Announce Team Overhaul in the WWE

Jim Ross made his return to the announce table on Raw tonight, something that was long overdue because frankly the duo of Cole and Lawler is not working.  We all know that given the past history over the last couple of months, there’s no way you’re going to get those 3 to work together at the same announce table. Hell, you’d have a better chance at Mike Adamle making a WWE return than of that happening.   This can be the start of an angle that probably should’ve happened after Wrestlemania in Michael Cole being off of Raw.

We get it, they tried to make a heel character out of the guy, but having him on 2-3 shows a week served only in overdosing the audience with the character to the point where all the viewing public could think was “Just shut the fuck up and call the match, you worthless asshole.” I get that JR at the time had health problems among other things going on, but no fan was ready to see him go and to replace him with Michael Cole was not a step-up. If anything it was a huge downgrade that was so poor of a decision that you’re surprised that Vince Russo didn’t make the decision.

Vince McMahon seemed to always love the idea of a 3-person announce team on the weekly shows, but it’s never worked.  All the attempts he’s made for it have really done is just show that he shouldn’t have tried to fix what wasn’t broken in the first place. He wants to use WCW as an example of their attempts at it, you’re trying to compare to the same company that had Eric Bischoff on commentary along with Steve McMichael? The last time they tried to add somebody in the middle of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, it was Jonathan Coachman and it didn’t work.

By adding Jim Ross back to the Raw announce team, it’s hopefully a sign that they’re getting a clue that the announce team needs to be shaken up a little because what they’ve been doing for the last year or two isn’t working.  I’ve said this before that announcers need to sell the product that is going on in the ring. It’s part of the process of helping the audience take an interest to the guys in the ring and helps the up and comers start to build some momentum and get over. In the time where you’ve had announce teams bickering, bitching and moaning to each other, what has been accomplished? You have Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase all stuck in the mid-card because for the longest time, some jackass in the WWE thought it’d be a good idea to have announcers fighting with each other outside of the ring, despite that the real fighting and real wrestling was going on in the goddamn ring.

Heel commentators don’t work like they used to anymore.  These days, all that people really want is for the guys on the headset and microphone to call the action and describe what is going on to the audience, nothing more.  In terms of Michael Cole and his character, it’s tired and stale. It’s been over-used and over-exposed and nobody on that damn creative team has ever been able to figure out how to give proper closure to it, but the truth is that his character has damaged any kind of credibility he had when all he used to do was call the action. Given the guy was not the best at it just as he stinks at it now with messing up moves and belittling some of the people in the ring that leaves the audience to think “If he’s not taking this seriously, why should we?”

I’ve said this topic over and over again despite how some guys in forums keep seeming to go back and forth about topics like the announce team and Michael Cole. Gee, no wonder I retired from participating in the forums on wrestling sites. Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan were heels, but they still did their job as announcers.  They didn’t let their biases towards the heel wrestlers distract or ruin the matches going on.  As far as confrontations or bickering/arguing with other commentators, the most we got in those days was a “Will you be serious?” from Gorilla Monsoon towards Bobby Heenan or Jesse Ventura. But that was it because after that, they just went back to calling the match and the action taking place.

Announcers are supposed to help move the story along.  When you have guys like Michael Cole arguing with Booker T or Jerry Lawler, that’s distracting from the action going on in the ring as opposed to calling the action in the ring.  In short, it is not and I repeat NOT DOING THEIR JOB.  Jim Ross needed to be brought back because the fans wanted him back and even Jerry Lawler himself preferred to have him back. We’ve seen this change take place, now let’s see something get done with Smackdown because I actually missed when it used to be Grisham & Striker.  Booker T & Cole are bickering nonstop with each other and leaving Matthews out in the cold and not getting the practice he ought to be getting. As for Booker T, all his arguments with Cole are making the fans wonder “Whose dumbass idea was it to put him at the announce table?”

For proper pro wrestling to work like it should, the announcers are the one that describe the story while the wrestlers in the ring tell it through actions.   That’s always been the formula and that’s always been how it works.  To have the announcers not give their undivided attention to the action in the ring or to spend more time hurling insults at each other than calling the match, that’s not a formula but a pure mess. Audiences will only take the matches as seriously as the guys that are calling it.  If the guys calling it are not taking it seriously and think it’s crap not worth talking about, than the fans are gonna assume that it’s crap that’s not worth watching.  The sooner that the WWE accepts that the announce teams are hurting the product more than helping it/selling it, the closer we’ll get to have something that’s watchable and that won’t require the mute button.


The 7/25 Edition of Raw: Was That So Hard?

There is so much that can be said about Tonight’s Monday Night Raw.  Many were looking at this as a new beginning with Triple H now taking the wheel and running things.  You can’t go into talking about Raw without first talking about how they started off with the WWE Championship match.  The second that Rey won it, I just had a feeling that either Alberto Del Rio was gonna cash in or that Rey would lose the belt at the end of the night.  Unfortunately I was proven right and Rey lost the belt later on in a match with John Cena, but more on that part later.

The moment that everybody seemed to be waiting on was to see the so-called “State of the WWE” done by Triple H.  He gave a speech and gave little tribute to Vince, announced that Cena would face Rey Mysterio, like we didn’t know where that was heading, and he talks about a named that he “re-signed” and brought back to Raw.  Everybody thought it was CM Punk until Good Ol’ JR himself Jim Ross made his return and the crowd loved it, myself included. Then Michael Cole has to get up on the table, microphone in hand to throw his little temper tantrum about JR being back.  Then Triple H tells him that while he’s not gonna fire him, that Cole can quit but will lose everything.  He then went as far as to force Cole into a match and said he had til Smackdown to make a decision.  So bottom line is Cole can either choose his pride and quit but lose everything or he can keep his mouth shut, do as he’s told and keep his job. I think we’re starting to see a transition of Michael Cole disappearing from the broadcast table or at least on Raw. Face facts that there is no way given the history that you’re gonna have those 3 at the same table.  The people have been practically BEGGING to have Jim Ross back with Jerry Lawler on Raw and to be honest, listening to those two do commentary again on Raw was the first time in a long time where I watched Raw and the announce team wasn’t giving me a headache.

Just when we thought that was it, out comes R-Truth with his whole psycho-ghetto gimmick complete with banter about Little Jimmy.  This was of course met with Triple H making fun of him and just when Truth is leaving all pissed, Triple H announces another return to Raw. Out comes John Morrison who beats the crap out of Truth, even hits him with the Starship Pain.  So, in the span of 10-20 minutes, two big returns took place on Raw.  So far, just from this part alone I’m loving the new Triple H regime.

Then you have Cole coming out to Triple H’s music, wearing his gear, trying to act like The Game and I do mean “trying” and badly I might add, and gets in the ring for his match against an opponent that Triple H picked out.  Out comes the lord of the Internet himself and I’m talking about the man, the myth, the legend, Long Island Iced Z himself Zack Ryder.  He beats Cole in seconds with the Rough Rider, getting TV time and winning his first match back on Raw. And Michael Cole is left blubbering in the ring almost worse than he did after Lawler shoved his foot into his mouth.  I have a feeling that even if Cole says he’s not quitting, the humiliation marathon is gonna continue for him because I just have this feeling that Triple H is gonna make his life a living hell until Cole breaks down and actually quits. Cause Triple H wouldn’t have brought JR back without the intention of getting rid of Michael Cole.

Now, the match with John Cena and Rey Mysterio which was actually not bad.  To cut a long story short, John Cena wins the belt back.  He even helps up Rey, shakes his hand and raises his arm to the crowd.  Then, we all hear some different music and are left wondering who it is until CM Punk returns with the belt and the crowd going ballistic for him.  The show ends with both men holding up the titles, leaving the question as to who is the real WWE Champion? John Cena or CM Punk?  And in turn, setting up for a match at Summerslam with a score to be settled between the two.

I’ll be as perfectly honest as I can when I say this: I fricking LOVED tonight’s Raw.  This was the best Raw that I’ve seen in a while.  I said that if Triple H was going to take over, he needed to make an impact and he didn’t disappoint.  Zack Ryder gets a match and some TV time, Michael Cole is humiliated, Jim Ross returns to the announce table where he belongs, John Morrison makes his return and CM Punk returns to Raw.  What more could anyone ask for than this?  So many returns happening and honestly with all that happened tonight, the ratings have gotta be up for this edition of Raw.  Old faces returning and for once, we saw the announce team doing what has seldom been done for over the last year or so: Calling The FUCKING Action Going On in the Ring!!!!!

And this is just on Raw, can you imagine what the hell is going to happen on Smackdown? They already advertised that Triple H was gonna be on it, so that has to mean some changes or things to happen on that show as well.  Bottom line is that things right now look like they’re about to get interesting in the WWE.  And really, I can’t help but think “What took you guys so long?”  Seriously, the problems were there but the solutions were plain as day and yet they didn’t start to be used until now. By no means am I cursing them for what transpired on Raw, I’m simply saying that it’s about time that the WWE started to put some effort into their own product.  First night of the new regime and new era, so far so good. Let’s see if the WWE can keep this up to and past Summerslam.

Making the Big Time…..But Is It Worth It?

Let’s face facts here, people.   Every guy wants to make the big time, not just in wrestling but in life in general.  But for this article, I’m sticking to wrestling here.  There’s been a lot of talks about what’s making the big time like the WWE or how TNA is not in the big leagues or ROH is a glorified indy league/minor league.  However, we’ve seen a lot of guys who were big in one place, but when trying to go and make it to the big time like in the WWE, they’re either buried, used improperly, or end up getting the boot altogether.

There’s always rumors about guys who are big in one company and rumored to leave that to go to the “big league” company.  Right now, rumor is speculating that guys like Davey Richards, Colt Cabana and The Kings of Wrestling are looking to jump ship from ROH to the WWE.   We’ve seen other guys that were big in one company jump ship to the WWE and they either didn’t make it or had to settle for something less.  Some were even world champions and yet didn’t make it anywhere close to their potential.

One example off the top of my head that I can think of was Jerry Lawler.  He was big in the AWA, USWF and is by all rights considered a God of wrestling in Memphis.  He goes to the WWE and not only never wins the world title during his time there, but he doesn’t win ANY title while he’s there period.  Curt Henning won the world title in the AWA, but when he went to the WWE/WWF, he never made it past the mid-card.  We all knew he was beyond the Intercontinental Title, and yet he never once got a proper shot at a world title reign.

Nigel McGuinness was the only guy to the world title as long as Samoa Joe did or at least came close to tying and breaking the record.  He went to TNA under a new name and went toe to toe with one of the best technical wrestlers in Kurt Angle, even got to the point where Angle had to keep up with him.  But he never got so much as a title shot or at least a legit one. He got buried in pointless, stupid rivalries with Abyss and The Pope that for the most part, just went absolutely nowhere.

Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson is getting a break now, but it took a while before he did. At one point, the WWE actually cast him aside for reasons that still don’t make any sense to anybody.  It wasn’t until 4-6 months give or take later that he was brought back like nothing had ever happened.  Then you have Kaval, better known worldwide as Low Ki.  The first world champion ROH ever had, helped revolutionize the X-Division in TNA, he competes in season 2 of NXT and won.  He sticks around for a while and gets fired 3 months after winning that competition.  It’s left many wondering did they fire him because he was too good at what he did, namely wrestle? It wouldn’t be surprising considering that how he wrestled almost made the other guys look bad to a point where it was like the fans could see that he could wrestle and the other guys sucked at it.

Look, I get it that in the case of wrestling, going to the WWE means possibility of more exposure, bigger paycheck,etc, but is that really enough? Again, I get that it’s a business and that money always plays a factor ultimately. What stands apart from places like ROH, New Japan and most of the independent leagues is that while the business aspect is still considered, they care about the aspect of actual “pro wrestling.”  A good portion of that is because for some of those guys and there’s the rare breed that don’t leave and stay with the company they were in til it goes under or they retire.  There are some guys that have the potential of doing just that.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are two examples. Yes they came out of ROH and have been at TNA for the majority of the time, but AJ Styles had gone as far as to say he’d rather stay in the indy leagues than go to the WWE. Samoa Joe once said in a radio interview he’d never go to the WWE because he doesn’t think he fits what Vince McMahon pictures in a pro wrestler in the WWE roster. What exactly is the “definition” of a pro wrestler in that company’s eyes? Look good in appearance alone but when it comes to skill, can’t wrestle for shit?

Let me list some names here:  Davey Richards, AJ Styles, Eddie Edwards, Christopher Daniels, Kevin Steen, Roderick Strong, El Generico, Samoa Joe, Nigel McGuinness, Low Ki, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, what do they have in common? They ARE pro wrestlers and not entertainers or whatever goofy-ass name that somebody whether in TNA or WWE comes up with, but professional wrestlers.For some of these guys, they’re getting paid for doing the business that they love and what most of them would do for free.

So I ask the question again, is going for the big time worth forgetting what you do or what your passion is?  What other company asks for the rights to their name? Something that they won’t have any use for, but want it because it holds value to somebody else.  Just ask Team 3-D aka Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley about that and why they no longer own the rights to a name that belongs to them. If TNA never existed, Sting would’ve stayed out of wrestling as he had no desire whatsoever to go to the WWE, despite offers towards him.  Why? Because he knew and understood the way the WWE plays the game.  He believed that by going to the WWE was the equivalent of selling your soul.

In the end, it comes down to one simple thing: Value.  As in which is more valuable to a pro wrestler? Wealth and Fame or Doing what you’re more passionate about? Because when the bigger company wants the rights to the wrestler’s name signed over, they’re giving up more than just a character name.  It’s throwing away all the accomplishments, any and all that would contribute to the reputation, legacy and EVERYTHING that said wrestler had worked for and achieved in his career.  The spotlight in wrestling will offer and give more exposure, and as that light is shining down on the guy, left outside in the darkness is whatever that wrestler had given up and sacrificed to get it.  And when it comes down to it and that individual realizes what has happened, he refuses to step out of the spotlight in fear facing and coming to the grips with everything sacrificed, all part of the price that is paid for making it to the big time, for paying the price of fame.

New Sheriff in Town, so What Happens Next for Raw?

So, by now we all know that a changing of the guard is taking place. Triple H seems to be the new sheriff in town, the big dog running the yard, etc. It’s leaving everybody wondering what’s gonna happen next for Raw.  I’m wondering that myself and as I’ve said before, I’ve missed the feeling of trying to guess what happens next without knowing for certain. It’s been a long time since the WWE has been able to produce that feeling. Triple H starting off the show and addressing the crowd is a given as it must happen, especially after what happened at the end of Raw the previous week.  But for something like this, the WWE Universe is gonna need a lot more than just that.

For too long, the fans have had to put up with recycled storylines and bad gimmicks being prolonged for a lot longer than they should’ve been in the first place.  What the WWE needs to have happen is to have Triple H start to make an impact immediately and start making some changes of his own.  One of the biggest I can think of is the Raw General Manager. I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say that I’m sick to death of that stupid beeping, Michael Cole getting on the microphone, and skipping to the podium with the cheap-ass laptop.  It’s not even an authority figure, it’s just an excuse to give Michael Cole more air time than he should have and just over-saturating his character and burning it out before it ever had a chance. If Triple H is now in charge, than prove it by eliminating any other authority figures.  If he’s the guy in charge, than eliminate the GM. They can reveal somebody and fire them or just pull the plug altogether, I don’t really care but just end it already because it’s gone on for WAY too long.

You already have a championship match going on between Rey Mysterio and The Miz, so that takes some of the pressure off, but for this shift of power to truly be believable, Triple H needs to attack the things that resulted from decisions Vince made.  The Raw GM is an example of it, but there’s probably a lot of things that they could work in.  The problems are easy to spot that are plaguing Raw.  The announce team sucks, the Divas don’t get matches that last more than 2 minutes, several guys that are stuck in the midcard don’t even get TV time like Drew McIntyre or Zack Ryder, and the US Title needs to have more than just Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston.  We already saw it on Smackdown and as good as these guys can be, we’ve seen it before and what to see what else they can do.  And most of all, and CM Punk tackled this already, but the Spinner Belt needs to go. You wanna keep that as a custom belt for John Cena, fine but let anybody else that wears it have a normal looking belt.  Two of the worst championship belts to come out these last couple years are the Spinner Belt and that stupid championship belt that Jeff Hardy wore when he was the champ in TNA.

Let’s face facts that TNA is not, repeat is NOT a threat in their current state, but the WWE is not the juggernaut that they think they are, not these days anyway.  We’ve seen the WWE produce bigger numbers than what they’ve been making lately.  I remember the days where WWE used to break in ratings at the 4.0 and above level.  Yes, I know that this was the time of the Monday Night Wars, but the point is that this is what the WWE is capable of doing and yet, they’ve been giving less and less of an effort over the last couple years.  Everything that has been going on for the last month has been like the tides are changing and that something new was on the horizon.

The CM Punk storyline was something that got people talking and kept them guessing.  It’s something the WWE hasn’t had in a while and it’s something that people have been aching to have happen for the last 7 years.  Money in the Bank is the best PPV they’ve had in a while because you had the CM Punk vs John Cena match where nobody knew what was gonna happen but people wanted to see it. This is all coming off of WWE having two seriously crappy PPVs to start off the summer season in Over The Limit and Capitol Punishment.  The only thing those PPVs served was a wake-up call, a sign that the WWE needed a game-changer because if they didn’t do something to change the landscape, than they could’ve had a huge problem trying to get some attention going for Summerslam.

Bottom line is that the Vince McMahon firing did the same thing that the CM Punk storyline has done: It got people talking and it’s leaving them wanting to see what happens next.  Nobody ever imagined that they would actually SEE somebody else in charge of the WWE other than Vince McMahon. It’s been talked about but it was something that nobody thought would actually happen.  There’s a saying that when you change the game, you change the rules.  Given, I’m aware of the pun there because of Triple H, but the point is that what we all saw on Raw was the torch being passed.  Triple H is the new sheriff in town, Raw is under Game Law if you wanna go that far.  You don’t make this kind of a change without changing a few things.  This is one shark who is definitely anticipating what happens next on Raw.

One Cashing In Has Been Confirmed (Spoiler Alert)

So, we now have our new Mr Money in the Bank for both Raw and Smackdown.  For the most part, the guys cash in their contracts in a spur of the moment kind of thing where the champion is down.  Only exception was with Rob Van Dam, who announced exactly when he was going to cash in.  He was the only one, heel or face, to do that with his Money in the Bank contract.  That is until this week happened.

The American Dragon himself Daniel Bryan announced when he would cash in his contract, much to the chagrin of Monkey Boy Michael Cole.  Bryan announced that he would cash in AT Wrestlemania.  So, on a night where we already have a main event set up where John Cena and The Rock are set to collide, the World Heavyweight Champion of Smackdown will have a set opponent already lined up at Mania.

I happen to like this move for a few reasons.  One of them is for the fact that this confirms that not only will Daniel Bryan wrestle at Mania, but that this also guarantees that Daniel Bryan will and I repeat WILL be on the televised card, something that he was screwed out of in the previous Wrestlemania in his match with Sheamus.  The other reason that I like this is for the fact that not only will he win the world title, but he will do it at the very time and place that Bryan has wanted: On the grandest stage of all wrestling, at Wrestlemania.  It’s perfect and it’s fitting for Daniel Bryan and for what could be his first world title win since joining the WWE, there is no better time and place for it to happen than at Wrestlemania.

So, on the grandest stage of all, the man known as the American Dragon and the man who many have called The Best in the World, and was considered to be the heart and soul of Ring of Honor, will have his career defining moment since joining the WWE. This can be the chance for the whole world to see just what Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson) can really do and just how great his skills really are. In short, it’s the chance for the WWE Universe to bear witness to the man and even chant the words “Best in the World.” But if anything, the biggest thing that can happen from this is to see somebody who has made a name for himself outside of the WWE, somebody that is not a homegrown talent of the WWE Roster, ascend to one of the elite in the company.

My best advice to Daniel Bryan is that you’ve announced when you’re cashing in your MITB contract, so make it count.  Reclaim the title that for so long has belonged to you as “The Best in the World.”

An Era has Seemingly Come to an End…..and a New Game has Begun.

Before I get into this article, I have to take a shot at a certain pompous ass.  No, not the guy I trashed in my last article.  I think it’s safe to say I slice/diced him into so many pieces, there’s no challenge to it.  But to this one really obnoxious, pompous asshole who I used to respect at one point, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I do what I do and for reminding me of why not writing for the same website you work for is probably the best thing that ever happened to me and most of all, for reminding me of why there is only ONE writer on your site that I truly admire and respect. Fortunately for me, that one writer is not you and I’m damn proud of doing what I do.

Onto Raw tonight, I was curious to see exactly what was gonna happen.  Punk as far as we know and for all intensive purposes is gone and John Cena was making it sound pretty clear that his ass was gonna get fired.  So, first we have a tournament and the whole show was dedicated to nothing but that tournament.  I’ve got no objections to it as I thought it was a good idea and it was something that could be a ratings grabber if done right.  Then came the end where we were supposed to see the finals and a new champion crowned, but that didn’t happen.

Vinny Mac comes out to postpone the match to next week. The crowd was clearly not loving that at all and this simply reeked of a screwjob you could only see on Monday Nitro where the fans are left feeling completely ripped off.  John Cena is brought out and gives his speech, which by the way you can say what you want about John Cena, but he knows how to deliver on the microphone.  And then, just as Vince is gearing up to drop the axe on John Cena, the unthinkable and something that NOBODY could’ve seen coming happens.

Triple H comes out, decked out like he was dressed for business, and has a little bit of an announcement.  He confesses that the Board of Directors has filed an injunction against Vince, thus relieving him of his duties and have named Triple H as new top dog running the show.  The crowd was going ballistic and breaking out with “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” towards Vince.  But right as that segment ended with Triple H going up the ramp, that was soon turned into the crowd applauding and chanting the words “Thank You, Vince.”   One segment has seemingly changed the landscape and left a lot of questions.

The first one being whether or not this is Vince’s farewell and that he’s stepping down and letting his Son-In-Law take control of the WWE. If that’s the case, than the way crowd reacted for Vince himself, you couldn’t have asked for a better farewell than that.  In spite of all the bad moves he’s made and ripped into the fans and screwed guys over, the fact that he can leave with applause and the crowd chanting the words “Thank you,” he finally accomplished something that was the one goal that Vince may have had the most difficulty in achieving: Earning the respect of the fans.

Now that Triple H is seemingly the new big dog running the yard, what does this mean for the WWE? Is this sign of things changing in the WWE? Will the product begin to improve with somebody new at the wheel? Will the WWE fans finally begin to get something new that they’ve been aching for over the course of ten or so years? Maybe it’s just too early to tell, but so far, it’s safe to say that the WWE is off to a good start after a PPV like “Money in the Bank” and having so much hype surrounding it.  The main event ended with a new champion crowned and people wanting to see what happens next. And now we’ve seen Raw end with a shocker that nobody could’ve predicted and I can guarantee that people will still be talking about it the next day.

But in the meantime, as far as first impressions go, here’s to a new dawn and possibly an overdue one for the WWE.

Best Part about CM Punk: The Truth is Finally Being Said

So by now, everybody knows what CM Punk said two weeks ago and that his contract as far as we know is coming to an end as of this Sunday.  And I’m going to take a shot in the dark that we all got another dosage of what Punk has been saying this past Monday. Now, there are some things that came out of watching the segment with CM Punk and Vince McMahon. One of them was me thinking “Hey, I do miss those ice cream bars. What the hell ever happened with those?”  The other is that everything Punk said two weeks ago and said this past Monday was 100% true and should have been said a long time ago.

Before getting into the closing segment on Raw, I want to point out the beginning of Raw with Punk coming out and carrying a megaphone with him in case his microphone was cut off again.  I loved that part and the way the crowd was chanting Punk’s name was epic and just when it couldn’t have gotten better than that, he goes to rip on the spinner belt and how ugly it is, something that was LONG overdue.  Seriously, why they keep that damn belt is beyond me and I wondered how long it would be before somebody pointed out how stupid that belt really looks.

Onward to the closing segment, Punk spends his time ripping on McMahon, even mentioning names of guys that got fired like Luke Gallows and Colt Cabana.  He even mentioned the old Superstars Ice Cream Bars and that lead to a chant of “We Want Ice Cream” and when Vince got pissed and said he didn’t give a damn what they want, Punk lashed out with saying that’s the problem.  FINALLY!!!!! Somebody actually says it to Vinny Mac.  Somebody finally says that the problem is in fact that he doesn’t give a shit what the fans want. Maybe if he had actually started to give a damn what they want, Raw wouldn’t have ratings that fell below 3.0 in back to back weeks. And yeah I know, the first week was 4th of July but can you honestly tell me that Raw’s rating sank that much on the 4th of July when WWE was actually good?  Besides, how do you explain ratings being in the 2.0 range the very next week?

Back to the subject at hand, the only real problem I had was the whole sport analogies that followed.  I mean seriously, I know they’re in Boston, but did they really have to cheapen the damn thing with a Yankees comparison.   To me, it took what was already a good segment and just cheapening and degrading the whole thing by using cheap heat tactics such as that when it wasn’t needed. Nevertheless, it goes back to what has been said all around that in 3 short weeks, CM Punk has made himself a hot commodity in pro wrestling.

CM Punk has shown how big he can be and what the WWE was too stupid or arrogant (I’d believe both) to realize that they had.  Primarily because they can’t stand to have something become big that they didn’t invent in the first place.  They only like to make money and market something that is homegrown and not something that evolved into what they are in another company.  This is why I’m always skeptical when I see guys who I know are big in another company like Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson or the rumored Kings of Wrestling going to the WWE. It’s because of the WWE’s lack of ability and/or confidence to take somebody from another company and use them to their full potential.   They didn’t do it with Rob Van Dam or Jerry Lynn when they had them and yet they were able to succeed elsewhere.

The problem here is that for the WWE to let CM Punk go would not only be considered stupid, but it’d be insane. This guy is marketable and he can be a big league player but they refuse to let themselves realize that. I said it before that I do believe CM Punk can and will be successful wherever he goes and that I would love to see him go to ROH because he made a name for himself there and I guarantee that he can do so again especially with their new TV deal.  So as the days keep counting down to when Punk’s contract is expired, the big question is whether or not the WWE will cave and give Punk what he wants, not only to start using the guy up to his full ability, but also to save face and not look like a horse’s ass for giving up a commodity like CM Punk, all because they wanted the rights to something that didn’t belong to them in the first place.