Closure at Long Last.

It goes without saying that I hated Michael Cole’s character. There are some that have been more than vocal about it and yours truly has been one of them.  I thought his character took away from the product itself and instead of putting over the talent, he put over himself and it lead to a lot of talent getting buried instead of built up.  I also found his boasts of being called journalist when he was breaking every single rule of journalism was insulting to me as one who had majored in journalism.  Then, I finally saw a painful storyline that had been drug out for WAY too long, finally come to a close.

We all had our own vision of how this would come to a close. Many wanted to see Michael Cole taken off TV or take on some other kind of role.  I for one was somebody who wanted to see him carried out on a stretcher. Instead, what we get is something that many thought was impossible and would never happen.  That being him coming out and apologizing to everybody from Lawler to Matthews to the guys at ringside to the fans in the crowd and watching and saying that he wanted to go back to the way it used to be and that this was not about him and should never have been about him.   After months of crap from this guy, I was surprised and partially impressed at the professionalism.  He even took Lawler rubbing it in one last time with the same kind of class, accepting that he got what he deserved.

Now, before anything else, by no means and I mean NO MEANS am I taking back anything and everything that I said about Cole’s character.  It made watching Raw and Smackdown painful for me to watch.  I am one of the few that didn’t mind him when all he did was call the match.  He bland and boring but at least he did his job. When some jackass decided he needed a character, he stopped doing his job. He focused on the character more than his duties as an announcer.  I don’t need characters at the announce table, I just want guys to call the match because the only characters I want to see are whoever is in the ring.

While I’m not taking a single word back of what I said about Cole, I will give credit where credit is due in the act of professionalism and for the fact that this story is FINALLY over.  It may not have been the closure many of us would have liked, but it was closure nonetheless.  Because after he returned to the announce table, if he wasn’t calling anything, he was keeping quiet.  It was one of the rare times in the last couple months to a year when I was actually able to enjoy Raw without feeling like punching a hole through my TV.

To sum it up, the guy was put through some of the most brutal humiliation we could imagine, realized he put himself to a point where he was hated by EVERYBODY and was eating crow over how everything he had done in the course of a year had come back to bite him in the ass.   I’m happy with the fact that this story is over and that even WWE had to realize there was no possible way to stretch this out any further than they have.  It was good to know that they realized that after that finish and Cole getting that humiliation, that this story was over.

Personally, I’m just embracing and soaking in the fact that this story is closed and that I can maybe enjoy Raw and Smackdown again.


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