The Ultimate Warrior Calling Out Hogan

So wrestlezone posted a video featuring the Ultimate Warrior where he’s talking about a lot of things including the tributes and comments of people regarding the passing of the Macho Man. Then he goes on to call Hulk Hogan not only a piece of work, but that he has something that is gonna be the bullet to show the rest of the world what kind of person Hogan really is.

I don’t know what to make of this. Mostly because most of the time where Warrior calls his own stuff controversial, it comes off like somebody who is bitter about how the business handled him.  Now by no means am I sticking up for Hogan. I feel Hogan now represents the politics and everything that is wrong with the business today.  I also feel that HOgan is the one guy whose taken a backseat very seldom if at all during his days and that he barely did that for the Ultimate Warrior. However, it’s not like Warrior was a saint himself.  We all heard about how he almost walked out on Summerslam because WWF/E wanted to give the belt to Ravishing Rick Rude but Warrior threatened to walk out on the PPV if he dropped the belt.  This was also the thing that probably pissed off Rude to the point that he left to WCW and ended up becoming a world champion there, something he was ready for in WWF/E but a certain somebody, the Warrior, wasn’t gonna take a step back for him.

As for claiming that this bit that Warrior has is a bullet to the foundation he’s set in Hogan’s mind, are you kidding me? What could he possibly say that many of us aren’t already thinking of Hogan?  That he screwed up his marriage by fooling with his daughter’s friend? We already know that.  That if he was better father, his son wouldn’t have ended up in jail? We’re well aware of it.  That the guy wouldn’t let his back touch canvas?  We saw that too.  That the guy is trying to grab the spotlight one more time because it’s all he’s got but it’s not his spotlight to take anymore? I already pointed that out, thanks.

Look, I’ve got no love for Hogan because he’s ruining TNA, all the changes that have happened since he showed up have just made TNA worse, he talks trash and backtracks all of it like a scared little kid, and he holds guys back now in TNA just like he held guys back in WWF/E and took spotlight he didn’t earn in WCW from their true franchise guy in Sting. It’s just hard for me to take Warrior’s words with any merit due to the fact that when things didn’t go his way, he disappeared.  He disappeared and the wrestling fans more or less moved on without him.  As for him vs Hogan, I get it. They don’t like each other. Hogan took a back seat for him one time and that was at Wrestlemania 6. He never did it again and when he came to WCW after God only knows how long, the rematch ended up being a flop and Warrior was left looking like a fool.  It was rematch that none of us wanted to see and if we did, it would have been nice to get it a couple years ago.

I look at these two and just see two bickering old veterans.  The Die-Hards will be the only ones that care what they have to say and the only way whatever Warrior says would have some true impact is if it were something that would make Hogan walk away.  And the truth is that Hulk Hogan is the modern day equivalent of Randy the Ram from “The Wrestler.” Except instead of standing ovations out of respect, he’s got people that are pleading just go away. Let Warrior and Hogan duke it out for all I care. Guaranteed it won’t make so much as a ripple in the world of wrestling. It’ll probably have the same value as a Shark Boy match.


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