Best Part about CM Punk: The Truth is Finally Being Said

So by now, everybody knows what CM Punk said two weeks ago and that his contract as far as we know is coming to an end as of this Sunday.  And I’m going to take a shot in the dark that we all got another dosage of what Punk has been saying this past Monday. Now, there are some things that came out of watching the segment with CM Punk and Vince McMahon. One of them was me thinking “Hey, I do miss those ice cream bars. What the hell ever happened with those?”  The other is that everything Punk said two weeks ago and said this past Monday was 100% true and should have been said a long time ago.

Before getting into the closing segment on Raw, I want to point out the beginning of Raw with Punk coming out and carrying a megaphone with him in case his microphone was cut off again.  I loved that part and the way the crowd was chanting Punk’s name was epic and just when it couldn’t have gotten better than that, he goes to rip on the spinner belt and how ugly it is, something that was LONG overdue.  Seriously, why they keep that damn belt is beyond me and I wondered how long it would be before somebody pointed out how stupid that belt really looks.

Onward to the closing segment, Punk spends his time ripping on McMahon, even mentioning names of guys that got fired like Luke Gallows and Colt Cabana.  He even mentioned the old Superstars Ice Cream Bars and that lead to a chant of “We Want Ice Cream” and when Vince got pissed and said he didn’t give a damn what they want, Punk lashed out with saying that’s the problem.  FINALLY!!!!! Somebody actually says it to Vinny Mac.  Somebody finally says that the problem is in fact that he doesn’t give a shit what the fans want. Maybe if he had actually started to give a damn what they want, Raw wouldn’t have ratings that fell below 3.0 in back to back weeks. And yeah I know, the first week was 4th of July but can you honestly tell me that Raw’s rating sank that much on the 4th of July when WWE was actually good?  Besides, how do you explain ratings being in the 2.0 range the very next week?

Back to the subject at hand, the only real problem I had was the whole sport analogies that followed.  I mean seriously, I know they’re in Boston, but did they really have to cheapen the damn thing with a Yankees comparison.   To me, it took what was already a good segment and just cheapening and degrading the whole thing by using cheap heat tactics such as that when it wasn’t needed. Nevertheless, it goes back to what has been said all around that in 3 short weeks, CM Punk has made himself a hot commodity in pro wrestling.

CM Punk has shown how big he can be and what the WWE was too stupid or arrogant (I’d believe both) to realize that they had.  Primarily because they can’t stand to have something become big that they didn’t invent in the first place.  They only like to make money and market something that is homegrown and not something that evolved into what they are in another company.  This is why I’m always skeptical when I see guys who I know are big in another company like Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson or the rumored Kings of Wrestling going to the WWE. It’s because of the WWE’s lack of ability and/or confidence to take somebody from another company and use them to their full potential.   They didn’t do it with Rob Van Dam or Jerry Lynn when they had them and yet they were able to succeed elsewhere.

The problem here is that for the WWE to let CM Punk go would not only be considered stupid, but it’d be insane. This guy is marketable and he can be a big league player but they refuse to let themselves realize that. I said it before that I do believe CM Punk can and will be successful wherever he goes and that I would love to see him go to ROH because he made a name for himself there and I guarantee that he can do so again especially with their new TV deal.  So as the days keep counting down to when Punk’s contract is expired, the big question is whether or not the WWE will cave and give Punk what he wants, not only to start using the guy up to his full ability, but also to save face and not look like a horse’s ass for giving up a commodity like CM Punk, all because they wanted the rights to something that didn’t belong to them in the first place.