The X-Division has Fallen and Its Casualties

We all remember the glory days of the X-Division. We remember how it was the thing that everybody talked about in TNA.  It started with its first championship where you had Psychosis, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles.  Ricky Steamboat was the referee and AJ Styles rose up to become the first X-Division Champion.  Now, years later, TNA run by Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, has gone and buried the whole damn thing.

They buried it when they took out the six sided ring just as they have with taking out Ultimate X.  To those that say that the four sided ring is better for TNA than the six sided ring, two words for you: Fuck You.  What made the Six Sides unique was that it was a style that you only found in TNA.  It left room for more creativity and more room to grow for a lot of guys. Besides, the four sided ring looks a lot smaller, just like WCW.  In case any of  you have forgotten, that ring was so small that the guys in it were walking to the ropes and not running to them.  Nobody ever heard of walking to the ropes or jogging to the ropes.  And as for Ultimate X, it took what the Ladder Matches and the TLC Matches did and took it to the next level. Some of the biggest high risk bumps and moves that anyone ever saw came out of the Ultimate X.  Don’t believe me, check out Final Resolution where you saw Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams vs AJ Styles.

Then you look at the guys that have held the X-Division title.  Guys like AJ Styles, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Syxx-Pac, Sonny Siaki, Kid Kash, Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Frankie Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal and others.  All of these guys held the title and you knew that it meant something because nobody ever questioned who held that belt.  Until a few weeks ago, when they let Kazarian lose the belt to Abyss.  Abyss, a guy with a mask that looks like a ripoff of Mankind’s mask, missing teeth, 6 ft 8 in and 300+ pounds of hardcore fighting fatass…is now the X-Division champion. Nevermind the that you have guys like Kazarian or Amazing Red or Brian Kendrick or the Young Bucks/Generation Me.  No give it to the guy that if he were in an Ultimate X match, he’d bring the whole goddamn thing crashing down.  No you give the X-Title to the mask wearing fatass that TNA, Hogan, and Bischoff just seems to love shoving down our fucking throats!!!!

Nevermind that we also have a guy who was undefeated for over a year and beat everybody in the X-Division in Samoa Joe.  The same guy who held the ROH world title for over a year and who had a match with CM Punk that is still considered to be a 5 star match. The same guy who was known as the Samoan Submission Machine and who not only beat everybody in the X-Division but took the guys outside of it to the limit, including Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle and even held the world heavyweight title but sadly has not seen it since losing it. And to add is circling around, drifting aimlessly in mediocrity along with Crimson and Rob Van Dam.

There was a time where TNA looked at the X-Division as it’s prized possession.  It was something built up into greatness and was viewed as the crown jewel of TNA.  It was what made TNA talked about in conversations about wrestling. Now, it’s been buried and had it’s nail driven into its coffin. It’s gone from being a crown jewel to being the prize you find in a cracker jack box.



  1. Ah the good old days, when the X Division mattered, and wasnt just used for squash matches. When Jason Cross, Hector Garza, Ray Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero and countless others would flock to TNA for its innovation, its value for High flying, and ofcourse the always popular World X Cup.

    Now were faced by a TNA who not only bury the X Division at every chance, fire its atheletes and fills their spots with over the hill drug abusers “HARDY COUGH COUGH”. The days of No Limits, Dangerous Spots, High Flying are dead and gone, unless you enjoy ripped off storylines and piss poor writing, then id steer clear of TNA, or as it should be called “Total Nonstop Hogan”

  2. When i first saw TNA, back in 2002, i remember a young me, being in awe of these guys flying around the ring, doing high risk moves, with no limits, called themselves the X division. Guys like Aj Styles, Low Ki, Chris Daniels, Elix Skipper, Siaki, Amazing Red, Jason Cross all made drew me to the company, with their simply breath taking moves.

    And where are we now, there are barely enough X Division wrestlers in TNA for a 6 man tag match, let alone to hold up a division. Letting the likes of Lethal, Creed & Homicide go at a time when the division was floundering, was a simply baffling decision. The Young Bucks are a phenomenal Tag Team, The MCMG are a phenomenal Tag Team, TNA shouldnt have to break them down to singles matches just to save the damn division, they should listen to the fans and actually sign wrestlers we want to see, that we’d pay to see. F*ck Jeff Hardy, F*ck Matt Hardy, and F*ck Hogan and Bischoff, not only was TNA better before them, wrestling mattered a whole lot more before them as well. Total Nonstop Hogan says it all really.

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