CM Punk “Punks” the WWE

Last night, the same night where I was dreading Monday Night Raw because they were advertising another stupid gimmick themed Raw that was more than likely not gonna work, I was privileged to witness what was by far one of the greatest promos that I’ve seen come out of Raw in almost a decade.  The best part about it was that it wasn’t done by John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, The Rock or even Triple H. It was done by one man named CM Punk.

My problem with Punk as of late has been that the last time I was excited about the guy was when he first debuted and had a good run as a face for a while.  I liked that his style was unique as was his gimmick and skills on the microphone. Then they had him turn heel in a feud with Jeff Hardy that never made any sense, formed the Straight Edge Society which never took off and took control of the Nexus which only made that stable less impressive and spiraling down faster. I thought that whatever there was that could’ve brought Punk to the top in the WWE, Vinny Mac and company pretty much doused the fire and crushed the damn thing.  After last night, I was wrong.

Scripted or otherwise, who knows but all I know is that Punk just unloaded on EVERYBODY and I loved every single bit of it.  What he said was what a lot of people are thinking, myself included. Because the truth is that yes, Vince is surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” who are telling him what he wants to hear and not what he needs to hear because if Vince heard what he needed to hear, he’d know that his product currently SUCKS!!!!  It’s predictable, bland, same stories, same feuds, and is all in all mindless repetitive crap.  And yet, the senile, delusional old buzzard that he is think that there’s nothing wrong with the product and that it’s the audience that’s wrong.  In any job requiring customer service, the first rule we’re told is that the customer is never wrong.  Guess what, Vince? We’re not just the audience, we’re the customers so please review that first rule.

Back to what Punk said on the microphone, there was nobody safe in that shoot that he did.  Punk attacked everybody from Cena to Hogan to Rock to HHH & Stephanie to Vince. Hell, he even dropped a bomb by mentioning John Laurinaitis and taking a shot at him.   There were a lot of parts to what Punk said in that promo that I loved. One of them was where he referred to himself as a wrestler. Not an entertainer, but a wrestler. You know, that dirty that Vince hates because he doesn’t want his product to be a “Wrestling” company anymore and is too stupid to realize what a crock full of shit that is. This was one of my favorite parts of what Punk said in that shoot:

I am the best wrestler in the world.  I’ve been the best since day one when I walked into this company. And I’ve been vilified and hated since that day because Paul Heyman saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy. You know who else was a Paul Heyman guy? Brock Lesnar. And he split just like I’m splitting.

He even dug deep enough to reference Paul Heyman AND Brock Lesnar? Hell the way I look at it, the style and the fire Punk brought to this promo almost reeked of Paul Heyman.  This was like a shoot you’d have seen back then in the “REAL” ECW that would’ve been done by Heyman himself. Hell it even reminded me a little bit of an old promo of Taz during his last 2 years in ECW.  And I was loving when he not only dropped a Ring of Honor reference, but even waved to the camera saying “Hey, Colt Cabana. How you doing?”   So not only is Punk ripping on everybody in the company, but he gives a free plug to Ring of Honor and Colt Cabana.  How awesome is this?

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it does when Punk drops another bomb and what had to be the best part of the promo:

The reason I’m leaving is you people. Because after I’m gone, you’re still going to pour money into this company. I’m just a spoke on the wheel. The wheel is going to keep turning and I understand that. Vince McMahon is going to make money despite himself. He’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. You know why he’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, non-sensical, douchebag (censored)  yes men, like John Laurinaitis, who’s going to tell him everything he wants to hear, and I’d like to think that maybe this company will better after Vince McMahon is dead. But the fact is, it’s going to be taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family.

What do I call what he was saying with this? The truth.  The days where Vince drops dead, is the company really gonna be any better? Shane McMahon probably thought that it was gonna be all his until he realized that Daddy Dearest was never gonna step down and let him have it.  If that’s the case, no wonder Shane split. And while yes there is Triple H and Stephanie still around, but will things really be much better?  Nobody has the nerve to tell Vince what he needs to hear and that is that the WWE is ALWAYS gonna be a wrestling company.  They know it, the fans know it and even Punk knows it.

Punk was right that even when he leaves, the WWE wheel is gonna keep turning whether we like it or not. Vince probably could’ve easily ended up a billionaire if he maintained the course with the product instead of holding back. He took a step back and went the WCW approach in making it “Family freindly, for children of all ages” as opposed to just sticking with what was working and what helped WWE win the Monday Night Wars in the first place.

The funniest thing in all of this is that the only reason that the WWE isn’t trying harder to keep CM Punk is because they want the name.  For what? So you can rob of that just like you did to Spike, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley? Yeah that’s right I said it. Not Team 3-D, Not Brothers Ray, Devon and Runt, but the Dudley Boyz. Punk’s name is valuable to himself but not to the WWE. They only want it because it’s his and means something to him.  And they’re letting a guy who can deliver like he did last night just leave because they wanted his name and he didn’t give it up. Well, at least we know who the smart one is and it’s not the WWE.   If Punk leaves, I’m praying that he goes back to ROH because as much as WWE sucks at using Punk properly,  TNA will be even worse.

Bottom line, Punk made a fan out of me more than before and I respect the hell out of him for going out on his terms, keeping what’s rightfully his AND speaking what we’re all thinking and what needed to be heard.


One Wolf falls but Another Wolf has Risen


Tonight, at the Ring of Honor PPV that was “Best in the World 2011,” The American Wolves in Davey Richards and the ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards collided.  When the smoke cleared, there was only one American Wolf still standing and that is the NEW Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards.  Richards stood tall with his dream at long last realized with the world title belt in a match many fans, myself included, are easily deeming as “Match of the Year” and for good reason. That reason being that in that match, in that main event, we saw the two best in the world collide in that ring.

Richards, a man who has lost so much in his journey through pro wrestling from the death of his grandparents to his marriage, and put everything of himself and then some all to stand tall as the best and as the champion.  Emotion was simply radiating from that ring in the moments after the match.  The fans on their feet, chanting the names of both Richards and Edwards as well as chanting “Thank you Both.”  Top that off with Eddie Edwards proclaiming to Richards that if it wasn’t for Davey Richards, Edwards as well as those in Team Richards that helped prep him for this match would not be where they are today.

Davey Richards winning the world title tonight showed how great Ring of Honor is and how it is without question pro wrestling at its purest and its finest.  Every single match that I’ve seen Richards compete in, holds nothing back and puts every single bit of ferocity, aggression, and emotion into what he does in the ring.  Kevin Kelly mentioned tears in his eyes as he watched Richards speak after the match and I can honestly say I felt the exact same way because not only was this man’s dream finally achieved, but there is nobody else that deserves to be called the World Champion more than Davey Richards.

I remember watching his interview with Jim Cornette on ROH on HDNet where Richards said when asked about his future and possible retirement that he was not going anywhere because he wanted to win the World Title. He wanted to hold that belt and show the world that he truly is beyond the shadow of a doubt; The Best in the World. When he faced Roderick Strong, it was a concussion that stopped Richards from winning the belt, but he never quit and when he was offered a rematch, he declined it because he believed that when he did get another shot at the belt, that not only would he be ready for the champion whoever it may have been, but that he would walk out with that belt.

Tonight, Davey Richards wrestled feeling that failure was not an option to where you could imagine if somebody asked him “What if he fails” to where he would simply reply “I won’t.”  Richards vs. Edwards had emotion, athleticism, honor, integrity and respect between the two.  This was NOT Sport Entertainment that we saw tonight. This was pro wrestling and what we saw were not entertainers or whatever the hell WWE is trying to call their roster nowadays.  What we saw tonight were professional wrestlers, athletes and in my opinion, two of the best that you will ever see in pro wrestling.

Every wrestling company has one guy that many would call “The Heart and Soul” of that company. For a long time, Bryan Danielson was considered to be that in Ring of Honor.  Tonight, we saw a prime example of heart and soul in both athletes, but none greater than the heart of a warrior that resides with in the new Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Davey Richards. Here’s to a long title reign for the new world champ, Long Live The American Wolves  and Long Live The Hunt.

Get Off Their Back: Kelly Kelly

In this latest edition of Get Off Their Back, I say to all the forum boys and all the people that give the internet wrestling fans such a bad rap in the first place, I say about the WWE’s own Kelly Kelly “GET OFF HER BACK.”

Now, when she first came in, yes she was eye candy and was and still is easy on the eyes with a killer smile and comes off as a girl who is as sweet as they come.  So what? Trish Stratus came in and was pretty much eye candy and look what happened with her. She ended up being one of the greatest wrestlers in the Divas division.  And yet nobody is on her case.  Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were never divas/women’s champion and were nothing more than eye candy, but nobody complains about them.

Contrary to what everybody thinks, Kelly Kelly has a few moves in her and can deliver emotion.  When they did the whole thing with her getting fired by Shrieking Fatass I mean Vickie Guerrero and seeing Kelly cry, I wanted to punch the TV and have something very bad happen to Vickie Guerrero.  And then smiling like a kid in Disneyland for the first time when Kelly was hired back and kicked the crud out of Vickie.

My problem with either of the Bellas holding the Divas title was that neither were that great at wrestling in terms of skill. Natalya can wrestle, Beth Phoenix can wrestle and Gail Kim can wrestle and so can Melina and to a degree Maryse.  And yet, the Bellas can’t do more than pull a switch with each other and yet Kelly Kelly has brushed up her skills and earned the belt.   And in case some of her haters hadn’t noticed, the crowd reacted pretty strong for her when she won the belt.  So the way I see it, judging by that reaction, people liked her winning the belt even if some of you haters of her didn’t

Bottom line, Kelly Kelly is now the new Diva’s Champion and the crowd likes it, myself included. So basically to all of you haters, you need to get used to it so once again I say to all the haters of Kelly Kelly: GET OFF HER BACK.

Is there a Solution in Sight?

Those of you that have read what I write whether on here or with the PW Journal, know where I stand and know how I feel about the current shape that pro wrestling is in.  I wish that Ring of Honor was even bigger than it is now and was putting the WWE and TNA on alert and that’s really the only thing close to a gripe that I have about ROH because otherwise it’s the closest thing I have to actually watching real pro wrestling. I think TNA is embarrassing themselves and I think WWE has devolved from just being a hollow shell of what they used to be, all the way to being nothing more than a joke. And I don’t mean a funny joke but I mean the joke that only one guy gets and finds hysterical while everybody around him shakes their heads as if to say; “This is too sad to watch.”

Some of the problems have escalated and have gotten to the point where I feel I’ve sliced and diced the damn things into so many pieces, there’s no challenge left in it.  Both sides think that there is nothing wrong with their product and think they’re on the right track while thinking that their audience is just a bunch of morons whom are off their rocker and are wrong. Newsflash to those assholes, ever hear the phrase the customer is always right? Guess what? We’re the customers, your audience and we’re never wrong. If we don’t like something, you can get your asses we’re gonna let you know and thus far, we’re letting you know but somebody ain’t listening.

I’m briefly say my piece about two big problems, one in TNA and one in WWE.  Those of you that read my articles know my feelings about Michael Cole.  I think he’s getting way too much airtime. I think the WWE is cramming him down our throats.  His character has no depth and he can’t act to save his own life. The little shit couldn’t even play dead. He sure as hell can’t fucking sell a Stone Cold Stunner or a slap to the face by Vickie Guerrero all that well, if at all.  Adding a so-called “Character” to the guy has made his announcing skills worse.  Having to hear this guy kiss the Miz’s ass, drool over Vickie Guerrero, constant bickering with Lawler, Booker T and Matthews, calling Daniel Bryan a nerd, ripping on the Divas, all while “calling a match” is about as pleasant to hear as Freddy Krueger clawing a chalkboard. It’s a distraction from what’s going on in the ring. In other words, the guy doesn’t sell. Not just moves done to him or taking a hit or taking a bump, he doesn’t sell the product.  If WWE was a retail store, his ass would’ve been fired and yet, we still suffer with him.   The announce team for the WWE reflects the WWE’s product itself: Predictable, painful, sad, cruel, and drags on and on. It truly has become an audience of one, despite that they never got that the show isn’t made for one, it’s made for the fans.

Now to TNA, I’ve said before how Eric Bischoff only got his job at TNA because they wanted to please Hogan. Because he tags along with Hogan for whatever project he has. Don’t believe, look at that stupid celebrity wrestling reality show that the two of them did.  What a train wreck that was. So now, they’ve come to TNA, already inhabited by Vince “for the love of God fire his ass” Russo. So you now have the three guys that tossed and ditched WCW like the mob tossing a dead body in the East River.  TNA goes from being about the guys they have and elevating them to nabbing whatever table scraps the WWE tossed out or let go.  Some worked out as I feel Kurt Angle is in a better position than he was in WWE and I preferred Christian in TNA than in WWE because at least he held the title for more than a minute.   But then you try to grab everybody they had. Jeff Hardy who is still in court and right now is infamous for a total clusterfuck that was the main event at Victory Road.  They picked up Matt Hardy because of Jeff and probably hired Shannon Moore again for the same reason, picked up the guys from ECW and also Ken Anderson and for what? To bury the X-Division? To leave Samoa Joe and others in mediocrity?  To shove Abyss in our faces? Oh and let’s not forget their inability to follow through on a storyline like the Main Event Mafia reunion and The Network angle.   Say what you want about the WWE but even they wouldn’t fuck up as royally as TNA has. At this rate, the name “Impact” will be fitting because of the sound TNA makes when it comes crashing down.

But, anyway, the big question that I have here is whether or not there is a solution in sight.  The WWE did the Draft and nothing good has come out of it. Part of that because they’re too worried about doing something that’ll effect their big main event for Mania with The Rock vs John Cena.  So by doing this they pretty much made it clear that Cena will not lose that belt til maybe Wrestlemania.  Also, I thought the Draft was gonna help the guys that have gotten lost in the mix and buried to where they’d get a fresh start. Swagger keeps losing, Bourne goes up and down, Kofi’s back to square one after losing the US title, McIntyre hasn’t been seen on Raw, DiBiase is now Cody Rhodes’ flunky and oh yeah, Smackdown doesn’t have many established faces or heels. Oh yeah, and Randy Orton as the top face on Smackdown has not been a ratings grabber. Elsewhere TNA is burying the X-Division, gave that belt to Abyss, changed the company’s colors and name, and I wish I could say this was all under Eric Bischoff’s watch, but he’s too busy picking fights with the internet wrestling fans.  I used to wonder why Paul Heyman didn’t go to TNA, now can I see why he didn’t. He was right about one thing, Dixie Carter is too nice to be in the wrestling business.  As cutthroat as the politics can be, she’d be viewed as a doormat because as Heyman said, she’s too nice to fire anybody.

What TNA needs to do is re-vitalize the X-Division and Tag Team division, the things that made that brand talked about.  They need to repair the damage of trying to fix the things that weren’t broken.  And bring back the stupid six-sided ring. It was the thing that made TNA stand apart from the rest. It helped revolutioinize the X-Division and you had the Six Sides of Steel.  They need to bring back King of the Mountain as it was a new method to the ladder match.  And most importantly, get Hogan, Bischoff and Russo the hell out of TNA and if there’s a God, out of wrestling. And while we’re at it, get rid of Flair too, put the bastard out of his misery. He’s supposed to have been retired and any promo he or Hogan does, they sound just like they look: Old.  It’s a topic tossed around time and time again: start focusing on the youth.

As for WWE, that’s more of an overhaul than TNA.  At least TNA still calls themselves a wrestling company. WWE needs to face the truth and that is that they are now and are forever going to be known as a wrestling company, whether they see it or not is irrelevant because it’s how we the fans see it.  They need to make the belts mean something again, re-vitalize their tag team division and just merge the brands already and start re-structuring the announce team because the way it is right now, people don’t want to watch the show or hear the commentary. And something that much like TNA needs to do but WWE has gone much longer without doing this, they need to focus on the young guys. Taker’s on his last legs, Cena and Orton are both working hurt, Triple H may be stepping away from the ring soon, you need to have a plan in mind for in case something bad happens or guys decide to walk. They already lost Edge and that screwed things up for them a good deal, whether WWE will admit it or not,  the truth is Edge walked away sooner than they had planned. They still haven’t recovered from it because even though they re-shuffled everything with the Draft, they still haven’t formulated a plan with the new rosters.  They need to ditch the Anonymous GM because it’s not working anymore.  I happen to like how Teddy Long works as an authority figure so way I see it, let him run the whole thing.   It’s different from the corrupt authority figure and it works so just let Long run it all.

So there you have it. Seems simple enough right?  So if I can see it and I’m sure everybody else does too, how long is it gonna be before these guys get a clue already?  And when and if they do get a clue and wake the hell up, will it already be too late?



Raw’s “Viewer’s Choice” approach was more like “VINCE’S choice”

The whole night, Raw plugged itself as “Power to the People. Power to the People.  Fans pick the matches”  OH BULLSHIT!!!!!!! There is no way that any of those matches were picked by the fans.  Vince rigged that damn thing more than a boxing match that Don King cooked up.  First off, the only high note for me was Kelly Kelly winning the Divas Title.  This was a good move mostly because with Kharma on maternity leave, you needed to do something because the Bellas, both of them, shouldn’t have gotten the belt.  Not when you have plenty of others that can actually wrestle. Kelly has brushed up her skills and is more believable than Brie Bella.  The fans love her as the place erupted when she won the match and the title and in terms of the sex appeal factor, she’s easy on the eyes and that smile of hers, hard to ignore.  To those that said about her after the match that she can’t sell a cry: Fuck you to all those that say it.  She’s the Divas Champ now so just deal with it.

Then you had the Evan Bourne match. We should have gotten Bourne vs Sin Cara. That would have been a high flying match we’d have all been privileged to see but instead, who who do we get? We get Batista 2.0 I mean Mason Ryan. God what a crock this was.  The whole night was done for just because of that monstrosity. Anybody that actually voted for Mason Ryan is not a true wrestling fan.  Because real fans would have voted for Sin Cara and not the second coming of Dave Batista.

I almost forgot about Kane vs Mark Henry, and I’m kinda pissed at myself that I didn’t because this was predictable as it was painful.  Over the Top Rope, Body Slam Challenge or Arm Wrestling. I wouldn’t want to see either of these things. And like we all thought would happen, Henry lays out Kane. Whoopie.  Let’s not do that again.

This whole thing with CM Punk is leaving me wondering what is gonna happen.  Now I don’t think he’s gonna win his match with Cena, but at the same time is he really leaving the WWE.  If he does, I don’t blame him for doing so.  It’s his name and he should have every right to keep it. It holds no value to the WWE except for the fact that it’s valuable to Punk himself.  I think Punk will do just fine wherever he goes and would love for him to go back to ROH because he will make it wherever he goes, well except for TNA.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler, well I may love Kofi but I knew he wasn’t gonna win that match and get the belt back, not this soon. Any other time, I would pick the 2/3 fall match but there is no way that any fan would pick against Vickie banned from ringside. I can’t imagine one person that wouldn’t want to have one match with Ziggler that didn’t include Shrieky McFatass at ringside. And would it have been too much to ask for to see Ziggler actually win legit against Kofi? Seriously, let’s see how good the guy actually is. Enough with the “just barely getting by” bullshit, let’s see Dolph Ziggler prove how good he actually is, if at all.

You also had the segment with Christian, R-Truth, and The Miz.  What was the point of this? This was so painfully stupid and I’m really at my limit with R-Truth and his character. So you’re trying to tell me that the only way for a guy with a different ethnicity to get over as a heel is to be crazy and/or stupid? And enough with the Little Jimmy bullshit.  Seriously, it’s not funny or cute anymore. It’s just sad, tragic and like a bad joke that nobody got in the first place.   Then the whole back and forth with the three of them, it was like one of those things that made you think that if you weren’t alcoholic, maybe it’s time to actually become one. Couldn’t be more painful than watching this godawful segment.  Maybe this was the thing that sent Freddie Prinze Jr. heading for the hills. It was because he saw the script for this piece of shit.

Then you have the dance contest with Vickie Guerrero.  WHY? WHY ARE WE BEING PUNISHED WITH THIS CRAP???????  SERIOUSLY, WHY????????  Then to tell me that Michael Cole was picked by the WWE Universe, BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!  The only thing that the WWE Universe would pick Michael Cole for is for a firing squadron or the electric chair or to go running into a demolition derby with no car.  This was a complete waste of time and only thing close to a highlight of it was seeing Vickie slap Cole so hard he fell on his ass.  So now, The Miz is the only one on Cole’s side because now even somebody as loathsome and despised as Vickie Guerrero now hates him.

I gotta be honest that at this point, well, I stopped after the Miz/Truth/Christian catastrophe because I wanted to save whatever brain cells I didn’t lose from watching that much of Raw.  They advertised the Raw Roulette like that is gonna be any different.  Of course I should have seen this coming that Vince and the WWE wasn’t gonna be legit with giving the audience the power to pick matches because to truly do that, they’d have to actually give a damn about their audience and they don’t.  Not if the rigging of the “power to the people” edition of Raw said anything.  Back in the days, I used to think a 3-hour Raw was a blessing, but now it’s become a curse and I’m pretty sure that this could be something that drives a crazy man REALLY over the edge.  With crap like this, is it any wonder why Chris Jericho hasn’t come back yet or why Triple H hasn’t been seen since Mania? Why would either of them want any part of this garbage?  Raw is right now the same thing as their announce team: unprofessional, stupid, constantly fucking up, out of control and utterly chaotic.   In other words, it’s become Monday Nitro.

Eric Bischoff vs The Internet: Round 2

TNA’s most infamous excess baggage, Hulk Hogan’s tag-along and all around walking bag of gray-haired hot air Eric Bischoff is at it again. He takes yet another shot at the internet wrestling fans. I’ve gotta tell you, this guy is sure putting in a lot of effort to rip on all of us which is surprising considering that correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he say that we were only 10% of the wrestling community and that we were irrelevant and needed to get over it? I repeat the same question I asked the last time I tore Eric Piss-Off a new asshole: If we’re so irrelevant, why the fuck are you putting so much effort into tearing into part of your audience?

You think we’re only 10%, dick-smoke? Well considering the position that you and TNA are in, I’d want to consider EVERY SINGLE % whether it’s 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 21, or 23%, because you, you gray-haired loudmouth bastard, are in no position to brag about a goddamn thing. Scumbucket E even went at as far as to say “What the 10%’ers and the dirtsites that feed them don’t want to report: Per Spike TV, Impact Wrestling was the #1 cable show in its time period among M18-49 despite under-delivering its STD average among key demos and TNA increased from its Jail (rpt) lead-in by +129% in M18-49 (.78), with an additional +6% gain in the following quarter hour. TNA peaked in the 10:15p quarter with a .99 in M18-49.”

The only reason that Impact is even at its ranking is because it has nothing to compete against it. We all know that if you compete against Raw or Smackdown, TNA will get their asses handed to them. And it doesn’t change the fact that TNA did lose 300,000 viewers last week overall. He even claims that Impact is Spike TV’s number one and out performs UFC. Saying you’re the number one show on Spike doesn’t mean much. Spike is not exactly the biggest cable network compared to others. So you’re the biggest dog in the yard on a network that features MANswers, COPS, Jail, and Repo Games? Oh yeah, you really got me there. That’s like saying you’re hottest chick on the View. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Bottom line is that his ranting and babbling bullshit about the internet fans is irrelevant. We’re gonna still be here telling him what a pile of garbage he is and how he can’t run a wrestling company for shit, unless it’s into the ground. He can’t stand a couple of things that he refuses to acknowledge. He can’t stand that when people think of a company owner that is famous for wrestling, they think of Vince McMahon first and think of Eric Bischoff as a complete failure because Vince is still standing and Bischoff is a washed up hack who can only land a job if Hulk Hogan is involved. The other is that he can’t stand that no matter what, as much of a dick and as low and vile and underhanded at times as Vinny Mac can be, we’ll still pick him over Bischoff. And the last thing and I just KNOW he hates this is that no matter what stupid ideas or goofy gimmicks he comes up with, as long as he’s part of TNA he needs us, the fans, more than we need him. We don’t need Eric Bischoff. As a matter of fact, we were glad that he was gone after he left Raw. We didn’t need him then and we don’t need or want him now. So do us all a favor as soon as you’re done blowing Hogan, Bischoff. Get lost, stay away from wrestling and don’t let the door hit your cheap leather jacket wearing gray haired ass on the way out!!!!

The X-Division has Fallen and Its Casualties

We all remember the glory days of the X-Division. We remember how it was the thing that everybody talked about in TNA.  It started with its first championship where you had Psychosis, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles.  Ricky Steamboat was the referee and AJ Styles rose up to become the first X-Division Champion.  Now, years later, TNA run by Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, has gone and buried the whole damn thing.

They buried it when they took out the six sided ring just as they have with taking out Ultimate X.  To those that say that the four sided ring is better for TNA than the six sided ring, two words for you: Fuck You.  What made the Six Sides unique was that it was a style that you only found in TNA.  It left room for more creativity and more room to grow for a lot of guys. Besides, the four sided ring looks a lot smaller, just like WCW.  In case any of  you have forgotten, that ring was so small that the guys in it were walking to the ropes and not running to them.  Nobody ever heard of walking to the ropes or jogging to the ropes.  And as for Ultimate X, it took what the Ladder Matches and the TLC Matches did and took it to the next level. Some of the biggest high risk bumps and moves that anyone ever saw came out of the Ultimate X.  Don’t believe me, check out Final Resolution where you saw Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams vs AJ Styles.

Then you look at the guys that have held the X-Division title.  Guys like AJ Styles, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Syxx-Pac, Sonny Siaki, Kid Kash, Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Frankie Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal and others.  All of these guys held the title and you knew that it meant something because nobody ever questioned who held that belt.  Until a few weeks ago, when they let Kazarian lose the belt to Abyss.  Abyss, a guy with a mask that looks like a ripoff of Mankind’s mask, missing teeth, 6 ft 8 in and 300+ pounds of hardcore fighting fatass…is now the X-Division champion. Nevermind the that you have guys like Kazarian or Amazing Red or Brian Kendrick or the Young Bucks/Generation Me.  No give it to the guy that if he were in an Ultimate X match, he’d bring the whole goddamn thing crashing down.  No you give the X-Title to the mask wearing fatass that TNA, Hogan, and Bischoff just seems to love shoving down our fucking throats!!!!

Nevermind that we also have a guy who was undefeated for over a year and beat everybody in the X-Division in Samoa Joe.  The same guy who held the ROH world title for over a year and who had a match with CM Punk that is still considered to be a 5 star match. The same guy who was known as the Samoan Submission Machine and who not only beat everybody in the X-Division but took the guys outside of it to the limit, including Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle and even held the world heavyweight title but sadly has not seen it since losing it. And to add is circling around, drifting aimlessly in mediocrity along with Crimson and Rob Van Dam.

There was a time where TNA looked at the X-Division as it’s prized possession.  It was something built up into greatness and was viewed as the crown jewel of TNA.  It was what made TNA talked about in conversations about wrestling. Now, it’s been buried and had it’s nail driven into its coffin. It’s gone from being a crown jewel to being the prize you find in a cracker jack box.