Breaking Down Raw and looking ahead at Summerslam

It’s been one hell of a month in the WWE.  Between the whole CM Punk storyline and Vince McMahon removed from power with Triple H taking over, it’s really changed the landscape for the WWE, especially heading into Summerslam.  For any other PPV, there wouldn’t be much, but this is Summerslam, one of the biggest WWE PPVs next to Wrestlemania and that much like Mania, has had many memorable and historic moments. And heading into this PPV which will be the first PPV since the changing of the guard and the beginning of the Triple H regime.

We all know that the next 2 editions of Monday Night Raw are going to be leading into Summerslam.  I was a big fan of last week’s Raw for a lot of reasons and as much as I thought tonight was a decent edition of Raw, but lackluster when compared to last week’s to a degree. There was no Raw GM just like last week and that is always a plus.  However, as much as I loved Jim Ross returning to the announce table, I didn’t like how Michael Cole is now the head guy at the announce table when we all know that not only is that a role that belongs to Jim Ross, but that Good Ol’ JR is and always will be a better play-by-play man than Monkey Cole.   Bringing back JR was the right move, but having him sitting there and be on mute for the most part is insulting.

Everybody was wondering where Alex Riley goes from here with his rivalry with the Miz over for the time being. Tonight we saw just that with him and Dolph Ziggler.  I like this a lot because I think a feud between these two will benefit the both of them a great deal.  Ziggler has the talent and the charisma to make it, but needs to ditch Vickie Guerrero.  Alex Riley needs a new opponent and he not only has one, but this sets up for what could be a very entertaining match.  Dolph Ziggler is only getting better and Alex Riley is on the rise and red hot.  If this is executed the right way, we could have a mid-card title match that is in the same category as other great mid-card title matches of Summerslam.

They seem to be escalating a feud between Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston as well.  I don’t mind this except that I don’t know if this benefits both guys. Del Rio won Money In The Bank so we know he’s going to win the belt at some point, just a matter of when. Kofi Kingston in my opinion has been needing a push for a long time.  This seems to be one of the first feuds he’s gotten outside of Dolph Ziggler.  I think Kofi can be in the main event picture, but he’s not given enough chances.  I’m convinced Kofi can do it, but I’m not really so sure about Del Rio.  He has some good moments now and then, but for the most part with Alberto Del Rio, I’m just not impressed at all.  I thought letting him win the Royal Rumble was a bad move and that he was getting a push straight to the world title much like JBL did, and that’s not a good thing.   They did the same thing with Sheamus and he went into a slump for a while but is now on the rise again.  You want to do this match with Kofi and Del Rio? I’m all for it, just as long as this benefits both guys no matter who comes out on top.

It looks like Kelly Kelly has a new opponent at Summerslam and personally, I’m just thankful it’s a diva that can wrestle.  I was impressed with how Beth Phoenix eliminated both Bella Twins on her shoulders at the same time.  It was all hugs and smiles for Beth and Kelly until Beth tossed her all over the place. And with that, the Glamazon is reborn.  This was the right move because with Kharma out of the picture, it leaves Beth Phoenix to reclaim her role as the dominant Diva.  This also puts Kelly to the test to see how could she can be against somebody with skill.  I know that Beth’s time as a face was short lived, mostly because of the whole feud with Lay-Cool, but they needed somebody to step up and this could lead to the championship reign of The Glamazon returning.

You knew I couldn’t go into this without talking about the world title matches.  But since this was Raw tonight, I’m just going to focus on John Cena and CM Punk. We all knew this was gonna happen when Punk came out last week with the belt.  Now unlike Orton vs Christian running it’s course, I’m sure more people wouldn’t mind a rematch between Punk and Cena. As for who I think will come out on top, who knows?  I’m still soaking in the feeling of “not knowing” what’s gonna happen next with matches.  We all know that originally it was gonna be Cena vs Del Rio at Summerslam, but CM Punk is red hot right now and it’s too big to overlook.  So, having Punk vs Cena with the way things are with Punk right now, was the right thing to do. Let’s just see if this one can live up to what we saw at Money in the Bank.

Before wrapping up this article, I wanted to take the time as this month marks the 6 month anniversary of The Shark Attack and the birth of yours truly the Shark of Wrestling. There are lot of people I want to take the time to thank right now.  I wanna thank a writer on Wrestlezone who believed in my passion for wrestling and my skills and I’m talking about Wrestlezone and Ring Of Honor’s own Kevin Kelly. I also want to thank the originator of the PW Journal Jason McDowell who believed in my writing within such a short time frame and gave me a chance at the Journal.  I also want to thank the man, myth, legend that is Mr Main Event BDub himself Brian Waters who is a big supporter of my writing and believes in my passion for pro wrestling. I also want to thank Paul Jordan and the rest of the crew at Ultimate Sports Talk for allowing me the chance to contribute and bring what I bring to all wrestling fans like myself.  I also want to thank other wrestling fans and fans of my work on Twitter such as Bryan Schwetz and Alex Kirkham.  I also want to thank the boys at We Talk Wrestling, Addie and Mo who also support my writing and are as much fans of my work as I am of their work.  And of course, I also want to thank an inspiration in my writing style and I’m talking about somebody who is no stranger to speaking his mind, never backing down to those who didn’t like what he had to say and that in spite of the opposition, he always did it his way and I’m talking about Hot Rod himself the Rowdy one, Rowdy Roddy Piper.  So to everyone I say, thank you so much for the inspiration and support and for allowing me to share my passion for pro wrestling that I put into every article I write on here or on Ultimate Sports Talk, so once again to all of you guys I say thank you.

On that note, I finish by saying to quote one guy who I mentioned earlier in Roddy Piper:

I’m Sean Williams, I’m the Shark of Wrestling and you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!


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  1. Thanks man, its always great to network with fans who love the business just as much as I do

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