TNA: Going Down in Flames

I have to give it to TNA, they are making an Impact. But not the Impact that you’re all thinking. The Impact making is how you fuck up a wrestling company and in the case of Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, it’s fucking up a wrestling company TWICE. You know, with all the TNA/WCW comparisons, one question that comes up is why not compare TNA to ECW? Simple answer there. Because ECW went down fighting, a blaze of glory if you will.  TNA is going down flaming and plummeting down faster than a sumo wrestler bungee jumping.

I’ve seen bad booking before and I’ve seen bad matches before, numerous times in fact, but for christ’ fucking sake TNA, do you need somebody to hold your hand to get it right? Of the last couple years, there has never been a time where TNA has looked like a giant horse’s ass more than this year. Let’s look at how that’s happened:

1) Main Event Mafia reunion: TNA was set to reunite that stable to take on Immortal.  They had Kurt Angle, they had a seemingly new enforcer in Crimson and Scott Steiner is always looking for money so you knew he was a given and of course they had Sting.  So, what do they leave out? Oh yeah, making sure that they still had Booker T and Kevin Nash.  So what happens? You guessed it. WWE snatched Booker T and Nash right out from under TNA.  So TNA is forced to resort to turning Fortune into a face stable and in the process, making Immortal look significantly weak and yet still pushed as a dominant stable and I use that term loosely.

2) Completely Ripping Off a Return Promo: TNA goes as far as to blatantly ripoff Taker’s return promo on Raw with a return promo for Sting on Impact, done in the exact same fashion. And I know some people will go on and say “Any publicity is good publicity” and while they maybe right in some cases, how can it be called good when the rest of the wrestling community is pointing and laughing at how pathetic an attempt that was for ratings? I’m sure Eric Bischoff came up with that one.  He still thinks that telling people on Nitro that Mick Foley was gonna win the world title was a good idea.

3) The Network Angle: So you spend all this time hyping up some new higher power and then you have Mick Foley come out, only to have Foley ask for his release from TNA and to scrap him and that whole angle after a month.  What was the point of it all? And supposedly it had to do with creative differences. What? You mean Foley wanted to make the product actually good while Russo, Bischoff and Company wanted to continue making bullshit and calling it pro wrestling? Foley apparently wanted to make Destination X dedicated to the X-Division.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?????? I would have loved that!!!!! It would have been ten times better than the bullshit that TNA is giving us for the last 2 years.

4) Tommy Dreamer: So, Dreamer is brought in for the whole EV2 stable and then they break them off one by one and nothing much happens for him after that.  He was turned heel a few weeks ago and after that, it’s announced that he’s done with TNA.  So in the span of a week, TNA has lost both Tommy Dreamer and Mick Foley.  Two guys who without a doubt would have made tremendous changes in the back if given the chance.  It’s crap like this that is leaving me to think no wonder Jim Cornette took off and went to Ring of Honor.  It’s gotta be 10 times better than having to work with jackasses like Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff.

5) Three Words: JEFF “FUCKING” HARDY: TNA took a huge gamble with this guy.  For a year, he was actually able to walk the straight and narrow. Had no problems with no showing or anything like that. Then you have Victory Road and the main event.  Jeff Hardy didn’t show up until more than half of the event was done and when he did, he was clearly in no condition to wrestle.  Anybody with a brain could’ve seen that and what do Hogan and Bischoff do? They send him out anyway to make an ass out of himself and to have Sting act as if to say “Do I have to do everything?” Sting was visibly pissed about it as was everybody else.  There were much better ways to handle that whole situation and what TNA did at that PPV was handle it in one of the worst ways. Nobody has seen Jeff Hardy since and he still has a trial going on for a previous incident. Makes you wonder if we’re ever gonna see Jeff Hardy in a ring again.  Some made comparisons to Hardy to Shawn Michaels, but with the spiral that he has and seemingly unable to overcome his own demons, Hardy is heading down the same spiral as Jake the Snake Roberts.  And looking at the guy, Jeff Hardy was a contender that could’ve been a champion.

6) Chyna: So with all that hype to the whole Miss Angle thing and the mix tag match with Karen & Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle and Chyna, she’s back to just doing porn movies.  So TNA was investing in somebody that wasn’t even committed to them in the first place? Nice going.  So does TNA have anyone actually SIGN anything or do they just take everybody at their word? Seriously, haven’t they heard of these new little things, I’m not sure how long they’ve been out for but I heard they work wonders, called CONTRACTS? Just throwing out an idea here.

So looking at TNA right now, here’s to sum up the rest of it.  You have the X-Division to the point where all it needs is one final nail hammered into it’s coffin because they’ve just made that entire division look weak by letting Abyss win the belt and having every guy in the division look like tackling dummies.  Crimson joins Samoa Joe and Rob Van Dam who are just circling around but nobody has the slightest clue what they’re doing or what is going on with them.  Hernandez has become part of a stable that I liked when it was called LAX.  Chris Sabin is supposed to be out for the rest of the year so that means no Motor City Machine Guns. TNA is looking to split up Beer Money so Bobby Roode can have a singles run and are looking at reuniting America’s Most Wanted.  TNA can’t make up their minds who to have Velvet Sky fight with because first it was Winter & a zombie-fied Angelina Love, then it was Karen Jarrett and then it was ODB. Mr Anderson goes from heel to face to neutral and now looks like back to heel already.  Didn’t TNA realize they had something with this guy when he was a face? The crowd was loving it with his promos and were really eating it up when he used the word “asshole.”

Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff do understand that they fucked up with WCW and that many people hold them responsible for its downfall, right? It’s like they’re going about it with TNA as if to say “You know what? We fucked up with WCW and you guys are gonna pile on us about no matter what we do, so we’re gonna do what we damn well please, so fuck off if you don’t like it.”  Well newsflash to those assholes, we don’t like it.  You don’t produce the kind of numbers where you can throw your weight around and brag your asses off.  You don’t have half of Raw or Smackdown’s ratings and you don’t even have a quarter of the buyrates for the PPVs.  Spike may not be weighing down on you guys to make the product better, but let’s face it people it’s only a matter of time before Spike starts to get a little fed up and want results. Why not? We’re all waiting on that to happen.  Right now, only thing that has made an impact since the “name change” is how impactful their incompetence, stupidity, sloppiness and recklessness really is.  Bischoff and company wanna go on like this is not WCW. Maybe not but in some degree, it’s worse.  There was some kind of value for Vince when he and WWE bought WCW.  This case, Vince could care less about buying out TNA.  Why would we?  Buy out a company that was not good enough to be called competition?

When Vince bought out WCW, there was a principle there in knowing that he won and that he was the victor in the monday night wars. He was the king of the mountain and he was reveling in it.  I could imagine his reaction to buying out TNA would be along the lines of “here’s 10 bucks for it. 5 for the company and 5 for your pride.” Looking at the way TNA is, even 10 bucks for that company would be considered expensive for a pile of garbage wrestling.


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  1. Great points!! I would add the ineptitude of Samoa Joe’s character to that list

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