  When it came to a guy having a beautiful woman accompany him to the ring, it was the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth that set the standard.  We all shun whenever wrestling companies do wedding angles but it goes without saying that in my opinion, these two tying the knot was the only time it actually worked. When those two tied the knot, all I could think was “It’s about damn time.” Why is this? Because unlike most of the wedding angles we’ve seen, this is one time where fans wanted those two together.

From his last years in WWF to WCW, as big as the Macho Man was, it seemed as though he was always a step behind Hogan and to me, that was a real shame.  I remember on Halloween Havoc, Savage was taking on Hogan for the World Title during the NWO war and I wanted Savage to win it. I wanted to see him take the throne from Hogan just like at Wrestlemania 4.  I was disappointed that it didn’t happen and it was the most I’ve been disappointed with WCW since the jackass that thought turning Elizabeth heel was a good idea.  Then again, it was WCW but that’s not the point of this article.

When it came to charisma on the microphone and energy, Savage set a standard for that.  The second he said the words “Oh Yeah!” was where you knew he had the crowd’s undivided attention.  He worked as a heel and a face and it worked both ways because no matter which side he was,  he was still the same Macho Man whether you loved him or hated him.

Bottom line here is that today wrestling fans all over the world suffered a great loss.  The man known to one and all as “Macho Man” Randy Savage may be gone, but as long as we remember him, the Macho Madness will live forever as he stands tall in heaven with Elizabeth hoisted up on his shoulder once again.


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