One Cashing In Has Been Confirmed (Spoiler Alert)

So, we now have our new Mr Money in the Bank for both Raw and Smackdown.  For the most part, the guys cash in their contracts in a spur of the moment kind of thing where the champion is down.  Only exception was with Rob Van Dam, who announced exactly when he was going to cash in.  He was the only one, heel or face, to do that with his Money in the Bank contract.  That is until this week happened.

The American Dragon himself Daniel Bryan announced when he would cash in his contract, much to the chagrin of Monkey Boy Michael Cole.  Bryan announced that he would cash in AT Wrestlemania.  So, on a night where we already have a main event set up where John Cena and The Rock are set to collide, the World Heavyweight Champion of Smackdown will have a set opponent already lined up at Mania.

I happen to like this move for a few reasons.  One of them is for the fact that this confirms that not only will Daniel Bryan wrestle at Mania, but that this also guarantees that Daniel Bryan will and I repeat WILL be on the televised card, something that he was screwed out of in the previous Wrestlemania in his match with Sheamus.  The other reason that I like this is for the fact that not only will he win the world title, but he will do it at the very time and place that Bryan has wanted: On the grandest stage of all wrestling, at Wrestlemania.  It’s perfect and it’s fitting for Daniel Bryan and for what could be his first world title win since joining the WWE, there is no better time and place for it to happen than at Wrestlemania.

So, on the grandest stage of all, the man known as the American Dragon and the man who many have called The Best in the World, and was considered to be the heart and soul of Ring of Honor, will have his career defining moment since joining the WWE. This can be the chance for the whole world to see just what Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson) can really do and just how great his skills really are. In short, it’s the chance for the WWE Universe to bear witness to the man and even chant the words “Best in the World.” But if anything, the biggest thing that can happen from this is to see somebody who has made a name for himself outside of the WWE, somebody that is not a homegrown talent of the WWE Roster, ascend to one of the elite in the company.

My best advice to Daniel Bryan is that you’ve announced when you’re cashing in your MITB contract, so make it count.  Reclaim the title that for so long has belonged to you as “The Best in the World.”


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