The 7/25 Edition of Raw: Was That So Hard?

There is so much that can be said about Tonight’s Monday Night Raw.  Many were looking at this as a new beginning with Triple H now taking the wheel and running things.  You can’t go into talking about Raw without first talking about how they started off with the WWE Championship match.  The second that Rey won it, I just had a feeling that either Alberto Del Rio was gonna cash in or that Rey would lose the belt at the end of the night.  Unfortunately I was proven right and Rey lost the belt later on in a match with John Cena, but more on that part later.

The moment that everybody seemed to be waiting on was to see the so-called “State of the WWE” done by Triple H.  He gave a speech and gave little tribute to Vince, announced that Cena would face Rey Mysterio, like we didn’t know where that was heading, and he talks about a named that he “re-signed” and brought back to Raw.  Everybody thought it was CM Punk until Good Ol’ JR himself Jim Ross made his return and the crowd loved it, myself included. Then Michael Cole has to get up on the table, microphone in hand to throw his little temper tantrum about JR being back.  Then Triple H tells him that while he’s not gonna fire him, that Cole can quit but will lose everything.  He then went as far as to force Cole into a match and said he had til Smackdown to make a decision.  So bottom line is Cole can either choose his pride and quit but lose everything or he can keep his mouth shut, do as he’s told and keep his job. I think we’re starting to see a transition of Michael Cole disappearing from the broadcast table or at least on Raw. Face facts that there is no way given the history that you’re gonna have those 3 at the same table.  The people have been practically BEGGING to have Jim Ross back with Jerry Lawler on Raw and to be honest, listening to those two do commentary again on Raw was the first time in a long time where I watched Raw and the announce team wasn’t giving me a headache.

Just when we thought that was it, out comes R-Truth with his whole psycho-ghetto gimmick complete with banter about Little Jimmy.  This was of course met with Triple H making fun of him and just when Truth is leaving all pissed, Triple H announces another return to Raw. Out comes John Morrison who beats the crap out of Truth, even hits him with the Starship Pain.  So, in the span of 10-20 minutes, two big returns took place on Raw.  So far, just from this part alone I’m loving the new Triple H regime.

Then you have Cole coming out to Triple H’s music, wearing his gear, trying to act like The Game and I do mean “trying” and badly I might add, and gets in the ring for his match against an opponent that Triple H picked out.  Out comes the lord of the Internet himself and I’m talking about the man, the myth, the legend, Long Island Iced Z himself Zack Ryder.  He beats Cole in seconds with the Rough Rider, getting TV time and winning his first match back on Raw. And Michael Cole is left blubbering in the ring almost worse than he did after Lawler shoved his foot into his mouth.  I have a feeling that even if Cole says he’s not quitting, the humiliation marathon is gonna continue for him because I just have this feeling that Triple H is gonna make his life a living hell until Cole breaks down and actually quits. Cause Triple H wouldn’t have brought JR back without the intention of getting rid of Michael Cole.

Now, the match with John Cena and Rey Mysterio which was actually not bad.  To cut a long story short, John Cena wins the belt back.  He even helps up Rey, shakes his hand and raises his arm to the crowd.  Then, we all hear some different music and are left wondering who it is until CM Punk returns with the belt and the crowd going ballistic for him.  The show ends with both men holding up the titles, leaving the question as to who is the real WWE Champion? John Cena or CM Punk?  And in turn, setting up for a match at Summerslam with a score to be settled between the two.

I’ll be as perfectly honest as I can when I say this: I fricking LOVED tonight’s Raw.  This was the best Raw that I’ve seen in a while.  I said that if Triple H was going to take over, he needed to make an impact and he didn’t disappoint.  Zack Ryder gets a match and some TV time, Michael Cole is humiliated, Jim Ross returns to the announce table where he belongs, John Morrison makes his return and CM Punk returns to Raw.  What more could anyone ask for than this?  So many returns happening and honestly with all that happened tonight, the ratings have gotta be up for this edition of Raw.  Old faces returning and for once, we saw the announce team doing what has seldom been done for over the last year or so: Calling The FUCKING Action Going On in the Ring!!!!!

And this is just on Raw, can you imagine what the hell is going to happen on Smackdown? They already advertised that Triple H was gonna be on it, so that has to mean some changes or things to happen on that show as well.  Bottom line is that things right now look like they’re about to get interesting in the WWE.  And really, I can’t help but think “What took you guys so long?”  Seriously, the problems were there but the solutions were plain as day and yet they didn’t start to be used until now. By no means am I cursing them for what transpired on Raw, I’m simply saying that it’s about time that the WWE started to put some effort into their own product.  First night of the new regime and new era, so far so good. Let’s see if the WWE can keep this up to and past Summerslam.


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