A New Up and Comer: Alex Riley

I can’t remember the last time I was more excited about anybody on the WWE Roster in a long time.  I mean yes I did have a feeling when the WWE got Low Ki/Kaval and Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, but all I could think with them was wondering how the WWE would screw them up.  But now, not only am I seeing a guy who I’ve been very impressed with the last two weeks, but that I also want to see more.  That same guy that I’m talking about is Alex Riley.

Now I gotta be honest. When I first saw him in NXT, I didn’t think much of him.  He was cocky, arrogant, wore a high school letterman’s jacket and all in all it was something I’ve seen once before and was unimpressed by it.  Then  you had him go from NXT to being a tag-along for The Miz.  That all changed last week when the Miz gave the boot to A-Ri and Riley just snapped!!!!! Not only did he beat the living crap out of the Miz, but he left him laying in the ring.  And the crowd was absolutely LOVING IT!!!!!

Then last night, he came out to his own entrance music and titantron, both of which were outstanding and I’m anxiously awaiting for a download or something to be made available for his entrance music, which by the way I found out a little bit ago that it’s called “Say It To My Face” by Downstait.  He has Cole berating him and A-Ri tells the twerp to shut up and is about to smack him stupid until the Miz jumps him.  But this time instead of A-Ri leaving the Miz laying in the center of the ring, he sends The Miz running scared. And once again, the crowd was just eating it up and were simply electric over this guy.

It goes without saying that Capitol Punishment is gonna feature a match between Alex Riley and The Miz.  This happens, then I can’t stress this enough when I say that Alex Riley must and I repeat MUST WIN that match.  The Miz has established himself already and doesn’t have a whole lot to lose, but A-Ri on the other hand needs the win because he can’t afford to damage the momentum in any way.   To have a different outcome would jeopardize the whole thing.  The phrase “Strike While The Iron is Hot” comes to mind and right now, the momentum that Alex Riley has going for him is RED HOT.  The crowd is digging this guy, he’s got a great entrance, the fighting between him and the Miz feels and looks real.  The WWE is sitting on something that is money in itself and they need to capitalize on it.

Bottom line is that I look at A-Ri, and I see potential in this kid.  If it’s done right, he’ll end up being the next big thing.  The only question is will the WWE let it happen.



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