New Sheriff in Town, so What Happens Next for Raw?

So, by now we all know that a changing of the guard is taking place. Triple H seems to be the new sheriff in town, the big dog running the yard, etc. It’s leaving everybody wondering what’s gonna happen next for Raw.  I’m wondering that myself and as I’ve said before, I’ve missed the feeling of trying to guess what happens next without knowing for certain. It’s been a long time since the WWE has been able to produce that feeling. Triple H starting off the show and addressing the crowd is a given as it must happen, especially after what happened at the end of Raw the previous week.  But for something like this, the WWE Universe is gonna need a lot more than just that.

For too long, the fans have had to put up with recycled storylines and bad gimmicks being prolonged for a lot longer than they should’ve been in the first place.  What the WWE needs to have happen is to have Triple H start to make an impact immediately and start making some changes of his own.  One of the biggest I can think of is the Raw General Manager. I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say that I’m sick to death of that stupid beeping, Michael Cole getting on the microphone, and skipping to the podium with the cheap-ass laptop.  It’s not even an authority figure, it’s just an excuse to give Michael Cole more air time than he should have and just over-saturating his character and burning it out before it ever had a chance. If Triple H is now in charge, than prove it by eliminating any other authority figures.  If he’s the guy in charge, than eliminate the GM. They can reveal somebody and fire them or just pull the plug altogether, I don’t really care but just end it already because it’s gone on for WAY too long.

You already have a championship match going on between Rey Mysterio and The Miz, so that takes some of the pressure off, but for this shift of power to truly be believable, Triple H needs to attack the things that resulted from decisions Vince made.  The Raw GM is an example of it, but there’s probably a lot of things that they could work in.  The problems are easy to spot that are plaguing Raw.  The announce team sucks, the Divas don’t get matches that last more than 2 minutes, several guys that are stuck in the midcard don’t even get TV time like Drew McIntyre or Zack Ryder, and the US Title needs to have more than just Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston.  We already saw it on Smackdown and as good as these guys can be, we’ve seen it before and what to see what else they can do.  And most of all, and CM Punk tackled this already, but the Spinner Belt needs to go. You wanna keep that as a custom belt for John Cena, fine but let anybody else that wears it have a normal looking belt.  Two of the worst championship belts to come out these last couple years are the Spinner Belt and that stupid championship belt that Jeff Hardy wore when he was the champ in TNA.

Let’s face facts that TNA is not, repeat is NOT a threat in their current state, but the WWE is not the juggernaut that they think they are, not these days anyway.  We’ve seen the WWE produce bigger numbers than what they’ve been making lately.  I remember the days where WWE used to break in ratings at the 4.0 and above level.  Yes, I know that this was the time of the Monday Night Wars, but the point is that this is what the WWE is capable of doing and yet, they’ve been giving less and less of an effort over the last couple years.  Everything that has been going on for the last month has been like the tides are changing and that something new was on the horizon.

The CM Punk storyline was something that got people talking and kept them guessing.  It’s something the WWE hasn’t had in a while and it’s something that people have been aching to have happen for the last 7 years.  Money in the Bank is the best PPV they’ve had in a while because you had the CM Punk vs John Cena match where nobody knew what was gonna happen but people wanted to see it. This is all coming off of WWE having two seriously crappy PPVs to start off the summer season in Over The Limit and Capitol Punishment.  The only thing those PPVs served was a wake-up call, a sign that the WWE needed a game-changer because if they didn’t do something to change the landscape, than they could’ve had a huge problem trying to get some attention going for Summerslam.

Bottom line is that the Vince McMahon firing did the same thing that the CM Punk storyline has done: It got people talking and it’s leaving them wanting to see what happens next.  Nobody ever imagined that they would actually SEE somebody else in charge of the WWE other than Vince McMahon. It’s been talked about but it was something that nobody thought would actually happen.  There’s a saying that when you change the game, you change the rules.  Given, I’m aware of the pun there because of Triple H, but the point is that what we all saw on Raw was the torch being passed.  Triple H is the new sheriff in town, Raw is under Game Law if you wanna go that far.  You don’t make this kind of a change without changing a few things.  This is one shark who is definitely anticipating what happens next on Raw.


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