Eric Bischoff vs The Internet: Round 2

TNA’s most infamous excess baggage, Hulk Hogan’s tag-along and all around walking bag of gray-haired hot air Eric Bischoff is at it again. He takes yet another shot at the internet wrestling fans. I’ve gotta tell you, this guy is sure putting in a lot of effort to rip on all of us which is surprising considering that correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he say that we were only 10% of the wrestling community and that we were irrelevant and needed to get over it? I repeat the same question I asked the last time I tore Eric Piss-Off a new asshole: If we’re so irrelevant, why the fuck are you putting so much effort into tearing into part of your audience?

You think we’re only 10%, dick-smoke? Well considering the position that you and TNA are in, I’d want to consider EVERY SINGLE % whether it’s 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 21, or 23%, because you, you gray-haired loudmouth bastard, are in no position to brag about a goddamn thing. Scumbucket E even went at as far as to say “What the 10%’ers and the dirtsites that feed them don’t want to report: Per Spike TV, Impact Wrestling was the #1 cable show in its time period among M18-49 despite under-delivering its STD average among key demos and TNA increased from its Jail (rpt) lead-in by +129% in M18-49 (.78), with an additional +6% gain in the following quarter hour. TNA peaked in the 10:15p quarter with a .99 in M18-49.”

The only reason that Impact is even at its ranking is because it has nothing to compete against it. We all know that if you compete against Raw or Smackdown, TNA will get their asses handed to them. And it doesn’t change the fact that TNA did lose 300,000 viewers last week overall. He even claims that Impact is Spike TV’s number one and out performs UFC. Saying you’re the number one show on Spike doesn’t mean much. Spike is not exactly the biggest cable network compared to others. So you’re the biggest dog in the yard on a network that features MANswers, COPS, Jail, and Repo Games? Oh yeah, you really got me there. That’s like saying you’re hottest chick on the View. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Bottom line is that his ranting and babbling bullshit about the internet fans is irrelevant. We’re gonna still be here telling him what a pile of garbage he is and how he can’t run a wrestling company for shit, unless it’s into the ground. He can’t stand a couple of things that he refuses to acknowledge. He can’t stand that when people think of a company owner that is famous for wrestling, they think of Vince McMahon first and think of Eric Bischoff as a complete failure because Vince is still standing and Bischoff is a washed up hack who can only land a job if Hulk Hogan is involved. The other is that he can’t stand that no matter what, as much of a dick and as low and vile and underhanded at times as Vinny Mac can be, we’ll still pick him over Bischoff. And the last thing and I just KNOW he hates this is that no matter what stupid ideas or goofy gimmicks he comes up with, as long as he’s part of TNA he needs us, the fans, more than we need him. We don’t need Eric Bischoff. As a matter of fact, we were glad that he was gone after he left Raw. We didn’t need him then and we don’t need or want him now. So do us all a favor as soon as you’re done blowing Hogan, Bischoff. Get lost, stay away from wrestling and don’t let the door hit your cheap leather jacket wearing gray haired ass on the way out!!!!


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  1. Bravo my man! Couldnt have put any of that better myself, F’n Bischoff is a washed up hack, whose riden coat tails all his career, and kisses whoevers ass he has to to get a job. He is a discgrace to wrestling, pre Bischoff TNA may not have done as high a ratings as they do now, but hell it was good tv, worth watching, and a hell of a lot better than the garbage that the Hogan / Bischoff / Hervey regime put out now. Get Bischoff the fuck out of TNA!!!!!

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