Raw’s “Viewer’s Choice” approach was more like “VINCE’S choice”

The whole night, Raw plugged itself as “Power to the People. Power to the People.  Fans pick the matches”  OH BULLSHIT!!!!!!! There is no way that any of those matches were picked by the fans.  Vince rigged that damn thing more than a boxing match that Don King cooked up.  First off, the only high note for me was Kelly Kelly winning the Divas Title.  This was a good move mostly because with Kharma on maternity leave, you needed to do something because the Bellas, both of them, shouldn’t have gotten the belt.  Not when you have plenty of others that can actually wrestle. Kelly has brushed up her skills and is more believable than Brie Bella.  The fans love her as the place erupted when she won the match and the title and in terms of the sex appeal factor, she’s easy on the eyes and that smile of hers, hard to ignore.  To those that said about her after the match that she can’t sell a cry: Fuck you to all those that say it.  She’s the Divas Champ now so just deal with it.

Then you had the Evan Bourne match. We should have gotten Bourne vs Sin Cara. That would have been a high flying match we’d have all been privileged to see but instead, who who do we get? We get Batista 2.0 I mean Mason Ryan. God what a crock this was.  The whole night was done for just because of that monstrosity. Anybody that actually voted for Mason Ryan is not a true wrestling fan.  Because real fans would have voted for Sin Cara and not the second coming of Dave Batista.

I almost forgot about Kane vs Mark Henry, and I’m kinda pissed at myself that I didn’t because this was predictable as it was painful.  Over the Top Rope, Body Slam Challenge or Arm Wrestling. I wouldn’t want to see either of these things. And like we all thought would happen, Henry lays out Kane. Whoopie.  Let’s not do that again.

This whole thing with CM Punk is leaving me wondering what is gonna happen.  Now I don’t think he’s gonna win his match with Cena, but at the same time is he really leaving the WWE.  If he does, I don’t blame him for doing so.  It’s his name and he should have every right to keep it. It holds no value to the WWE except for the fact that it’s valuable to Punk himself.  I think Punk will do just fine wherever he goes and would love for him to go back to ROH because he will make it wherever he goes, well except for TNA.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler, well I may love Kofi but I knew he wasn’t gonna win that match and get the belt back, not this soon. Any other time, I would pick the 2/3 fall match but there is no way that any fan would pick against Vickie banned from ringside. I can’t imagine one person that wouldn’t want to have one match with Ziggler that didn’t include Shrieky McFatass at ringside. And would it have been too much to ask for to see Ziggler actually win legit against Kofi? Seriously, let’s see how good the guy actually is. Enough with the “just barely getting by” bullshit, let’s see Dolph Ziggler prove how good he actually is, if at all.

You also had the segment with Christian, R-Truth, and The Miz.  What was the point of this? This was so painfully stupid and I’m really at my limit with R-Truth and his character. So you’re trying to tell me that the only way for a guy with a different ethnicity to get over as a heel is to be crazy and/or stupid? And enough with the Little Jimmy bullshit.  Seriously, it’s not funny or cute anymore. It’s just sad, tragic and like a bad joke that nobody got in the first place.   Then the whole back and forth with the three of them, it was like one of those things that made you think that if you weren’t alcoholic, maybe it’s time to actually become one. Couldn’t be more painful than watching this godawful segment.  Maybe this was the thing that sent Freddie Prinze Jr. heading for the hills. It was because he saw the script for this piece of shit.

Then you have the dance contest with Vickie Guerrero.  WHY? WHY ARE WE BEING PUNISHED WITH THIS CRAP???????  SERIOUSLY, WHY????????  Then to tell me that Michael Cole was picked by the WWE Universe, BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!  The only thing that the WWE Universe would pick Michael Cole for is for a firing squadron or the electric chair or to go running into a demolition derby with no car.  This was a complete waste of time and only thing close to a highlight of it was seeing Vickie slap Cole so hard he fell on his ass.  So now, The Miz is the only one on Cole’s side because now even somebody as loathsome and despised as Vickie Guerrero now hates him.

I gotta be honest that at this point, well, I stopped after the Miz/Truth/Christian catastrophe because I wanted to save whatever brain cells I didn’t lose from watching that much of Raw.  They advertised the Raw Roulette like that is gonna be any different.  Of course I should have seen this coming that Vince and the WWE wasn’t gonna be legit with giving the audience the power to pick matches because to truly do that, they’d have to actually give a damn about their audience and they don’t.  Not if the rigging of the “power to the people” edition of Raw said anything.  Back in the days, I used to think a 3-hour Raw was a blessing, but now it’s become a curse and I’m pretty sure that this could be something that drives a crazy man REALLY over the edge.  With crap like this, is it any wonder why Chris Jericho hasn’t come back yet or why Triple H hasn’t been seen since Mania? Why would either of them want any part of this garbage?  Raw is right now the same thing as their announce team: unprofessional, stupid, constantly fucking up, out of control and utterly chaotic.   In other words, it’s become Monday Nitro.


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  1. Too right, no way in hell the fans made any of the decisions last night. Anyone who texted in is a gullible moron. The biggest give away was the Mason Ryan match, like anyone in their right mind would have picked him over Sin Cara, what an utter f*cking farce.

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