Is there a Solution in Sight?

Those of you that have read what I write whether on here or with the PW Journal, know where I stand and know how I feel about the current shape that pro wrestling is in.  I wish that Ring of Honor was even bigger than it is now and was putting the WWE and TNA on alert and that’s really the only thing close to a gripe that I have about ROH because otherwise it’s the closest thing I have to actually watching real pro wrestling. I think TNA is embarrassing themselves and I think WWE has devolved from just being a hollow shell of what they used to be, all the way to being nothing more than a joke. And I don’t mean a funny joke but I mean the joke that only one guy gets and finds hysterical while everybody around him shakes their heads as if to say; “This is too sad to watch.”

Some of the problems have escalated and have gotten to the point where I feel I’ve sliced and diced the damn things into so many pieces, there’s no challenge left in it.  Both sides think that there is nothing wrong with their product and think they’re on the right track while thinking that their audience is just a bunch of morons whom are off their rocker and are wrong. Newsflash to those assholes, ever hear the phrase the customer is always right? Guess what? We’re the customers, your audience and we’re never wrong. If we don’t like something, you can get your asses we’re gonna let you know and thus far, we’re letting you know but somebody ain’t listening.

I’m briefly say my piece about two big problems, one in TNA and one in WWE.  Those of you that read my articles know my feelings about Michael Cole.  I think he’s getting way too much airtime. I think the WWE is cramming him down our throats.  His character has no depth and he can’t act to save his own life. The little shit couldn’t even play dead. He sure as hell can’t fucking sell a Stone Cold Stunner or a slap to the face by Vickie Guerrero all that well, if at all.  Adding a so-called “Character” to the guy has made his announcing skills worse.  Having to hear this guy kiss the Miz’s ass, drool over Vickie Guerrero, constant bickering with Lawler, Booker T and Matthews, calling Daniel Bryan a nerd, ripping on the Divas, all while “calling a match” is about as pleasant to hear as Freddy Krueger clawing a chalkboard. It’s a distraction from what’s going on in the ring. In other words, the guy doesn’t sell. Not just moves done to him or taking a hit or taking a bump, he doesn’t sell the product.  If WWE was a retail store, his ass would’ve been fired and yet, we still suffer with him.   The announce team for the WWE reflects the WWE’s product itself: Predictable, painful, sad, cruel, and drags on and on. It truly has become an audience of one, despite that they never got that the show isn’t made for one, it’s made for the fans.

Now to TNA, I’ve said before how Eric Bischoff only got his job at TNA because they wanted to please Hogan. Because he tags along with Hogan for whatever project he has. Don’t believe, look at that stupid celebrity wrestling reality show that the two of them did.  What a train wreck that was. So now, they’ve come to TNA, already inhabited by Vince “for the love of God fire his ass” Russo. So you now have the three guys that tossed and ditched WCW like the mob tossing a dead body in the East River.  TNA goes from being about the guys they have and elevating them to nabbing whatever table scraps the WWE tossed out or let go.  Some worked out as I feel Kurt Angle is in a better position than he was in WWE and I preferred Christian in TNA than in WWE because at least he held the title for more than a minute.   But then you try to grab everybody they had. Jeff Hardy who is still in court and right now is infamous for a total clusterfuck that was the main event at Victory Road.  They picked up Matt Hardy because of Jeff and probably hired Shannon Moore again for the same reason, picked up the guys from ECW and also Ken Anderson and for what? To bury the X-Division? To leave Samoa Joe and others in mediocrity?  To shove Abyss in our faces? Oh and let’s not forget their inability to follow through on a storyline like the Main Event Mafia reunion and The Network angle.   Say what you want about the WWE but even they wouldn’t fuck up as royally as TNA has. At this rate, the name “Impact” will be fitting because of the sound TNA makes when it comes crashing down.

But, anyway, the big question that I have here is whether or not there is a solution in sight.  The WWE did the Draft and nothing good has come out of it. Part of that because they’re too worried about doing something that’ll effect their big main event for Mania with The Rock vs John Cena.  So by doing this they pretty much made it clear that Cena will not lose that belt til maybe Wrestlemania.  Also, I thought the Draft was gonna help the guys that have gotten lost in the mix and buried to where they’d get a fresh start. Swagger keeps losing, Bourne goes up and down, Kofi’s back to square one after losing the US title, McIntyre hasn’t been seen on Raw, DiBiase is now Cody Rhodes’ flunky and oh yeah, Smackdown doesn’t have many established faces or heels. Oh yeah, and Randy Orton as the top face on Smackdown has not been a ratings grabber. Elsewhere TNA is burying the X-Division, gave that belt to Abyss, changed the company’s colors and name, and I wish I could say this was all under Eric Bischoff’s watch, but he’s too busy picking fights with the internet wrestling fans.  I used to wonder why Paul Heyman didn’t go to TNA, now can I see why he didn’t. He was right about one thing, Dixie Carter is too nice to be in the wrestling business.  As cutthroat as the politics can be, she’d be viewed as a doormat because as Heyman said, she’s too nice to fire anybody.

What TNA needs to do is re-vitalize the X-Division and Tag Team division, the things that made that brand talked about.  They need to repair the damage of trying to fix the things that weren’t broken.  And bring back the stupid six-sided ring. It was the thing that made TNA stand apart from the rest. It helped revolutioinize the X-Division and you had the Six Sides of Steel.  They need to bring back King of the Mountain as it was a new method to the ladder match.  And most importantly, get Hogan, Bischoff and Russo the hell out of TNA and if there’s a God, out of wrestling. And while we’re at it, get rid of Flair too, put the bastard out of his misery. He’s supposed to have been retired and any promo he or Hogan does, they sound just like they look: Old.  It’s a topic tossed around time and time again: start focusing on the youth.

As for WWE, that’s more of an overhaul than TNA.  At least TNA still calls themselves a wrestling company. WWE needs to face the truth and that is that they are now and are forever going to be known as a wrestling company, whether they see it or not is irrelevant because it’s how we the fans see it.  They need to make the belts mean something again, re-vitalize their tag team division and just merge the brands already and start re-structuring the announce team because the way it is right now, people don’t want to watch the show or hear the commentary. And something that much like TNA needs to do but WWE has gone much longer without doing this, they need to focus on the young guys. Taker’s on his last legs, Cena and Orton are both working hurt, Triple H may be stepping away from the ring soon, you need to have a plan in mind for in case something bad happens or guys decide to walk. They already lost Edge and that screwed things up for them a good deal, whether WWE will admit it or not,  the truth is Edge walked away sooner than they had planned. They still haven’t recovered from it because even though they re-shuffled everything with the Draft, they still haven’t formulated a plan with the new rosters.  They need to ditch the Anonymous GM because it’s not working anymore.  I happen to like how Teddy Long works as an authority figure so way I see it, let him run the whole thing.   It’s different from the corrupt authority figure and it works so just let Long run it all.

So there you have it. Seems simple enough right?  So if I can see it and I’m sure everybody else does too, how long is it gonna be before these guys get a clue already?  And when and if they do get a clue and wake the hell up, will it already be too late?




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