Eric Bischoff alienates the IWC.

So wrestling’s most famous excess baggage and Hulk Hogan’s tag along, Eric Bischoff took a shot at the Internet Wrestling Community.  He claimed that the internet fans are only 10% of the fans while the other 90% are the ones that matter. He called that same alleged “10%” irrelevant and that we can’t stand that so we need to get over it. If there’s any guy that needs to get over himself, it’s Eric Bischoff.  So I have a question for Eric Piss-Off himself.  Why are you still in this business? Why do you still think you matter?

What? You think you still mean something in wrestling? Well you’re right, your name is notorious for bringing down a wrestling company and for carrying the same boring stale gimmick that you’ve had for over 2 decades. You’re also infamous for being such a horrible commentator, that you made Mike Adamle sound like Jim Ross. But I know what he’d say, it’d be something like “I created the NWO.” Big deal.  Yeah, you had one good idea and you milked the damn thing til it went completely dry.  It was the only good idea you’ve had in your whole stinking existence in wrestling and you go about acting like it’s enough to give you a lifetime pass from every other stupid idea you’ve ever come up with.

Let me sum this up about the NWO.  It started with a select few in that group. You had Hogan, Hall, Nash, DiBiase, Syxx/X-Pac, Giant/Big Show.  Each of them had some kind of value or another for being in that group. Then you started to throw in other guys in the group that served no real purpose.  Guys like Curt Henning, VK Wallstreet (Mike Rotundo), Big Bubba (Big Bossman), Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, Great Muta, Dusty Rhodes, Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth, Stevie Ray, Brian Adams, Masahiro Chono. The NWO soon became much like a McDonald’s, everybody’s been there.

As for his little numbers, I got news for you, Eric.  The same people that compile the IWC also watch on TV and go to the shows and they come on here to vent their approval or disapproval.  What’s  your numbers say about that, Jackass? And yeah, your ratings are good? Then why is it that when you tried to go head to head with Raw, you got your asses killed in the ratings? Why are your PPV buys after you and your puppet master Hulk Hogan have been in TNA for almost 2 years, still barely a quarter of what the WWE PPVs make? The WWE PPVs make their buyrates from the 100,000’s to millions while TNA is lucky to break the 10,000’s mark with their PPV buyrates.

The longer Hogan and Bischoff are in TNA, the more it starts to look like WCW and not when it was good, they’re looking like WCW during the last 7 months before WWE bought them out. Hogan is there as a figurehead but the problem is that a figurehead is not what TNA needs. It needs to start marketing the talent they have, not obsessing over WWE table scraps. And as I said in the start, if there’s anybody that needs to get over it, it’s Eric Bischoff.

Eric, you need to get over the fact that you only had one good idea your whole life and that is not enough to mask every other mistake you made. You need get over you acting like you mean something when really the only reason you’re in TNA is because Hogan’s there and without him, TNA wouldn’t have even bothered with your dumb ass.  You need to get over your theory that the IWC is a small percentage and that all you’re doing is alienating your audience.  In case you’re too stupid or have your head crammed so tightly up Hogan’s ass, Bischoff, I will put this in terms even you can understand when I say YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!


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