Brian Knobbs: Nasty Boy? More like an Asshole.

So Brian Knobbs at a wrestling show backstage was mocking Macho Man’s death. Whether or not he meant it as a joke or not, lot of the guys didn’t like it.  It was at Wrestlefest ’11 that this reportedly took place where he put his hand on his heart faking a heart attack, and even mentioning how he outlived Macho Man and others, something that a lot of guys were calling “uncalled for.” It was to the point that X-Pac himself was saying to Hulk Hogan due to their friendship that Knobbs crossed a line.  Well, if it sounds like an asshole, talks like an asshole, and acts like an asshole, then I guess the guy is in fact an ASSHOLE.  I hope I got the point across that I’m calling Brian Knobbs an asshole.

Let me sum it up about Brian Knobbs.  He was one half of a tag team known as The Nasty Boys that outside of street fight matches, just weren’t that great.  Most of the feuds I saw them have went nowhere like against the Steiners, Harlem Heat, The Outsiders and Public Enemy. He was always talking with a borderline raspy voice, always the same promos with “Nasty” this and “Nasty-sized” that.  Oh and he did have a stint with the hardcore (allegedly) division of WCW. Then he had a short stint in TNA with partner Jerry Sags, reuniting the Nasty Boys against The Dudley Boyz/Team 3-D where they just embarrassed themselves.  But it’s all okay because Knobbs is buddy-buddy with Hulk Hogan.

So what does the almighty Hulk Hogan have to say about it? Glad you asked!!! He said quote; “Knobs always jokes around though,maby somebody took Knobs joking and is trying to bury him.” Well, obviously Hulk, it’s all some kind of conspiracy theory against Knobbs cause it’s not like you ever put your foot in your mouth by saying something stupid either on an open mic or on Twitter. Oh wait, you’ve done both of those things. So instead of backtracking on something stupid Hogan said, he’s trying to disregard something stupid Knobbs said because Knobbs is Hogan’s pet monkey, next to Eric Bischoff.

It’s not even like Knobbs is some legend and that he gets respect handed on a silver platter.  What has he done to earn it? Arn Anderson earned respect. Randy Savage, god rest his soul, earned respect.  Roddy Piper earned respect. All of those guys and others earned respect for their contributions to wrestling. What has Knobbs done to contribute anything to the business? What gives him the right to think he has earned anything or has the nerve to mock Macho Man? Is it because he’s that much of an asshole or is he jealous because not only did Savage earn respect of fans global and many superstars of today, as well as earned the title of something that Knobbs will never earn or ever be called: A legend.  Cause plenty of fans and wrestlers alike were sad at Savage’s funeral.  Can’t help but wonder if people will be toasting drinks at yours, Knobbs.




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  1. I agree with you Sean, Knobs is an asshole and even though I am Hogan fan, but he needs to understand that his boy was wrong. And I honestly, as a Hogan fan, do not understand all the tweets about wishing Macho was here especially being that they just started talking. If that was truly the case why were they talking a month ago, Im just saying sounds a little fishy

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