Is It Really Over?

According to Chairshot Reality’s own Justin LaBar during one of their segments, he feels that the Cole vs. Lawler storyline is not over. I wrote about this earlier in the week talking about how I believed that this angle was finally over. It seemed like it was but then Smackdown happened and started to see some of the traits that I disliked about Cole emerging once again following Booker T heckling him in the ring.  So even I’ll admit that right now, I’m starting to have my doubts.

I was ready to believe that this was over. I was ready to believe that maybe just maybe I could actually go back to watching Raw and Smackdown and maybe enjoying it again.  I see two scenarios and neither of them sound good or appealing in any way.  One is that they continue Lawler vs Cole which would be pointless to have because Lawler did what he wanted. He beat the guy and embarrassed him. There’s nothing more to prove and frankly, does anybody want to see these guys in the ring again? We’ve already seen Lawler in the ring for 4 consecutive PPVs, 3 of the matches against Cole who can’t wrestle for shit.  You keep up this angle and it’s gonna start to damage to the ratings.

The other scenario you have is Booker T vs Cole.  This would be a worse scenario because unlike Jerry Lawler, Booker T still has another match or two left in him. And considering Booker T’s skills, he’d waste the little twerp in 3 minutes tops. That’s not a match, it’s an execution and to have Booker job to Cole, would only damage Booker T’s reputation. It’d be almost more painful to watch than it was to see Booker T have to job to JBL when clearly Booker was the better wrestler.

Memo to Vince, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! Stop dicking us around with this godawful storyline.  You want to continue having that weasel of a human being as a heel? Fine, then just take him off the fucking announce table.  Seriously, does the WWE need somebody to hold their hand through this? Come up with something new and original already. Stop giving us matches we’ve seen before and acting like they’re new when we all know they’re not like Orton vs Sheamus or at one time Mysterio vs Del Rio and stop giving us storylines that have run their course, especially when they involve non wrestlers.  I’m tired of saying this crap, but start investing in the guys you already have on your roster that ARE wrestlers. Yes, wrestlers, that same dirty word that the WWE can’t stand to use anymore. Accept it, Vince. You run a wrestling company and your product is pro wrestling.   Just end the old storylines like this one and quit fucking with the WWE Universe and insulting our intelligence.


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