Warrior vs Hogan, but in a Different Style of War.

Over the course of the last couple of years, the Ultimate Warrior seems to say things and more times than not, they’re controversial. Lately, since the death of Macho Man, Warrior seems to be on the warpath with Hulk Hogan.  Hogan barely acknowledges it and refers to Warrior as being simply negative. In one of his latest, Warrior talked about Hogan’s censoring of fans.  I can speak on this because I’m one of those fans on twitter. Hogan blocked my ass on Twitter because I told him what I think of him and told him how I think he’s butchered TNA.

They say that there are two sides to every story and same can be applied with these two.  Set aside whatever circumstances occurred for his departure, when the Warrior left the business, he stayed out of it with the exception of what he puts up in web videos.  Hogan on the other hand was the kind of guy that just couldn’t let the spotlight go.  Whether it was in the ring, or doing reality TV shows, he couldn’t walk away from it. Now, years later, his marriage ended after he had a fling with his daughter’s friend, son was in jail, and now he’s got nothing left but the business, forgetting that this business has changed from what he knew and it moved on without him. As I’ve said in a previous post, he’s become the Randy the Ram of wrestling but for real.  But the difference is instead of cheering for him like I did for Randy the Ram in “The Wrestler,” I’m left wondering if Hogan will ever realize his time is up in wrestling and that despite what he make think when he’s standing in the ring at the Impact Zone, this is no longer about him.

I’m not taking a side with either one simply because more times than not, I look at Warrior and Hogan, and I see the line that divides them becoming blurred.  I was a fan of both growing up so I don’t want anyone thinking otherwise.  But lately with Hogan, I look at TNA and what it used to be and look at it now since Hogan came to TNA along with his Excess Baggage…..I mean Eric Bischoff in tow like the perfectly trained pet monkey that he is, and all I can see is that Hogan seems to represent all the politics, greed, corruption and basically the elements that are part of the problem with pro wrestling.

Hogan’s acting like whatever big news Warrior has that is the “bullet” as it were, like it’s nothing to him and that Hogan himself is untouchable.  There’s always a chance of that being true, but at the same time, what does the guy do if he’s wrong and that this ends up being something that knocks him right on his ass? Should be interesting to see what happens when these two collide in some shape or form and who stands when the smoke clears.


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