Pieces are in Place, and The Hunt is On…..

The main event for the next ROH PPV on gofightliv.com is set.  Two partners, friends, brothers in arms, call them what you will, but Eddie Edwards will face his biggest challenge yet since winning the ROH World Title as he takes on the other half of the American Wolves in Davey Richards.  For this match alone, I’m buying that PPV.

This was something that was bound to happen since Davey Richards began his quest for the title and Eddie Edwards won the belt when Richards couldn’t. Let’s not forget that the last time these two fought, it was over the TV title in a match that could’ve gone either way. But in the end, it was Eddie Edwards who emerged as the first ROH TV Champion.  Richards tried to take the belt from Roderick Strong, only to lose due to the ref stopping the match following a concussion that Richards suffered earlier in the match.  Richards didn’t want to fight Edwards out of respect because he didn’t want to be the one to take the spotlight away from Edwards who he felt had earned every bit of it.  But Edwards finally didn’t see it that way.

On the latest videowire from ROH, Edwards confronted Richards about this after Richards came to his aid when he was being attacked.  Edwards felt that he couldn’t truly be called the champ or the best until he’s beaten all the competition there is and the only one stopping him from saying that is Davey Richards, a man who many fans believe is the best in the world and the uncrowned world champion. Edwards went as far as to say that if Richards still refused to fight him, he’d walk away from ROH.  Richards told him that he’s got his match but for Edwards to be careful what he wished for.

Now, how do I view this match? Pure technical wrestling at its finest.  A rematch of a match we saw and many deemed as match of the year, this time for the world title.  This is also perfect timing for ROH as they just scored their new deal with Sinclair Broadcasting.  You want to sell them with how good ROH can be and how good the product really is, you give them a main event featuring the best you have and two of the best on that roster is exactly what ROH is going to give them in having the American Wolves collide.  They’re giving Sinclair Broadcasting a high caliber main event and a match that the fans themselves have been aching for and been dying to see.

As far as my predictions with the match, it will be a match where once again it can go either way. But this time, I can’t see any other outcome other than to have Davey Richards be crowned as the new world champion.  He lost in the TV Title match to Eddie Edwards and the last time he had a shot at the world title, he lost to Roderick Strong due to passing out due to a concussion.  Top that off with all the training that Richards has been putting himself through to step up his game and to be ready to take the world championship, he’s put himself in a position where he just can’t fail.  He also strikes me as the kind of guy that refuses to fail twice, much less once and especially in the case of the world title. Richards wants that belt, he’s hungry for it, he’s starving for it.  That and I’m sure that a part of him wants to know that he can beat Eddie Edwards. He admits that the better man won in the TV Title tournament, but I’m sure that he wants to be the one that comes out on top this time around.

So now the main event is in place and the hunt is on for the American Wolves, but this time the Wolves are hunting each other. Edwards wins, he’s truly at the top and the champion without question or argument. Richards however is in a position where it’s all or nothing.  Some would say that this could be the last shot for Richards and to some degree, perhaps he feels the same.   Richards does not want to go down as a guy who was called by many “the best in the world” but to not be good enough to win the world title.  He’s ready to do this and he’s more than capable of winning the belt.  When the smoke clears and when it’s all said and done, we’ll find out with the American Wolves which wolf is the hunter and which is the hunted.  The countdown has now begun to Best in The World and to quote Eddie Edwards; “The Hunt is On!!!!!”


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