Over The Limit: More like “Predictable Waste of Money and Time”

Another WWE PPV come and gone, though this one is more thankfully over than others. WWE only had 3 weeks to prepare this PPV, you had a lack luster card plus two matches that were added at the last second with little to no build up.   I’ve said on the PW Journal that I feel that this PPV could very well go down as having the shittiest buyrate of the WWE PPVs this year.  Now that the PPV is one and done, I still believe that.

1) R-Truth defeats Rey Mysterio:  This match only occurred because Morrison got hurt and Truth had to win because otherwise you damage his momentum as a heel or kill it altogether.  I’m still wondering what exactly the plan is for Rey Mysterio on Raw.  After tonight’s match, I still don’t know.  Only purpose in this match was to elevate Truth.

2) Ezekiel Jackson defeats Wade Barrett by DQ: I have yet to see much from either guy to buy into this one.  Barrett doesn’t have the swing he used to when the Nexus was first brought in and the Corre has been anything but impressive to me.  Jackson I see potential in but in terms of character and rivals, I’ve yet to see anything and find it hard to imagine one big guy in Barrett and two little guys would be able to overpower an even bigger guy in Big Zeke.

3) Brie Bella defeats Kelly Kelly: Personally I would accept Kelly as Divas Champ more than I would Brie Bella or either of the Bella Twins.  They’re two twin girls, I get it but just don’t tell me they can wrestle, at least at the moment.  I just find it insulting that they give the Bellas the belt when you have Kelly whose been there longer and getting better or when you have other Divas that can wrestle like Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim or Natalya.

4) Randy Orton defeats Christian: Did we really see any other outcome happening here? If the WWE wanted Christian as world champ, he would have never lost the belt to begin with.  They picked Randy Orton as their top gun on Smackdown and because of that, there’s no way he was walking out without the belt.  Problem is where do you go with either of them after this. Christian suffers a blow for holding the belt for such a short time and kinda has the whole “Not as good as Edge” thing upon him while Orton has no heels to fight against. Or at least nobody built up strong enough to deserve a title shot.

5) Big Show & Kane defeats CM Punk & Mason Ryan: The tag team titles barely mean anything so I see no point with the match.  Only reason Show and Kane have the belts is because the WWE can’t think of anything else to do with them.  As for Punk, he’s not getting a belt anytime soon with all the troubles going on with his contract negotiations and Mason Ryan has potential but it might be too soon.

6) Jerry Lawler defeats Michael Cole: FINALLY!!!!!! Now lets hope this is the end of it.  There’s no way Cole can shake off being humiliated like he was.  He was de-pantsed by Lawler, pinned by Lawler, moonsaulted by Eve Torres, nailed in the face with BBQ sauce by Jim Ross, put in the sharpshooter by Bret Hart, and had Lawler’s foot shoved right into his mouth.  Top that off with afterwards and Cole blubbering like a little bitch that he is, he can’t talk smack after that.  Hell he can barely hold his head high after that.  I can’t help wondering if THIS was his punishment for the TMZ incident.  Poorly executed punishment but punishment nonetheless. Cause when you look at it, nobody was blaming Lawler for this whole angle being done to death, the blame was all on Cole for being annoying and a shitty wrestler. And he suffers huge humiliation to boot.  Do the right thing WWE and let this mark the end of this storyline.

7) John Cena defeats the Miz: Well duh!!!!  What did you think was gonna happen? This was a typical lose/lose situation.  If Cena loses and says I quit, it damages his character greatly.  If the Miz loses and says I quit, it damages his credibility.  The false finish thing was a rip-off of when Mick Foley and The Rock did the “I Quit” match at Royal Rumble.  Just split up Alex Riley and the Miz already. Riley is supposed to be on Smackdown anyway.  Let’s see how the Miz can do ON HIS OWN!!!!!!

The silver lining in this PPV, I’m 45 bucks richer because I didn’t spend the money.  If I wanted to know that feeling, I’d flush 45 bucks down the toilet.


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