Get Off Their Back: Kelly Kelly

In this latest edition of Get Off Their Back, I say to all the forum boys and all the people that give the internet wrestling fans such a bad rap in the first place, I say about the WWE’s own Kelly Kelly “GET OFF HER BACK.”

Now, when she first came in, yes she was eye candy and was and still is easy on the eyes with a killer smile and comes off as a girl who is as sweet as they come.  So what? Trish Stratus came in and was pretty much eye candy and look what happened with her. She ended up being one of the greatest wrestlers in the Divas division.  And yet nobody is on her case.  Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were never divas/women’s champion and were nothing more than eye candy, but nobody complains about them.

Contrary to what everybody thinks, Kelly Kelly has a few moves in her and can deliver emotion.  When they did the whole thing with her getting fired by Shrieking Fatass I mean Vickie Guerrero and seeing Kelly cry, I wanted to punch the TV and have something very bad happen to Vickie Guerrero.  And then smiling like a kid in Disneyland for the first time when Kelly was hired back and kicked the crud out of Vickie.

My problem with either of the Bellas holding the Divas title was that neither were that great at wrestling in terms of skill. Natalya can wrestle, Beth Phoenix can wrestle and Gail Kim can wrestle and so can Melina and to a degree Maryse.  And yet, the Bellas can’t do more than pull a switch with each other and yet Kelly Kelly has brushed up her skills and earned the belt.   And in case some of her haters hadn’t noticed, the crowd reacted pretty strong for her when she won the belt.  So the way I see it, judging by that reaction, people liked her winning the belt even if some of you haters of her didn’t

Bottom line, Kelly Kelly is now the new Diva’s Champion and the crowd likes it, myself included. So basically to all of you haters, you need to get used to it so once again I say to all the haters of Kelly Kelly: GET OFF HER BACK.


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  1. Couldnt agree more, if people dont like her as champion, then who cares, the crowd gave her an awesome pop when she won, she showed real emotion, real heart, love me some Kelly Kelly

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