What I Miss in Wrestling: Eddie Guerrero

The first time I remember seeing Eddie Guerrero was in WCW when it still had some credibility.  I saw him feud with DDP over the US Title and had even seen him in a feud with Dean Malenko. When Eddie, Benoit, Malenko and Saturn left WCW and jumped ship to the WWE, I thought that WCW would never recover from that and they didn’t. Months later, WCW fell and it made you think that those four jumped ship just in time.  Cause WCW just let 4 of best wrestlers at that time who were on their roster, slip through their fingers.

Shortly after “The Radicals” made their debut in WWE, they split up and found their own gimmicks. Some were successful and some weren’t.  Eddie developed the “Latino Heat” gimmick and it was entertaining to a degree.  I think when he really started to pick up speed was when WWE tried to revitalize their tag team division and formed “Los Guerreros” with Eddie and Chavo as a team.  It did help pave the way for Eddie in the main event picture. Who could ever forget the entrance song where some of the words were “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal.” And I loved in an interview how Eddie said “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal. But at least we’re honest about it.” You had them do things like they were going to hit a guy with the championship belt or some foreign object and when the referee was about to catch them, they toss it to the other guy and act like they got hit and the ref disqualifies the other team. It was cheating but it was funny.

Then of course, there was the low rider.  Eddie and Chavo driving out with low rider, hydraulics and all and it was money in the bank.  Then after they split up Eddie and Chavo and had a short feud, we saw Eddie get a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE title. This was something that nobody thought would happen because of Vince McMahon’s raging hard-on for big guys.  I was at a Yankee Doodle’s watching the event and when the ref counted 3 and Eddie was the new champ, the whole place erupted.  Because it was a new face outside of Austin, Rock, Angle, or Triple H as the champion.   That year was a good year in wrestling because one of the closing shots of Wrestlemania that year was seeing Eddie and Benoit both holding up world titles.

One of the things with Wrestlemania 21 that stood out for me was seeing Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero, two guys who I had never seen live and I felt honored to have watched the two wrestle.  Eddie turned heel month or so later and then turned face again. He had one hell of a match against Batista and according to some sources, there was word he was gonna get another title reign, but plans were scrapped following the untimely death of Eddie.  The guy had charisma, ring skills and could be as quick as any other high flyer and the Guerrero name was just as well known in the world as the Harts and the Von Erichs once were.

Bottom line, I miss the low rider and the entrance music and hearing Eddie say one thing to a guy and then follow it up with “I Lied!!!!”   Although if Eddie hadn’t passed on, would we have seen Rey Mysterio win the belt at Mania?  Probably not, but it doesn’t take away that a lot of his fans, myself included, still look back and miss Eddie Guerrero.


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