WWE All-Stars, I Got 3 Words For Ya: This Game….SUCKS!!!!!

I know that normally I talk wrestling on here but I also have a gripe with wrestling games these days. We all know Smackdown vs Raw has become what Madden is to the football video games.  Anytime that there’s been other games to compete against like from WCW or TNA, they end up failing miserably.  Don’t believe me? Look at WCW Thunder, WCW Nitro and WCW Mayhem and ask me that.

That leads me to WWE All-Stars. The title says it all as you have every single big name past and present in one game.  It seemed like they had a mix of a wrestling game and a fighting game as a lot of the moves in their execution were made to look over the top. I wish I could say that I liked this game. I wish I could say that but it’s just not true.

The graphics would’ve been okay if it weren’t for the fact that the way so many of the characters in the game looked so cartoonish.  There were moments where the guys’ heads looked bigger than their own body.  The move execution being over the top was cool at first with all the high elevation, colors and flips, but it gets to the point where it’s just plain stupid and to where you’re playing the game and just say “Enough already!”

The create-a-superstar is extremely limited without options such as customizable movesets or the ability to toggle the attires between ring and entrance.  Then the A.I. in the game is so difficult that it’s frustrating. I had the thing on easy and still had problems, partly because of the control scheme being nothing short of a button masher.  At least you know with the Smackdown games what controls do what in it.  This one it felt like no matter what buttons you hit, you just did the same moves over and over.

Any game that I’ve played outside of Smackdown I was disappointed with. Games like Legends of Wrestling, the ECW games, TNA Impact, Legends of Wrestlemania and now this game has to come out.  It just feels like in terms of making video games for the WWE, they just got lazy to where they know that nobody else is there to compete with them, so why bother.  Bottom line is that I give WWE All-Stars a rating of “S” as in “This fricking game…..SUCKS!!!!!”


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  1. You are rite,raw vs smakedown 2011 is way better and there is no royal rumble match,no ladder match,nothing and point out the fact that wrestlers like jack swagger,miz,kofi kingston,drew mcintyre etc are there,theres no goldberg,brock,kurt angle,chris jericho,chris benoit etc

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